Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1882 Logansport Pharos Tribune Snippets  

1882 - Jan 19 - George Forgy went to Lake Maxinkuckeethis afternoon to meet with the road commissioners of; Marshall county, and cons ult as to changing the location of a road at the lake.

1882 - May 22 - "Maxinkuckee," says the Richmond Independent, "bids fair to be more pop ular than ever this summer." Not if we know it, neighbor. There will have to be a few more accommodations there of Maxinkuckee grows in pop ularity. Five in a bed and fourth-rate grub don't suit Logansport people, however much it may tickle the Richmomdite

1882 - May 23 - Ben Mobley isn't out West roaming theprairie in search of Frank James. Instead of turning himself into an infant armory,and loading himself down with "bad looking" and "dangerous weapons," Ben simplyhas in his possession a fish-pole and line,and with them is sawing the water of lake Maxinkuckee. We learn from a Presbyterian deacon who put in last Sunday in fishing at the lake, that the Maxinkuckee fishing association has had Bea employed for some weeks in protecting the lake from seiners. Ben is such a good watcher thathe saw the members of the association, when they attempted to seine, and stoppedthem. This was so remarkable a performance in the eyes of the association who had hired Mobley to watch everybody but themselves, that they will probably bounce Ben and hire a man who will be stone blind whenever they drop a seine.

1882 - May 30 - G. W. Burrow and family left this morning for Lake Maxinkuckee for a week's stay.

1882 - Jun 19 - Will Talbott left, Saturday, for a week's visit to Chicago, Michigan City and Lake Maxenkuckee.

1882 - jun 22 George Foyrg has sold to Messrs. W. H.Johnson and M. Winfield a fifty foot front on Lake Maxenkuckee. They will build a handsome cottage within the next few weeks.

1882 - Jun 26- George Forgy is at Lake Maxinkuckee, arranging take his family there to spend the summer

Jul 8 - A party of Logansporters leave the first of next week for Lake Maxenkuckee to avoid the sun's rays in the city for the time being, so to speak. The party will be under command of Captain George Forgy

1882 - Jul 10 - For the benefit of persons desiring to visit Lake Maxinkuckee, the Wabash company will sell round trip tickets from thiscity to Argos-for $1.50

1882 - Jul 19 - An additional number of families will soon embark for the classic shades of the Maxenkuckee oaks to enjoy boating, fishing, bathing and numerous other sports common to watering places, We have heard the following mentioned : E. S. Rice and family, W. H. Johnson and family and S, T. McConnell and family.

1882 - Aug 2 - Mrs. Saran Tiptoe, Misses Dollie, Tillie and Bessie Tipcon, and John Tipton, Louis Wise and Miss Bertha Wise are home from Maxenkuckee.

1882 - Aug 5 - Mr. Winfield, George Forgy and Frank Rice went to Maxinkuckee this afternoon

1882 - Aug.8 - Charley Wbite of the Pharo, now at Maxinkuckee, contributes a letter from the Long Branch of Indiana- to this issue of Pharos

1882 - Aug.8 - A committee of Raper commandery Knights Temmplar, of Indianapolis, was at Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday, selectinggrounds upon which to fo into camp.Judge Heller, a member of the commitee, stated to a Logansporter that it was the intention to invite St. John commandery, of this city to join the Indianapolis K T's in camp

1882 - Aug 11-S. T. McConnell," wife and daughter,Frank rice and Will Bowser returned from Maxinkuckee, last night. Theweather has been so cold at the lake for the past few days that people are leaving there in nuinbeis. Yesterday more than thirty Indianapolis folks left for home.

1882 - AUg 12 - G. W. Burrow left to-day for Lake Maxenkuckee to be absent about two weeks.

1882 - AUg 12 - Charles J. White, of the PHAROS, and sister, Miss Kate White, returned from Maxinkuckee last night

1882 - Aug 15 - Steve Hurd, of the Panhandle telegraphoffices, left this morning for Maxenkuckee and other places of interest in the State. He will be gone about four days.

1882 - AUg 17 Charley Graves, of the Panhandle offices is at Maxinkuckee.

1882 - AUg 25 - The profits of Big View house at Lake Maxinkuckee, it is said, go to the bank account of Robert's Park church, at Indianapolis

1882 - Aug 31 - In speaking of a number of accidents atLake Maxinkuckee, the Indianapolis Sentinel says: -'A party of young men from Logansport, Rochester and other points went, out in a boat and were upset in the water. They, had a rather serious time of it before they reached the shore, and in all probability would have drowned had not the Indianapois gentleman gone to their rescuein another boat."

1882 - 1882 Sep 1 - C. F. Rauch and family are home from a two weeks stay at Maxenkuckee.

1882 Sep 2 - The proprietor of the Oriole saloon at Maxenkuckee, who. sold whiskey to the young men that drowned in the lake Tuesday last, has suddenly disappeared.

1882 - Sep 2 - Miss Clara Scott left Thursday for a short visit with friends at Maxinkuckee,