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Rector Hotel

Could this be the Hilltop Hotel?

1898 Sarah A. Rector, prop. near the landing on east side.

It was built in 1844/5 by Conway Rector as a personal residence - 1st 2-story log house, built, Maxinkuckee Hill. At the death of Sarah Ann (Smith) Rector's husband she started a hotel and ran it.  

It is said that originally the Rector Hotel and Livery Stables were on the corner of state Road 117 and Maxincuckee Road, the 1872 map shows the Rector holdings also the little sqaures are buildings and and as does the 1880


By 1898 the Rector Holdings are down to 22.10A and tho labelde wrongly as "B. A. Rector" the 1908 map shows it is as the same acreage of 22.10 and as Sarah A. Rector and the hotel and Livery Barn both annotated on the map. It's probable location would be at what is 1257 East Shore, today.

1901 Aug 2 - The rector Hotel on the east side near Maxinkuckee landing, has a first class liver stable in connection. Terms reasonable

1901 - Aug. 9 - Mrs. Marv Johnson, of Rochester, is chef at the Rector Hotel. The 50 or more guests at this popular caravansary are loud in their praise of this lady’s work in the culinary department

1905 - Mar 30 - The Rector Hotel is being prepared for the summer. They already have several boarders

1905 - Apr 6 - Dow Rector has reopened his livery barn for the season. & also Dow Rector announces to his patrons that The Rector House a nd livery will be open as usual this season

1905 - Jul 13 - Fred Thompson is building an addition to the Rector Hotel

1906 - Apr. 26 - Dow Rector is building a new livery barn

Culver - Culver Citizen. - Dr. Kincaid, of the Pile sanitarium, of Martinsville, has located at Maxinkuckee to open a branch of that large and well known institution. He has taken one of the Capron cottages for that purpose and when its capacity is exceeded will find accommodations for his patients at Rector's hotel. -Rochester Sentinel, Friday, July 12, 1907
It is said that originally the Rector Hotel and Livery Stables were on the corner of state Road 117 and Maxinkuckee Road, the 1908 plat map this is incorrect as the Rector property is labeled as 22.10A Sarah A Rectory and the hotel is labeled sitting up on the hilltop and the livery barn was the only building sitting on or near the corner of state Road 117 and Maxincuckee Road.

1908 - Aug 6 - Dow Rector is putting up a new auto shed

1908 - Drury Edwards has moved into Mrs. Sarah Rector's little house called "Willow Springs"

1909 - Jul 22 - Miss ELizabeth, masseur, manicurist and chiropodist, is again at the lake and her services can be secured at Rector's Hotel.

1909 - Jul 29 - Miss Elizabeth has been at the lake three seasons and again invites the patronage of those who wish manicuring, shampooing, scalp meaage anc chiropody. Phone Rector's Hotel

1910 - Nov. 1 - A few improvements are being made on Mrs. S Rector's cottage

1911 - May 25 - New Cottage for Rector
    Dow Rector has just completed a seven-room $1,200 Cottage as a home for himself.

    He will retire from the hotel business, for a time at least, having rented the well known Rector hotel near Maxinkuckee Landing.

1911 - Jun - 8 - Hotel is in New Hands
    The Rector Hotel on the East Side has been leased by Paul Kroesing and J. W. Reckert of Indianapolis

    Mr Reckert is an an experienced ched and will give personal attention to the kitchen - that very important department of hotel-keeping.

    The Rector has always been a favorite resort with people who appriciate home comformts, and the new proprietors say they intend to keep up the standard.

1911 - Sep 21 - Mrs Sarah Rector has taken over the hotel again, the Indianapolis lessee having retired

1915 - Jan 21 - Robert Wolley and wife have gone to housekeeping in a part of the Rector Hotel

1916 - May 5 - Dow Rector is adding some improvements, such as cement porch and walks

1922 July 12 - Dow Rector has built a gasoline service station at the Rector Hotel on the- East Side.

Sarah RECTOR, 86, who has operated the summer resort on the east side of Lake Maxinkuckee known as "Rectors" for the past 50 years, died early Tuesday morning of complications incident to old age.

Mrs. Rector had a wide acquaintance among Indiana people who went there to spend their vacations. Many Rochester people were counted among her friends. - Rochester Sentinel Wednesday, April 29, 1925

Of the Rector family is found in the One Township Yesterday's - Corwin:
    ... It was not long after the first comers had built their rude log cabins in clearings east of the lake that Grandfather Rector arrived and settled near by. The pioneer of the family was Conaway Rector. It is believed that he came in 1843. At any rate, it was either late in the 'thirties or early in the 'forties that he first viewed the broad expanse of Lake Maxinkuckee, picked out an admirable home-site on a high hill overlooking that body of water, and promptly set to work building a log house to shelter his flock. Rector put up a commodious cabin home on the top of the hill at Maxinkuckee. It was a fine house to start pioneering in; a big, log affair, located on the north side of the road. It stood for a good many years, an enduring home, carrying its age in its declining years with consummate grace. But the end had to come, for in 1885 or '86 the house was torn down and the logs cut up for lumber. Sarah A. Rector owned it then. She had been widowed not long before, her husband, Lewis C. Rector, soil of the pioneer, having passed away in ‘84

and also the Moses Smith Family is is found in the One Township Yesterday's - Corwin:

    ...Moses and Mary Cole Smith had four children. One of them died from a rattlesnake bite. There was a son named Moses, and a daughter, Sarah Ann.

    Sarah Ann Smith was born in Fulton County, October 13, 1837, and died April 23, 1925, at the age of eighty-seven.
    In 1859 she was married to Lewis C. Rector, who died in 1885.

    There were eight children, three of whom preceded the mother in death. Surviving her were three sons, Samuel of Osborn, Ohio, Nathan W. of Culver , and Dow, residing near the lake; two daughters. Mrs. George Garver of Argos and Mrs. F. M. Parker of Maxinkuckee; eleven grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren, besides a host of friends. In 1889 she united with the Christian Church at Maxinkuckee.

    It has been said of her: "Sister Rector was of Scotch-Irish descent, with a primitive instinct which took root, and has accomplished her share in laying the foundations of the commonwealth.

    At an early age she was left with the cares of a home by the death of her mother.

    In a little house, near the site of the Maxinkuckee Store, she was married.

    When not long in her new home the dark clouds of the Civil War threatened to obscure her view of brightness. Her husband bade goodbye to her and the eldest son, Samuel. He went to the front; while he was in Camp Ellis a daughter was born, Elizabeth Ellis (Garver).

    She kept the good faith and when the cruel war was over, the family moved to Ottumwa, Iowa, where they resided for a number of years. Returning later to Maxinkuckee, she spent the remaining years of her life there. In the summer colony, she kept hotel. Her guest-friends were legion.

    As years advanced she was forced to give up this work she so much enjoyed, and accepted the care and companionship of her children. One of the finest tributes to the life of Grandma Rector was her love and interest in youth. No child knew her but loved her. She grew old graciously. Her love of the beautiful made her presence a bright spot wherever she was."

If the hotel still existed to day where would it be at? Approximately where the black dot is - Here is a comparison between the 1922 & a view of today it would be on the 1.74A of Julie Thompson Steck; Jane Thompson Stephens; & John Merritt property

1938 - Jun 1 - Plan Amusement Site on East Side of Lake
    Plans are being made to convert the old Rector homestead, located on the east sice of Lake Maxinkuckee, into n amusement park.

    It is an ideal location, being close to the Maxinkuckee Landing and close to the East Side cottages .

    Attractions will include an open air pavilion for dancing, and roller-sakting.

    Work is to be started soon, and it will probably be completed by early Summer.