Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Logansport Pharos Tribune 1890 Snippets  

Feb 8 The Vandalia company, we understand, will donate $4,000 for a regatta at Lake Maxinkuckee this summer, immediately after the adjournment of Culver 's camp meeting. There will be single and double Sc ull racing, yatch racing and al the othor kinds calc ulated to interest the masses.

May 3 The following "old fisherman" went to Lake Maxinkuckee this morining on an angling tour: John C. Nelson M Winfield, M. D. Fansler, A. P. Jenks and H. J. McSheehy.

May 6 President McKeen. of the Vandalia, has always been opposed to running Sunday trains, except when strictly necessary, and never have reg ular trains been run over the Logansport division; but now a strong pressure is being brought on him to allow ihe running of a passenger train each way over this division. There will be, numerous pleasure resorts on this line when the extension is opened as well as at Lake Maxinkuckee, and it is argued that people who cannot travel on week days should have an opportunity to visit such places on Sunday

May 14 Mr C F Ranch and a party of friends went out to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday on a fishing expedition.

May 16 Jesse Taber has gone to Maxinkuckee to spend a few days fishing.

May 20 - Swift Wright returned yesterday afternoon from Maxinkuckee, with a string of twenty five fish, tbo boss catch of the season. One bass weighed 4 1/2 pounds and several went above three.

May 23 - A. P. Jenks bus purchased the vacant lot adjoining H. J. McSheehy's cottage at Maxinkuckee, on Long Point.

Jun 20 The cottages at Lake Maxinkuckee are filling up rapidly and the season may be said to have opened

Jun 21Tbe first Sunday excursion train to Maxinkuckee will be run to-morrow

Jun 25 The Vandalia road carried 1,800 persons to Lake Maxinkuckee last Sunday.

Jun 26 Trainmaster C. R. Green, of the panhandle, and family have opened their cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee for the summer

Jun 28 Ed Bergman will spend Sunday with Logansport and Peru friends at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jun 30 Mr. L. S. Purccll. of the Panhandle, Suadayed at Maxinkuckee

Jul 7 Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Rauch Sundayed at Lake Maxinkuckee

Jun 9 The different religious denominations held a union meeting at Maxinkuckee yesterday, and baptised seventy-five converts... Beaber & Martin of this city, have completed a three story building at Lake Maxinkuckee, to be occupied as a saloon and boarding house.

Jul 14 Kokomo Gazette-Tribune: "Mrs. Emma Toole left to-day for Lake Maxinkuckee to spend the summer with her friend, Mrs. H. J. McSheehy, of Logangport

Jul 16 M. H. Nash and family and A. P. Jenks and family will spend next week at Maxinkuckee tenting out.

Jul 18 City Clerk Taggart and wife and Miss Lena Mitchell are enjoying camp life at Maxinkuckee

    On the Shores of the Inland Sea and Weeps at the Grave or Aubbeenanbbee

    City Clerk Taggart is taking a vacation at Lake Maxinkuckee. The following letter received to-day by Treasurer Brookmeyer indicates that John has become poetical:

    MAXINKUCKEE, Ind., July 22, '90
      Dear Brook:—Here basking in the delights of Indiana's Saratoga, reclining on the green velvety carpet of nature, protected from the fiery rays of Old Sol by the cool shade of the grand, majestic trees of the forest, I assure you my dear pard, I have not forgotten my fellow officials. No sir, not by a jug f ull.

      Again, swinging dreamingly in my hammock, swayed by the balmy breezes of ethereal air, laden with the fragance of sweet sceated flowers, visions of the past, recollections of the amusements and diversions of the boys, devised and executed for my fellcitation, flit before my memory, and I feel within me the great loving desire to kick them into pie. Fanned by the gentle zephyr that rustles musically through " the foliage, producing sweat sounds enchanting to the ear. I feel moved, poetically, like courting the muses. Its a fact, I do, by jings.

      The billowy waves of the agitated waters as they form in rows, like windows of hay, causes me to almost cry aloud with ecstasy. By gosh, Us b ully!

      Yes, my respected pard, here beneath the broad canopy of heaven, floating on the smooth cfassic bosom of this serene and tranquil lake, the influence on my spirits is inspiring, the scene magnificent; aye, sublime and so ul-stirring, marred only by the bite of the danged mosquito.

      The finny tribes that inhabit the ocean deep, where old Neptune wields his sceptre, are not more wary of the wiles of the piscatorial angler than the cussed suckers nibbling at my hook.

      'Twas here, on this historic ground, that the renowned Aubbeenaubee roamed the forest in quest of game; 'twas here he paddled his canoe on the placid bosom of old Maxinkuck, and caught the fish the Great Father provided for him; 'twas here he wooed the dusky maiden and got his mother-in-law. As I reverently knelt at his tomb, and recalled the many noble deeds of valor of this famous warrior and chief, as related by that great sage of Indian lore, Major Mc- Fadin, the tears, in response to the f ulness of my heart, coursed down my cheeks and dropped with a mournf ul thud on the ground, in memory of the departed scalpraiser.--

      The theme is too touching. I must arouse myself from the condition my sympathetic emotions have led me, and return to the real. Before the setting of many more suns I will bie myself from this fairy land and return to my old haunts, to resume sweet communion with the boys. You bet I will or bust!

    Yours Rhapsodically,
    P. S.—The pug ia well.

Jul 24 Mrs. John Dunkle and Mrs. George Cheney will go to Maxinkuckee to-morrow to camp out on Long Point for a month. Their husbands will spend Sunday with them... The Vandalia company, it is said, will run no more Sunday excursions over its line for other railroads. The Sunday excursion business has injured the pop ularity of Maxinkuckee. and the company proposes to restrict if not stop it altogether... Mrs. George B. Forgy and son went to Maxinkuckee to-day, and will open the cottage m the absence of Mr. Forgy,who is in England

Jul 26 City Clerk Taggart and family returned from a two weeks' stay at Maxinkuckee yesterday noon... Ed Sellers, clerk at Harry Frank's clothing store, is enjoying a two weeks' outing at Lake Maxinkuckee...William Wallace, of Lafayette, was in the city a short time this morning enroute to Maxinkuckee. Mr. Wallace is tbe gas engineer who planned and superintended the mschanical part of the plant, which is now universally conceded to be the best arranged and most substantially constructed plant in the United States. Mr. Wallace, as a gas engineer, is a veritable dandy

Jul 30 The family of G. W. Burrow have opened their cottage at Maxinkuckee for for the summer... Master Morris and Harry Brown go to Maxinkuckee for a week. They take their father along with them, and promise to make it quite interesting for the old gentleman... A. P. Jenks, of the natural gas office, with his family and baggage and freight enough to stock a three-story hotel, started for Maxinkuckee this morning. Mr. Jenks recently purchased a lot on the lake front, and he evidently intends to occupy every foot of it

Jul 31 - Mra. D. W. Tomlinson and sister, Mr[s]. Patterson, of Lafayette, aud their children, went to Maxinkuckee yesterday, for a few days.

Aug 1 M. Fornoff, jr., went to Maxinkuckee to-day, where he will remain for several days.

Aug 2 A. P. Jenks is erecting a cottage on his lot on Long Point, Maxinkuckee... Miss Laura McNitt ia spending a few days at Maxinkuckee, with the family of A. P. Jenks... Mr. and Mrs. George W. Fender and Mr. and Mrs. Abner Seybold have returned from a pleasant stay at Maxinkuckee... Mr. Hi White, Miss Jessie'White, Mrs. Homer Winklebleck and their guest, Miss Sadie Arnt, of Atlantic City, N. J., went out to Maxinkuckee this afternoon to spend Sunday

    An Interesting Performance Given by Capt. Paul Boynton.

    This city was represented at Lake MaxinkucUee yesterday by three hundred people, who took advantage of the excursion to witness the exhibition given by Paul Boynton, whose feats elsewhere have gained for him the name, "The Wonder of the Water." The entertainment consisted of a game of polo on the water, sc ull racing and other amazing performances by Boynton. He is perfectly at ease in the water, and clad in his water-tight rubber suit and cork shoes, he gave an exhibition of walking on the water, only one-third of his body being visible.

    The entertainment was a success in every sense of the word, and the programme was fully carried out, everything that was advertised being done. A feature of the day was the building of the raft, and Boynton's cooking and eating his evening meal on the deep.

    The closing number of the day's enjoyment was the imaginary battle between the miniature men-of-war, which terminated in one of the war ships being blown heavenward by a torpedo. No lives lost.

    The excursionists enjoyed a ride on the new double-decked steamer, Aubbeenaubbe, owned by Mrs. Lord and captained by Dick Crooks, of this city. This boat is commodious and elegantly furnished, and under the able management of Mr. Crooks is doing a flourishing buisness. The party returned last evening at 7:30.

Aug 7 Mrs. H. B. Manlove spending days at Maxinkuckee

Aug 9 Mrs. Sam Patterson returned from Lake Maxinkuckee to-day, to spend Sunday at home.

Aug 12 Miiss Maggie Sheerin is spending a few days at Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 13 Mrs. S. B. Patterson has returned from Maxinkuckee.

Aug 16 - Harry G. Tucker is enjoying a few days outing at Maxinkuckee

Aug 19 - Mrs. A. R. Shroyer, Mrs. R. C. Taylor, Mrs. M. Frank and Mrs. Klein, the Coffee Euchre club, will go to Maxinkuckee to-day to spend the week.

Aug 20 Trainmaster C. R. Green, of the Panhandle, is spending a few days with his family at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Aug 26 The northern Indiana editorial aasociation will meet at Lake Maxinkuckee on the 4th to 8th of September. It is a non-political editorial association, and every editor in Indiana is invited to attend the meeting. The programme will be interesting and instructive

Aug 28 It is understood that St. Louis people are figuring for the purchase of the Plymouth club- house, Maxinkuckee wstb the intention of establishing a colony

Aug 30 Rev. Miller, of Trinity Episcopal church, anil family have returned from their summer vacation at Lake Maxinkuckee... The New Albany Public Press pays Maxinkuckee the following handsome compliment: "Lake Maxinkuckee is Indiana's Newport, Long Branch. Bar Harbor and Saratoga combined. Good people in Indiana go to Maxinkuckee before they die."...

    Interesting Notee clipped from the Plymouth Democrat.

    The great need of Maxinkuckee is first-class hotel. It will come in time.

    Black bass are beginning to bite and some fine specimens have been caught the past week.

    No lives have been lost at the lake this year, and no accidents hare happened worth mentioning.

    Mr. Culver is the most liberal man about the lake. He has vested in lands and improvements not less than $30,000.

    Mr. Burrows, of Logansport it is said, will exchange his sailboat for a steamer, which he will run on the lake next season.

    Maxinkuckee is yet in its infancy. The improvements during the next decade will be greater than-they have been during the past ten years.

    Several transfers of lots have been made during the season, and during the winter a number of additional cottages will be built.

    The moat important feature of Maxinkuckee is its magnificent flowing wells of purs water. They cannot be excelled in the United States.

    There ia talk that a "grand hotel" will be erected within the next year at Maxinkuckee landing, of capacity sufficient to accommodate 306 visitors.

    Ed Morris, of the steamer Peerless, it is understood, will build a new steamer this winter, which will probably be named "The Climax," as he does not propose that it shall be excelled.

    Twelve years ago there was not a steamboat on the lake, and but two or three sailboats. There were but two or three cottages and one or two club houses. Now there are four steamers, twenty-flve sailboats, three hundred rowboats, one hundred collages and other improvements in proportion

Sep 4 - Col. Robert Kreuzberger angled for the festive bass at Late Maxinkuckee to-day.

Sep 6 Maxinkuckee Excursions Continued. Inasmuch as the Vandalia railway company has concluded to contiaue its Sunday excursion trains to Maxinkuckee for two weeks longer, Sept. 7th and 14th, many of our people will doubtless avail themselves of the opportunity to visit that beautiful summer resort before the close of the season... The northern Indiana editorial association will close its annual session there to morrow, upon which occasion Hon. C. H. Reeve, of Plymouth, will deliver an address before the association on "Mind Energy," at Culver park tabernacle, beginning at 11 o'clock

Sep 13 The "season" at Maxinkuckee will practically end with the excursion tomorrow Nearly all the cottages are closed. The hotels Palmer, Ohmer and Arlington will be open for fishermen and transient visitors for Some time yet. The Lakeside Hotel remains open the year round

Sep 19 - It is said a new hotel will be built at Lake Maxinkuckee next season with a capacity of 300 guests.

sep 24 Miss Anna Norris, of Maxinkuckee, is visiting Mistt Carrie Sellers, of east George street.

Oct 1 Mrs. A. P. Jenks haa returned from spending the season at Maxinkuckee.

Oct 14 Mrs. Knapp will close the Arlington hotel at Maxinkuckee next Thursday.

Oct 27 The Fifth regiment of the uniform rank, Knights of Pythias, will probably hold an encampment next summer at Maxinkuckee. The regiment is a Urge one, comprising tbe divisions of Michigan City. South Bend. Frankfort. Kentland. Plymouth, Peru. Logausport, Rochester, Monon, Hammond, Valparaiso and Argos to be instituted next month The encampment would probably place about 600 knights in camp.