Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Logansport Pharos Tribune 1892 Snippets  

April 11 Freight Clerk James Park, of the Vandalia line, has begun putting his fishing tackle in trim, and will spend his spare moments hunting the finny tribe iu Maxinkuckee waters. Jim is a great lover of fisherman's luck

May 2 H. J. McSheehy is tbe owner of the fastest sailing yacht on Lake Maxinkuckee, purchased Saturday of Frank Clover of Terre Haute. Consideration $100... A large number of fine bass were caught at Lake Maxinkuckee Saturday.

may 6 Frank Rice and George Taber went to Maxinkuckee last evening.

May 7 S. A. Vaughn and family and H. J. McSheehy, wen! to Maxinkuckee this morning.

May 12 Harry G. Tucker is spending a week at Lake Maxinkuckee, with the hope that it may benefit his health.... Fishing at Maxinkuckee has been poor all of this week. Bright, warm days are needed to wet the appetites of the gamey bass.

May 23 The Season at the Lake Lake Maxinkuckee begins to assume a life like appearance again. The steamer Peerless is making reg ular trips to the hotels and such cottages as are already occupied The first excursion of the season reached there on saturday,It was composed of students from Purdue university. Ths fishing will be good this week and next if the weather becomes warmer. Capt Morris says there is more fish in the lake than ever before known. Logansport parties caught some fine bass last Saturday.

May 31 Ollie Ward has returned from a fishing excursion at Lake Maxinkuckee. He met with the average fisherman's luck.

Jun 14 Mrs. A. R. Shroycr, Mrs. E. F. Keller, Mrs. R. C. Taylor, Mrs. Wm. Rosenth ul, and Mr. and Mrs. John Co ulson went to Maxinkuckee this morning to remain a week.

jun 15 Grand excursion. The Military band will give an excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee on Sunday, June 26th. Train leaves at 9.20 a. m and returns at 7:30. Fare, $1. Go and a day at the lake with the boys

Jun 17 It will only cost you $1 to go to Maxinkuckee June 26th... Don't forget the band excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee Sunday June 26th.

Jun 27 The Maxinkuckee excursion The. Military band excursion lo Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday was a flattering success, notwithstanding it rained a part of the day. Seven coaches were well filled, 180 tickets being sold at the depot, besides those disposed of by members of the band. Prof. Johnson's ballon ascension and parachute descent was also a success. He carried a small dog with him, and cut the "chute" loose after the balloon had reached a height of 3,500 feet. He dropped to the ground a half inch from the starting point.

Jun 27; Jul 7; Aug 3, 5, 13, 30, 31; Sep 1, 9 EXCURSIONS Round trip every Sunday at 9:30 a. m. The lake special will leave Logansport for Maxinkuckee, and returning will leave the lake at 7 p. m. For time tables, etc apply to J. C. Edgeworth agent Vandalia line

jun 28 M. D. Fansler Probably at Maxinkuckee... J. T. Tomlinson—At St. Joe and Maxinkuckee ... George Kistier Out of town; probably Maxinkuckee

Jun 30 Mr. John Mitchell aud daughter, Miss Lena, are spcnding a few weeks at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jul 1 The midsummer mass meeting of the Democratic Legislative league will be held at Lake Maxinkuckee, beginning July 19. There will be a great gathering of Democratic politicians on that occasion

Jul 13 Democratic Legislative League.
    The midsummer mass meeting of the Democratic Legislative League of Indiana will be held at Lake Maxinkuckee on. July 19 and 20, 1893.

    The Democracy throughout the state, including the members of the Democratic press, are requested to attend.

    An interesting program will be arranged and distinguished speakers will make addresses.

    Excursion rates on all railroad lines will bo secured.

    Turn out, Democrats, and make this the grand initial meeting of the canvass.

    Democratic papers throughout the state please copy.

    By order of the president.


Jul 15 Miss Lena Mitchell has returned from a four weeks, stay at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jul 18 Mr.and Mrs A. J. Murdock and Mrs S B. Patterson went to Maxinkuckee today to open their cottage tor the summer

Jul 19 Rev. Cavins, of Peru, and daughter, Mids Irene, were in the city last evening. The latter left at 8:45 via the Vandalia for Lake Maxinkuckee, where she will remain several weeks.

Jul 22 A gentleman who came down from Lake Maxinkuckee last evening states that all tbe cottages are filled. The hotels are accommodating a large number of guests, and the season has fairly opened. Mr. M. H. Scott, of Danville, Ill., has a cottage at the lake. He was a government contractor in the early "thirties" and had considerable to do with tbe Pottawattomies. He was present at the treaty of 1383, and was one of the number who helped move the tribe to Kansas.

Jul 26 lost His pocket-Booke. Mr. Withers, who had a watery experience at Lake Maxinkuckee last Sunday, besides getting a good ducking also lost his pocket book containing $75 in bills. The book was in a side pocket in his coat and dropped into the water, He did not miss the pocket-book, until he reached shore. He and some friend made search for it, but it has not yet been found. It is hard to locate the exact spot where the sailboat capsized It may, too, have drifted away some dis tance before sinking. The water was very deep where the boat capsized.

Jul 28 The Peru Odd Fellows run an excursion to Maxinkuckee today, via the Wabash and Vandalia. There were six coach loads.

Jul 29 Miss May Johnson aud Miss Cudders of Indianapolis, stopped over in the city today while en route home from Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 3 Mrs. A. C. Barnett and Mrs. M. J Bligh and children went to Maxinkuckee today to remain a month or two

Aug 4 S, T. McConnell and family are at Maxinkuckee.

Aug 9 Misses Lottie Polk and Sybil Bender have returned from a two weeks stay at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Aug 10 Mrs. J. Lienneman and children have returned from Maxinkuckee... Conductor Ed Gardner and wife went to Maxinkuckee this afternoon to remain a couple ot day

Aug 16 __ Joshua Chase, the Republican candidate for governor, paused through the city yesterday. He was en route to Indianapolis from Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 17 A. S. Chapman, editor of the Madison Democrat, accompanied by his son and daughter, were in the city this afternoon enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 19 Editorial Convention.
    Lake Maxinkuckee never appeared more brilliant nor its scenery more picturesque and beautiful than it did yesterday in f ull view of the Democrat editorial convention when assembled o tbe broad piazzas of the Colonnade hotel.

    President Barnhart's semi-annual address was replete with caref ul though and evidently met the views of the mem bers.

    He paid a gracef ul tribute 10 of the presence of the ladies, and alluded to the importance of the meeting and the campaign in fitting terms, and then said further that never, in all our political history has a campaign brought broader deeper and more pervading questions in the people than this year, embracing a the issues do every vital interest of the home, the shop and the fluid.

    It will be most pleasant responsibity for the Democratic press to enlighten the judg ment and to intinsify the concern of the people for their own welfare.

Aug 19 C. O. Heffley accompanied the Democratic editors from Maxinkuckee to Chicago via St. Joe and the lake.

aug 20 A gentleman who has visited a great many pop ular resorts said yesterday that he; knew of no place that had more natural charms than Lake Maxinkuckee.

Aug 24 General Complaint South Bend Times: "The people who are doing the "robbing' at Maxinkuckee in the selling of lunches, etc., will reap the whirlwind one of these days. The manner in which visitors are being imposed upon there in certain quarters cannot but give that resort a black eye Complaint is general and frequent."

AUG 27 Rev. E. S. Scott and family have returned from Maxinkuckee... Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Elliott and daughters went to Maxinkuckee this afternoon to spend Sunday... D. D. Fickle and wife, G. W. Funk and A. G. Jenks and wife will Sunday, at Maxinknckee... W. Reynolds, master mechanic of the Panhandle shops, and wife, will spend Sunday at Maxinkuckee

Aug 29 Three excursions, carrying 1,000 people, were run to Maxinkuckee yesterday; one from Covington, Ind., one from Lafayette and one from South Bend.

Sep 1 The Wheatland street M. E. church congregation ran an excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee today.

Sep 2 Mrs. A. J. Jeaks [Jenks], who is spending the season at Maxinkuckee' is recovering from a severe attack of asthma. sep 9 Last Sunday was the last Sunday on which the Vandalia lake special train will be run to Maxinkuckee this season. Therefore there will not be any next Sunday

Sep 16 M. D. Fansler and wife have closed their cottage at Maxinkuckee for the season.

Sep 22 ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS... A number of summer cottages at Lake Maxinkuckee, Ind, burned involving a loss of $10,000

Oct 11 H. H. Culver is grading a half-mile track for the maxinkuckec Fair asaociation Next year there will be trotting and running races and lots of fun at the fair on the shores of the beautiful Maxinkuckee