Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Logansport Pharos Tribune 1884 Snippets  

Jul 10 Chas, Walls, superintendent of the panhandle, with a party of friends, wem Lake Makinkuckee this morning over; Vandalia, He furnished his own engine and coaches... The Frankfort excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee this morning was will attended and all had a cheerf ul appearace and hope of a nice mice day and good time... F. E. Huntsinger, agent tor the Vanadila at Marmont, who fell In a fit last Monday morning, is now able to be out again. The fall on the platform was not as serious as was thought at first.

Jul 21 Lake Maxinkuckee receives plenty of newspaper attention. The Advertiser gives up a column to lake news every other day, and the Sunday Critic follows with a toilet column and some very questionable poetry on the subject. We negotiating with a marine editar In take charge of this growing department

July 24 - An excursion train of eight coaches, bound for Lake Maxinkuckee, came in over the Panhandle road this moraing from Monticello. It was under charge of the Knights of Pythias of Monticello, who desired to spend a day at the lake with their friends. The train will pass through here again this evening on its return to Monticello.

Jul 24 - Miss Belle Stanley has returned from a pleasant visit to Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 5 The excursion to bake Maxinkuckee on Wednesday will attract a large number ot people from this city.

Aug 5 Tomorrow the Baptist church will run an excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee. This is the cheapest one yet run, the fare for the round trip being only 20 cents, The steamer "Bessie" has been engaged to carry excursiunists around the lake at 15 cents for tho 10-mile trip. Also, row boats engaged... The Baptist excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee tomorrow will leave the Vandalla depot at eight o'clock. Accomodation will be furnished for the purpose of carrying row boats to the Lake free of charge.

Aug 5 Every body expresses an intention of going to Lake Maxinkuckee next week while the Logan Grays are encamped on its banks

Aug 8 Harry Tucker lost his Derby hat on the Maxinkuckee excursion Wednesday. A farmer in Clay township now has possesion of the same.

Aug 16 The excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday was enjoyed by all those who took advantage of the hospittvlity of the Vanadalia road, the Journal to the contrary notwithstanding. The day was unusually pleasant, and the picnic held on the lake bank could not have been equaled. Joe McNary was master ot ceremonies, and saw that everyone had a good time

AUg 18 Dr. Munhall, the evangelist, was in the city Saturday, on his way to Lake Maxinkuckee. The Doctor returned but recently from a trip to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Aug 18 The Greys at Home - The Greys returned home last evening at O'clock from Lake Maxinkuckee, after having spent eight days in camp. It was the intention of the company so remain, but the news of the death of Corporal Marion Dennis, caused them to come home two days earlier. The company broke camp yesterday at 11 o'clock after an early dinner, and packed their things preparatory to coming home. The boys enjoyed themselves hugely and many - were sorry when the time come to go. Saturday night not less than fifty logansporters were out to the lake to spend Sunday. Among whom were At. Barnett, Jake Sebastian, Ben Fisher, John Co ulsoa, Frank Rice, Jim Hanley. Edward Sutton, George Forgy, M. Hanifan, Clark Taylor, John Merriam and Will F uller, Sam Grafton, Mr. Spiker and several others, many of whom visited the camp. In fact a great part oŁ the people looked in on the boys during their stay. The Greys skirmish drill on Friday was witnessed by quite a number of lake people, who pronounced it a success, althougn some of the members had never gone through the movements before. The company is under obligations to Messrs. Elliott, Shroyer & Co. for a case of canned peaches and a case of canned beef which arrived at the camp Friday, Two or three of the boys who had engagements for last night at tbe lake, did not Come in with the company. The company was kindly treatedt by everybody at the lake, and this camp will long be remembered by the boys.

Aug 19 Horatio Williamson, Charlie Comingore and;Foll Ridinger went to Maxinkuckee to day to spend a week or more

sep 2 - Miss Todd Tipton has returned from few days stay at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Sep 6 - MIss McDonald, the artist is sketching at Lake Maxenkuckee.

sep 9 - Mrs, Jeroloman and daughter Mamie, who have been at Lake Maxinkuckee for some time, returned home this morning.

Nov 11 Thad Plank, Joe Murray and Will Mc-Donald went up to Lake Maxinkuckee last night to enjoy a day or two fishing