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Culver Citizen Profiles  

These appeared in each issue of the Culver Citizen from 1938 to 1940.

Below is a index to them and some of them have been supplemented with additional information I have found on them - and also they are linke to their businesses or them mentioned within the pages of the site.

This will also serve as and index for me as to which profiles are up and are files under a different folder other than the 1939 profile folder. Some may not be up as yet - but are ones that will be eventually.

carl_adams_culver_citizen_profile_1939.jpg- Newsclipping

Franklin Adkins

Annis, Floyd M

Charles "Charlie" Asper

Harold Baker

Joe W Boetsma

Nicholas Busart - Newsclipping

George Busart- Newsclipping

Clarence Calhoun

Ernest Carter - Newsclipping

Milton Cline

Lemuel Crabb

Cleve Crabb- Newsclipping

Jesse W. Crabb

Gordon Cultice

Dale Davis - Newsclipping

Harold Davis - Newsclipping

John Drnek

William R. Easterday

William S.Easterday

Clark I.Ferrier

'Art' Arthur Fishburn

Russell Fisher

Earl Foreman

'Mont' Monton H. Foss

Oliver Goss

Donald Hand

Walter Johnson

Edward Jones - Newsclipping

Marion Jones - Newsclipping

Robert Kyle - Newsclipping

Henry Listenberger

T. G. Louden

A. R. Mc Kesson

James E.Marshall
Harry Medbourn

N. S. Norrois

Claude Mikesell

John "Jack" Milton Milner

John S. Ccromley

Milton H. Ewald

C. G. Mackey

Marvels Cigarett Boosters - Clarence Calhoon/Herschel Strang/Thomas Doxzen/Oscar Mikesell/- Newsclipping

Harry Menser - Newsclipping

Earl Mishler

John Mitchell

Ben Oberlin

William Osborn

Louise (Mrs. Robert) Ott - Newsclipping

W. T. Parrish

Clifford Overmyer

James Riggens- Newsclipping

Dan Robertson (Dr.) - Newsclipping

Joseph "Joe" Schweidler

Merrill Jackson Scruggs

Clyde Shivley

Emil Sipeman

Bryon Spangler

Henry Speyer

George Stabenow

Otto Stabenow

Fletcher Strang

Bryon H. Studebaker

Homer Hinton Tallman (Dr.)

Erwin Thessin- Newsclipping


D. H. Smith

Clifford Waite

Howard Luke Werner

Dunn W. Weaver - Newsclipping

Robert L Witham

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