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Claud Copeland, RR Accudent - Death


Suffered by Claud Copeland, Aged Sixteen.

Leg Crashed by a Vandalia Special. Lake

Lay All Night by the Side of the Track and Died at 10:30 This Morning—

Railroad News.

Claud Gopeland, the 16-year-old son of Alex. Copeland, of the Northdide, died at St. Joseph's hospital at 10:20 this morning following the effects or a terrible injury sustained last evening while returning from Lake Maxinkuckee on the Vandalia special, which reached here about 9 o'clock.

Before his death tbe unfortunate lad stated that the car was so crowded that he walked out upon the front platform of Ihe coach and descending to the last step on the north side grasped the railing and was leaning out when his hip struck the cattle guard at the second crossing this side of Verona with such force as to break his hold and as he fell to the ground his left leg slid beneath the wheels and was crushed below the knee.

He lay all night by the side of the track suffering untold agony and was first discovered about 5 o'clock this morning by Z. W. Drltt, a well-known farmer of the county, who happened to be passing that way.

After doing all he could to relieve the boy's sufferings, Mr, Drltt awaited developments.

Presently the south-bound passenger train due here at 6:30 move in sight, was flagged by Mr. Dritt, and young Copeland was taken on board.

When the train reached Logansporl the boy was taken direct to St. Joseph's hospital, where he died at the hour stated above, Drs. Hetherington and Nye, who were called to the hospital, said that the boy's eath was due not so much to the injury as to the shock occasioned by the exposure.

After death the remains were taken in charge by Daniel Kilian, the undertaker.

The time of the funeral will be announced tomorrow. It is said that the boy's parents were not aware that he had gone to Maxinkuckee on the excursion train.

Mr. Copeland is employed as night watchman at the Panhandle freight house.

Logansport Pharos Tribune Aug 3- 1907