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Improvements at Maxinkuckee

Indianapolis Journal: This season has been the most successful in the history of Lake Maxinkuckee as a summer resort for the weary Indianapolitan, who most numerously inhabits its beautiful shores during the heated term, and arrangements are already under way to add to its accommodations and attractions for next year.

Ohmar Bros, the famous railroad caterers have already opened one of their restaurants in a a building at Marmont, which also includes under its roof a skating rink, and their intent is to erect a number of cottages in a grove near by and immediately bordering on the lake, for rent.

A gentlemen probably representing the Vandalia road, has under consideration plans for a hotel at the station to cost 40,000.

Mr. Culver of St. Louis, the largest property holder on the Lake front, is improving his place by the erection of a stone sea wall, and rumor has it that has it that he will also build a hotel. He as a beautiful location for one. –

-Judge Heller, who now conducts the Highland House, the only Simon pure hotel on "the water", will add thirty rooms to its capacity for next season.

These improvements will enable the club owning Bay View to conduct it according to the original plan - that of a club house. This year the demands upon the good people of the club for rooms has been largely in excess of the possible capacity of the place, even eked out by two or three tents, and “all full” has been the stereotyped reply to all applications throughout August. On Saturday and Sunday night nearly one hundred persons were accommodated under its hoptable roof '

Private improvements are also largely contemplated.

Mr. Frank Maus has completed a handsome cottage on the on the east shore.

A plat of ground further south, on the same side, 600 feet front has been purchased by six gentlemen, including Mr. J. F. Wallick and Rev. J. Albert Roundthaler of this city, and the Messrs Perrin, of Lafayette who will erect cottages next year.

There is now left less than 1,200 feet of lake front on the market, unless Mr. Culver should conclude to subdivide his instead of making a hotel park of it.

The season at Maxinkuckee will close about September 15. - - 1885 - aug 27 – Argos reflector –