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I Remember When...  

Culver Resident and author John Houghton (photo from The Hill School - www. thehill. org ).

Culver Resident and author John Houghton wrote a column in 1974-75 for the Culver Citizen, focusing on Culver History. With his permission, this will be a starte of reprinting his articles from that series to help establish the history of the Lake and Culver

John William Houghton
  • Academic Employment:
    • 2007, Aug - Present - The Hill School, Pottstown, PA chaplain, chair and instructor of religious studies and philosopy
    • 1975-1976: Assistant Instructor in English; Assistant Counselor Culver Military Academy, Culver , IN
    • 1977-1978: Instructor in English Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville, GA
    • 1978-1987: Instructor in English and Theology; Neville-Parry Chair in English and Department Chairman; Chair, Faculty Executive Committee; Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee on Search for a Headmaster John Burroughs School, Ladue, MO
    • 1993-1994: Teaching Fellow, Freshman Writing Seminar University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
    • 1994-1999: Instructor in English and History Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School, Ladue, MO
    • 1999-2004: Chaplain; Chair, Department of Religious Studies; Director, Honors Diploma Program; Instructor in English and Religion The Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA ; Chair, Department of Religious Studies
    • 2005- : Chair, Department of English The Canterbury School, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Author:
      Rough Magicke (Bloomington: Unlimited Publishing, 2005)
      Falconry and Other Poems (Bloomington: Unlimited Publishing, 2003)
      Baldor’s Saga, a play in alliterative verse
  • Columnist - Culver Citizen:
    "I Remember When..."
    “It’s Still the Lake Water.”
  • ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church on the feast of St. Bede the Venerable, May 25, 2007
  • Education:
    Attended Culver Elelmentary School, K-8
    Culver Military Academy
      Naval School
      9-12, Class of 1971
    A.B. in English cum laude in English and American Language and Literature, from Harvard College, 1975
    A.M. in English from Indiana University, 1977
    M.A.R. in theology summa cum laude from Yale Divinity School, 1989
    Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, 1989
    M.M.S. in medieval studies from the University of Notre Dame; 1991
    Ph.D. in medieval studies from the University of Notre Dame 1994
      Dissertation: Bede's Exegetical Theology: Ideas of the Church in the Acts Commentaries of St. Bede the Venerable (Director, John Cavadini)
    Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Clinical Pastoral Education Internship, 2004
  • Academic Publications:
    • “Tolkien, King Alfred and Boethius: Platonist Views of Evil in The Lord of the Rings,” with Neal K. Keesee, Ph.D., Tolkien Studies 2 (2005), 131-159.
    • Abstracts for The Year’s Work in Old English Studies, 2003 (for 2000).
    • “Twice-Told Tales: Teaching Medievalisms to High School Seniors,” Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching, 9:2 (Fall, 2002), 15-34.
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    • “St. Bede among the Controversialists: A Survey,” American Benedictine Review 50 (1999), 397-422.
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