Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

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1885 - Aug 27 - Improvements at Maxinkuckee

1886 Jul 29 Jealous? Not a Bit

    Maxinuckee Lake will do very will as a pleasure resort for person with untold supply of governrment bonds, railraod stock, and an unlimited bank account, and who care more for spending money than genuine pleasure.

    Boats are rented at 25 cents an hour, and as much more as they can g et; the price being regulated by the gullibillity of the renter. Board ranges from two to fifteen dollaras a week for a single person. Trully Maxinkuckee is a rival, in prices at least, to Saratogea. The lake is pretty, but what more can be said of it? FIshing is poor, hinting id poorer, and at not time is it safe to venture on its treacherous waters, on account ofg the frequency of storms and
the suddenness with which they arise,

Manitou Lake...while every year at Maxinkuckeee some one meets with a watery grave... - Rochester Sentinel

1886 - Aug 5 - Lake Maxinkuckee is gaining a reputation for general cussedness that is not at all envisible, to say the least. The cottage builders should combine to aquelch the coltous demonstrations and put an end to the sale of intoxitcants, else the beautiful and high sounding "Maxinkuckee" will be because a by word and a reproachs

1887 - Apr 14 - A new store room to be used as a grocery and postoflfce is being built near the depot, at Marmont. Lake frequenter will appreciate this convenience. Loaansport Chronicle.

1888 - Jan 26 - The drug and grocery stora of N. T. Clark, at Marmont, was damaged by fire Monday night. Insured with J. M. Beeber in the Springfield.

1889 - Jul 11- Messrs. Croup & Norris, of this city; contemplate building an extensive Saw mill at Marmont.

1891 - Jun 4 - Tragic Incidents.
    Tuesday evening, west of this city, a man by the name of Gandy, of Marmont, was struck by the C. & A. fast line going west and killed.

    He was a one-armed soldier and had been drinking at Marshland during the day, and toward evening he started for Rochester afoot along the railroad, and becoming tired sat down where he was killed.

    When the train struck him, it knocked him into the air and broke his neck, one arm, right leg and a number of ribs.

    He was aged about fifty years. Argos Reflector

    NOTE: Adam P. Gandy BIRTH 16 Dec 1840 Indiana DEATH 26 May 1891 Leiters Ford, Fulton County, Indiana BURIAL Masonic Cemetery Culver, Marshall County, Indiana

1892 - Jul 14 - Sunday desecration nuisance
    A meeting of citizens interested was held at Marmont a few nights ago, to see what measures could be instituted to abate the Sunday desecration nuisance which has of late grown to such objectionable and disgusting proportions.

    There is no such a thing as a santified Sundaj' to the people of that place, and the drunken orgies have increased to such an extent as to call for decisive action, if the rights of the residents of the lake region are to be respected and maintained.

    In conversation with a citizen of that place a few days ago, he said there was little hope of accomplishing anything in the way of reform, for the action of the county commissioners was such a3 to lead them to believe that their sympathies were with the liquor element, and a the railroad company was i n it for the money there was to be made out of it regardless of moral considerations, there wasn't the shadow of a hope of bringing any influence to bear that would cause them to stop the Sunday excursion business.

    Evidently the situation is not a pleasing one for the good people of that vicinity to dwell upon.

    It is a disgrace to Marshall county that such a condition of things is allowed to continue within her borders. The matter ought to be agitated by every lover of a decent Sunday until the nuisance is ended.

1907 - Jul 18 - Sanitarium at Culver
    Dr. Kincaid of the Pile sanitarium of Martinsville, Ind. had located at Maxinkuckee to open a branch of that large and well known institution, says the citizen.

    He has take one of the Capron cottages for that purpose and when its capacity is exceeded will ind accomodations for his patients at Rector's Hotel

    Dr. Kincaid is quite sanguine of being able to establish a sanitarium on a large scale there.

    He regards the assembly grounds as ideal for his plans, and if the business develp[es as he anticipates he will erect a permanent building there - Argos Reflector