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The town was ddecided to utilize the spring which broke through the surface of the steer at the depot last week by piping it to a point east of the Wolford building and constructing a cement watering through for public use.

The water is like that which flows from the artesian wells along the lake shore, slightly impregnated with iron. - May 27, 1909

A Lost Spring

    The town board, after mature reflection, and considering all the circumstances in the case, has conculded not to erect that watering trought at the depot to utilize the water from the spring in the road

    The members unanimously agree that a watering trough for the accommodation of the public would be a fine thing, but a condition has arisen which interferes with the project

    This condition is that the spring has stopped springing - it has sprung its last sprung.

    In sad truth, the "spring" is no spring at all, but just an ordinary breask in an old and forfotten ipe leading from the railroad water tanke to the former Colonnade hotel whic was burned down some years ago.

    Some one with a memory for such things suggested the explanation, and whent he water was shut off at the tank from the main which leads to Station Agent Lenon's house - and with which the old pipe to the Colonnade Connected - the spring went out of buisness

    Nary a Gurgle

    When the water was turned on, the spring again spouted merrily.

    Thus the spring proved to be a veritable "water haul". - June 3 1909




Natives Thought It Flowing Well and Drank Water for Medicinal Purposes

Came from Abandoned Water Main.

Fred Carl, residing at No. 1018 Linden avenue, this city. Inspector of pumping stations on the Vandalia, put an end to the dreams of the city fathers of Culver and caused hundreds of citizens and cottagers about Lake Maxinkuckee to bie themselves to the woodshed, and there proceed to kick themselves.

There is now much disappointment and chagrin in Culver , and the city council has rescinded the contract which it had let for a fine new drinking fountain.

Anyone who says "flowing well" in Culver is In danger of being murdered, and the least punishment is a ducking In the cold waters of Lake Maxlnkuckee.

Sometime ago, without warning; of any kind, water burst up from the middle of the town's main street. It came up with-a, strong flow and gurgled and sparkled In the bright sunlight. The stream attracted attention and when the flow did not cease, the people became convinced that a wonderf ul flowing well had been discovered. Someone drained a cup of the water and smacked his lips. Others drank and one and all pronounced it water of the finest artesian, kind, Several physicians began recommending it to patients, and a company, was about to be launched to bottle and sell it.

But at this point the city fathers of Culver stepped in and stated that as the well had burst out in the middle of the street, It belonged to the town. A contract was immediately let for a handsome drinking fountain and the people were rejoicing in the fact that the water was to be free to all, when Fred Carl, of Logansport, dropped into town. He was invited flown to see the ' great medicinal flowing well. He went and while the town people crowded about" and extolled the curative, powers of the water, he had a sudden hunch.

"Flowing well, nothlng!" he ejaculated after taking a sight up the street. If I'm not mistaken a leak has sprung In the old water main which leads from the railroad tank down to where the old Colonade hotel stood before being burned, down."

And investigation proved this to be true.

Logansport Reporter June 4, 1909

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