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Captain Paul Boyton At Lake Maxinkuckee

Captain Paul Boyton at Lake Maxinkuckee

    For Capt. Paul Boyton's unique aquatic show at the lake on August 1st at 2 p.m. the Vandalia line will make very cheap rates and also run special trains to acommodate the crowds.

    Among the many enteraining features will be a battle between two good sized, full rigged ships, one of whihc willbe blown to pieces by a powerful torpede. Ther will also be curious water fireworks, rockets, bombs, abd water devils and explosions of submarine mines.

    A special attraction will be a single scull boat race btween the will known Wallace Ross and Joh Largan for a pirse of $500.

    H. J. McFall the champion log roller, will give one of his difficult exhibitations.

    For full details of the entertainment apply for a copy of "Thr Log" to nearest ticket agent of the Vandalia line, also for rates and time of special trains. - Logansport Reperter - Jul 12 1890.

    A Unique and Interesting Exhibition y the Acqnatic wonder at Maxinkuckee Yesterday.

    Ovoi three hundred excursionists from this city went to Maxinkuckeee yesterday to see the aquatic display of Capt. Paul Boynton.

    The exhibition took plapa on the lake, in front of Marmont landing, and consisted, of scull racing, a polo contest, on the water und the unique performance of the Captain himself.

    He is as active in the water as a fish, the rubber suit he wears being water tight and either filled with cork or some other light substance, enabling him to walk in an upright position with one-third of his body out of the water. He resembles Barnum's circus in the fact that he does everything he advertises to do.

    He builds a raft, fishes, prepares his meal and eats it. He does a variety of other things, winding up with an imaginary fight between two steamboats in which one of the boats is blown skyward.

    The Aubeenaubee, the new steamer of Mrs. Lord and captained by Dick Crooks of this city, ia doing a tfine business. The boat is safe and elegant and Mr. Crooks treats his passengers in a most excellent manner. The boat is generally patronized by the Logansport people, The excursion returned last evening at 7:30 - Logansport Pharos-Tribune Aug 2 1890