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Indiana's Bon-Ton Resort.  

In speaking of Maxenkuckee the Journal says: "The water is pellucid, and hardly a ripple disturbs its surface.''

The Pharos, however, is of a far different opinion, as are those who visited that resort at any time during the coming season. For the past two weeks the lake has been so rough, at times that the most experienced sailors shrank from venturing out — at least the crews of the larger sail boats conld not be mustered on different squalling occasions. Taking all things into consideration the Lake is a most delightf ul place to spend the heated term. When the thermometer indicated ninety-four degrees in the shade at Logansport Maxenkuekee was cool and comfortable.

The headquarters of Logansporters at the lake is Bay View — excepting those who are blessed with cottages , and they can be found scattered profusely about

The ride from Argos to the lake by stage is not classed among the pleasant features of our trip, but is similar to be hastened over a corduroy road on a springless wagon, a la Maude S., figuratively speaking.

Saturday night last the number of passengers was so large that hay wagons were used for conveyances. One wagon had completed about half the distance, when through the awkwardness of the driver, the wagon was driven over a stump, breaking the tongue, necessarily causing the men — passengers'to ride shank's horses the remainder of the distance.

The question ofbuilding the extention of tbe Vandalia to South Bend, touching the lake, is at present causing not a little comment, Parties who have bought property and built fine cottages express themselves as not being in favor of having closer railroad conveniences—claiming that it would be a source of cheap transportation and would carry rough excursionists to the lake.

Information from a reliable source is to the effect that the Vandalia company has bought land at the lake for a station house and that the building of the extension is assured

Logansport Pharos Tribune - 12 Aug.1882