Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Maxinkuckee Snipets From Rochester  

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 13, 1867
Also, on Thursday, the 6th inst., at the residence of the bride, near Maxinkuckee Lake, in Marshall county, Mr. ROBERT GO ulD, of this place, to Miss MINNIE FOOTE.

ROCHESTER UNION-SPY - Friday, July 29, 1870
An animal did escape, but not out of O'Brien's Menagerie. It was the Jacob-in, out of the F ulton Show... Later. We are informed that the Jacobin was captured yesterday, this side of Maxinkuckee Lake, near a pond where it was trying to crawl in a large crawfish hole. It has been returned to its owner...

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 1, 1871
M. P. MEREDITH, who lives in this county, near Maxinkuckee, brought us two new subscribers, with the money...

ROCHESTER SENTINEL, Saturday, July 19, 1873
The ATLANTIC & CHICAGO RAILROAD ... The building of this line of road has become a fixed fact line located, and active work being done on it between Huntington, Ind., and Marion, Ohio. The only portion of the line not yet located, and on which there is a spirit of rivalry, is between Huntington and a point on the banks of Maxinkuckee lake, called Marmount. It is generally understood by our readers that the rival lines between these points are known as the Laketon, Akron and Rochester, and the Liberty Mills, Silver Lake, Sevastopol and Bloomingsburg lines.

ROCHESTER UNION-SPY, Thursday, July 16, 1874
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. SLICK have gone to Maxinkuckee lake on a pleasure excursion

ROCHESTER SENTINEL, Satirday [Saturday], July 24, 1875
TRIP TO LAKE MAXINKUCKEE. Rochester, Ind., July 21, 1875. To the Editor of the SENTINEL. .. the party consisting of eight girls, namely, LIDA STRADLEY, TELLA LYON, JENNIE DAVIS, MOLLA HORTON, aU LAWYEAD, MOLLIE HOLMES, ELLA BARB and AMIE RICHTER ... (signed) "EIGHT SWFET SIXTEENS."

ROCHESTER UNION SPY, Friday, August 6, 1875
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. HOUSE and Mr. and Mrs. JIM GAINER were on a pleasure trip to Maxinkuckee lake, Wednesday

KEWANNA ITEMS, July 19, 1876 Rochester Sentinel
CHARLES PLANK, CURG RANNELLS, FRANK ZORTMAN, MARION REITER, LYMAN BRACKETT and their ladies made a pleasure trip to Maxinkuckee Lake last Thursday...

Saturday, May 25, 1878 Rochester Sentinel
Dr. O. P. STEVENS of Maxinkuckee was appointed to read an essay on Diptheria []Diphtheria] at the next meeting of the Society.....

Saturday, August 24, 1878 Rochester Sentinel

Miss Clara STURGEON, Miss Anna JACKSON, and their consorts, W. H. SICKMAN and Charley NEWHOUSE were at Maxinkuckee Lake, Tuesday.

A pleasure party consisting of Ed. CHINN, L ulu ROBBINS, Scott SHIELDS and Miss Lida STRADLEY visited Lake Maxinkuckee last Sunday.

Saturday, June 15, 1878 Rochester Sentinel
Mr. Robert GO ulD, photographer, has just returned from a visit to Maxinkuckee lake, where he has been taking stereoscopic views of the scenery...

Saturday, July 13, 1878 Rochester Sentinel
John S. HALE and wife, John M ulFIELD and wife and Mrs. L. B. F ulWILER, of Peru, Mrs. L. WIGGINS of Indianapolis, and Wm. GRIFFITH, of Denver, stopped at the Hotel de Central on Tuesday, en route for Maxinkuckee lake, where they will enjoy themselves fishing.

Friday, July 19, 1878 Rochester Sentinel
The following named persons visited Lake Maxinkuckee this week from this place: F. P. ZORTMAN, Miss Carrie SHRYOCK, Chas.E. GLASS, Amie REICHTER, M. C. REITER, Mollie FLANNIGAN, C. F. KOCHENDORFER, May SHIELDS, C. K. PLANK, Minnie BRACKETT, A. M. SHIELDS, Tella LYON, J. A. MYERS, Cynthia BROWN, T. J. McCLARY, Lida STRADLEY, L. E. RANNELLS, Dora ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. SHEPHERD, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. HOLMAN, F. K. KENDRICK and his niece, Mrs. Geo. O. INMAN, of Chicago.

Friday, August 2, 1878 Rochester Sentinel
Father FOOTE has returned to Rochester after enjoying a delightf ul visit with his son and many friends living near Maxinkuckee Lake

Saturday, August 24, 1878 Rochester Sentinel

Miss Clara STURGEON, Miss Anna JACKSON, and their consorts, W. H. SICKMAN and Charley NEWHOUSE were at Maxinkuckee Lake, Tuesday.

A pleasure party consisting of Ed. CHINN, L ulu ROBBINS, Scott SHIELDS and Miss Lida STRADLEY visited Lake Maxinkuckee last Sunday.

Friday, December 13, 1878 Rochester Sentinel
The price asked of the citizens of this county, or the townships through which the road shall pass, is three thousand dollars per mile and the right-of-way, or about one hundred thousand dollars should it be built through the county, either in the direction of Kewanna, Winamac and Rensselaer, or Maxinkuckee lake, Knox and Valparaiso. It has been said that citizens of Kewanna and Union township will subscribe fifty thousand dollars to secure the road in that direction, and in that case Rochester and Henry townships would have an easy task, financially.

Saturday, August 16, 1879 - Rochester Sentinel

Sam SWARTWOOD and Fitch MONTGOMERY, together with their respective lady loves, spent a few days of the present week at Maxinkuckee.

A jolly crowd consisting of Jud. A ulT and family; Levi EMRICK and family; Wm. WOODS and wife; A. T. BITTERS and family, and Dr. A. K. PLANK and wife, started Monday last to visit the picturesque Maxinkuckee.

Dr. PLANK and A. C. SHEPHERD have purchased Doc SHERWIN’s sail boat and have launched the same on the placid waters of Maxinkuckee.

Saturday, November 1, 1879 Rochester Sentinel
Mr. John F. WISE, a Maxinkuckee merchant, came to Rochester in search of a partner and was eminently successful in securing Mrs. Amarette [GRAY] WIRT, daughter of Mr. A. H. D. GRAY. The contract was sealed by Rev. F. M. R ulE last Thursday evening and the happy pair went touring toward Chicago.

On Tuesday evening, October 30, 1879, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. A. H. D. GRAY, of this city, Mr. Jno. F. WISE, of Maxinkuckee, and Mrs. Amarette WIRT were joined in the bonds of holy matrimony, Rev. F. M. R ulE officiating.

A wedding occurred at the residence of Isaac ALEXANDER, Tuesday evening, at which his daughter, Ilda [ALEXANDER] was united in marriage to David SMITH, of Maxinkuckee lake. Rev. Dr. Wm. HILL, of this city, officiated. There were only a few invited guests. - Rochester Sentinel Saturday, November 3, 1883

Rochester Sentinel
Friday, February 6, 1925
Thaddeus TOLCOTT, 78 a retired manufacturer of Buffalo, N.Y., died at 11:40 o'clock Thursday night at the home of his friends, Mr. and Mrs Carl PFEIL, south Jefferson street, whom he came to visit last November with his daughter. He had spent the summer of 1924 at Lake Maxinkuckee. Death was due to complications incident to old age.

Mr. Tolcott is survived by a daughter, Louise [TOLCOTT], of this city, and a son, Rodney [TOLCOTT] of South Bend. The deceased was a member of the Masonic lodge. The body will be taken to Buffalo, N.Y, where burial will be made in Forest Lawn cemetery.