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Ode To Oasis  

It's the lake called Maxinkuckee
That people love so well.
And of its scenes and pleasures too
We all do love to tell.
And round its shores and on the banks
To sit and walk and lounge.
To look and see and feed upon
The sights that there abound.

To look into her peacef ul face
To fell her cooling breath.
To listen to her gentle voice
Will soothe the savage breast.
But, we upon her broad expanse,
When waves and billows roll,
Will make you think the time has come
To hunt a safer hole.

It's to this lake the thousands come
To drive d ull care away.
To lay them selves in nature's arms
And rest the live long day.
They come by train and wagon way
By "foot-back" some do come.
For any way to reach this lake
It just the way for some.

Here lawyers, doctors, merchants come
and "statesmen" great and small.
The politician may be seen
And with him to his gall
The lover and his "choicest one"
Beneath the tree you'll see.
But not a word will either speak
Nor is there time for three.

To go upon the lake's broad space
So wide, so deep, so clear.
To fish, to sail, or ride the waves
Is sport for thousands here.
Oh yes indeed it's quite a place
To rest, to "spark", to swim.
And one can drink a "little bit"
Or "fill up to the brim".

Numerous little cottage homes
With flowers, gardens round.
With hammocks swinging here and there
And Music's charming sound.
With little children, boys and girls
And Mama's, Papa's too.
And here and there in family groups
As they are wont to do.

For there's no sport of any kind,
Too high or low in price,
That is not here for all to "git"
And all of course is nice.
A "straight and narrow" path is closed,
The "broad road" has no gate.
You take you choice and pass along
From early morn till late.

It's from this lake that nature makes
The tons and tons of ice.
Shipped around in summer time
For use in "ne vater's hice".
There are three handsome steamboats here
The "Peerless" and McSheehy",
But the favorite of the people is the "Aubbeenaubbee".

There are six hotels around the lake.
There's boarding houses too.
You take your choice and pay the price
And eat til you get through.
Old "Maxenkuckee" feeds all well,
It's nature's paradise,
You take a breath in summer time
In winter get your ice.

"Culver 's" military school is here,
Where students by the score,
Are taught the "art" of soldier life
On Maxinkuckee's shore.
"H.H.C. - the grand old man".
The founder of this school,
As one of God's philantrophers
Obeys the "godlen r ule".

He is a man in thought and life,
A benefactor sure.
He's made the lake in "Culver Town"
The place where pleasures cure.
The ills that disappointments cause
And business cares inflict
And never has he failed to fight
In nature's fierce conflict.

Every heart has sorrow much,
Because allficition's hand,
Has laid its blight upon the helath
Of this dear food old man;
But we're told he's "pulling through"
May God his health restore.
For never will another come
To Maxinkuckee's shore.

      H. E. Winks

16 Jul . 1897
Culver Herald

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