Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1883 Logansport Pharos Tribune Snippets  

Jul 26 - Miss Ella Johnson went to Maxinkuckeelake today to remain with friends a week or two.

Jul 26 - H. C. Thorton and family went to Lake Maxinkuckee today, and wiIl remain a week or more.

Aug 1 - H, C. Thornton and wife returned last evening from a few day's sojourn at Lake Maxinkuckee.

AUg 2- The Greys at their meeting last night voted to go to Lake Maxinkuckee on the 11 inst, and remain one week, camping out and living in reg ular military style. They will go to the lake in a special car, tendered by the T. H. & L. road.

Aug 3 - George Taber, Charles Taber and Seth Telsey went to> Maxinkuckee today to remain a short time

AUg 8 - Miss Fannie Knowlton and Miss Florence Meyers left this morning for Lake Maxinkuckee to enjoy a' week or ten day recreating on its pleasant banks.

Aug 15 - Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Eversole of this city,and Misses Deaby and Henning, of Evansville, went to Maxinkuckee yesterday to remain a week.

Aug 16 - E. S. Rice and wife, Mrs. Simpson and daughter. Miss Armstrong and Miss Bessie Tipton left for Maxinkuckee this morning

Aug 16 - Joel Davis aud James Winemiller went to Maxinkuckee to-day to visit the Logan Greys.

Aug 27 - Fran Dukes and Charles Stevenson went to Maxinkuckee this morning, to remain several weeks.

Sep 1 - The Exercisen At Lake Maxinkuckee on tomorrowwill commence at high 12.
    1—Singing "Aid Lang Syne'' and "Old Hundred" by a thousand trained voices.
    4—The old Pottawattamie Indian warwhoop, by the whole crowd.
    5—Taking scalps.
    6—Ceremony over Aubenaubee and Whippoorwill. 7th—Benediction.

    Major McFadin will have Tecaniseh's tomahawk and pipe on exhibition, and he has some Simon pure Kilikinick Indian tobacco and everyone shall hive a suck at it. and will have his S__meerschaum pipe along It is a sure cure forsore eyes to gaze on it, and it is such a daisy that it is liable to make you crosseyed too if you gaze too long.

    The pass and [watchword on to-morrow will be, Aubeenaubee. and must have your jaw broke before you can give it.
Sep3- Alter arriving at Lake Maxinkuckeeyestorday Major McFadin and others went in search of the grave of Aubeenaubee and Whip-poor-will. The Major pointed-out the high point Of ground on the south side ofthe lake near Mr. Burrow's cottage. Time had almost obliterated the landmarks ofthe spot where the heroes were buried

Oct 17 - Mr. Henry Lane Wilson, editor of theLafayette Journal, will be married next Wednesday evening to Miss Alice Vajen,of Indianapolis. The couple are well known to the Logansport people who visitedMaxinkuckee last summer. Mr. Wilson was a classmate of Charles Taber of this city at Wabash college.