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1894 Blue Book Indianapolis  

Abstraction of Names Relating to Maxinkuckee

"Blue book of Indianapolis : a social directory and club list forming a convenient guide for calls and parties, and a select list for mailing purposes" The Blue Book Publishing Co. 1894. PRESS OF J. B. SAVAGE, CLEVELAND, O.

THE Publishers of this, the first Indianapois Blue Book

It is found at www.archive. Off top of my head I croped out the names I knew.


Adams Henry Clay, Mr. and Mrs 622 N. Alabama st.

Adams Henry Clay, Jr 622 N. Alabama st.

Albrecht Maurice, Dr. and Mrs 78 Middle Drive (W. P.)

Bates Henry, Mr. and Mrs "Bates House."

Bates Henry, Jr. and Mrs 316 N. Meridian st.

Bliss Henry, Mr. and Mrs 16 W. Drive, (W. P.)

Bohlen Oscar D., Mr. and Mrs 350 Broadway.

Coffin Chas. E., Mr. and Mrs 800 N. Pennsylvania ave.

DAGGETT Wm.,Mr. and Mrs. ..280 N. New Jersey st.

Daggett Cora Olive, Miss 280 N. New Jersey st.

Daggett Wm. H., Mr. and Mrs 136 Maryland st.

Elam John B . , Mr. and Mrs 300 Park ave.

English Wm. H., Mr Hotel English.

English Will E., Mr Hotel English.

Gates Alfred D., Mr. and Mrs 826 N. Meridian st.

Gates Edward, Mr 826 N. Meridian st.

Hendricks Thomas A., Mrs 81 N. Tennessee st.

Holliday Jacquelin, Mr 241 N. Meridian st.

Hord Francis T., Mr. and Mrs 729 N. Delaware st.

Jameson Ovid B., Mr. and Mrs 737 N. Pennsylvania st.

Kiefer Augustus, Mr. and Mrs 490 N. Meridian st.

McQuot Eugenia, Mrs 512 N. Tennessee st. Summer Home, Bonnie Doon, Lake Maxinkuku.

McQuot Tolkerbie, Miss 512 N. Tennessee st. Summer Home, Bonnie Doon, Lake Maxinkuku.

Marmon Daniel U., Mr. and Mrs 518 N. Delaware st.

Marmon Walter C, Mr 518 N. Delaware st.

Marmon Howard C, Mr 518 N. Delaware st.

Maxwell John M., Mr. and Mrs 860 N. Meridian st.

Meyer August, Mr. and Mrs 131 Home ave.

Meyer Chas. F., Mr. and Mrs 323 N. Delaware st.

Milligan Harvey J., Mr. and Mrs 735 N. Delaware st.

Milliken Lynn, Mr. and Mrs.... 1 134 N. Meridian st.(Tues.)

Mueller George J., Mr. and Mrs 137 Central ave.

New Frank R.. Mr. and Mrs 426 X. Illinois st.

Ogle Alfred, Mr. and Mrs 755 N. Pennsylvania st.

Perry Chas. C, Mr. and Mrs 724 N. Illinois st.

Potts Alfred F., Mr. and Mrs. 35 Woodruff pL (Thursday)

Railsback Chas., Mr. and Mrs 846 X. Illinois st.

Schurman Henry, Mr. and Mrs 575 X. Pennsylvania st.

Schurman Chas., Mr. and Mrs 78 W. Michigan st.

Shoemaker J. C, Mr. and Mrs 923 N. Illinois st.

Shoemaker John C 923 N. Illinois st.

Stechan Otto, Mr. and Mrs 25 Christian st.

Stechan Frank, Mr. and Mrs 231 College st.

Vajen Willis C, Mr. and Mrs 22 E. Vermont st., Martha's Vineyard.

Vajen John H., Mr. and Mrs 128 N. Meridian st.

Vajen Frank, Mr 128 N. Meridian st. Spring Beach Cottage, Lake Maxinkucku, Ind.

Van Valkenburg, Miss 621 N. Meridian st.

Von Hake Carl, Mr. and Mrs 358 Park ave.

Vonnegut Clemens, Mr. and Mrs "504 H. Market st.

Vonnegut Clemens, Jr., Mr. and Mrs 224 Broadway.

Vonnegut Franklin, Mr 508 K- Market st.

Walker Ivan N., Mr. and Mrs 597 N. Tennessee st.

Winslow Wm. W., Mr. and Mrs 950 N. Meridian st.

Wocher John, Mr. and Mrs 505 N. Delaware st.

Wocher J ulius, Mr. and Mrs 681 Alabama st.

Yandes Geo. B The Dennison.

Yandes Simon Grand Hotel.