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Entraptured I gaze on a water screne,
Not a wave is awake, no cloud can be seen,
In autumnal glory, in crimson and gold,
In this mirror is reflected the wood I hehold.

It sparkles, it glistens, this wonderf ul gem,
Outvicing in splendor a queen's diadem.
On its bosom so placid, in gorgeous array,
Immac ulate lilies their beauty array.

The fishes disport in the crystaline flood,
The turtle-doves call to its mate in the wood.
The heron sedately, the kingfishers flies,
And proudly the eagle soars up in the skies.
The golden-rod noddeth in sun-favored lair,
From fairy-like bowers the rose scents the air,
Half hidden in verdue from rock-riven bed
Comes bounding a spring, like a bright silver thread.

The field in the distance their treasures unfold,
The hilltop, the valley, seem laiden with gold;
From herds in the meadows the chime of their bells
Melodiously sounding comes over the dells.
The boats reast at anchor and limg hang the sails;
The breezes are hushed, dense silence prevails,
Contentedness only, and peace do I view,
And happiness smiles from the heaven so blue.

O, fair Indiana, this gem in thy crown
Will sparkle forever, will bring thee renown,
By thee would I tarry in woodland, in plain,
Ex ultingly linger in nature's domain.

    < ul>Otto Stechhan

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