Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Logansport Pharos Tribune 1897 Snipets  

Jan 2 John W. Gerard, living north ofthe city, has returned from LakeMaxinkuckee, where he visited his brother, George Gerard

Feb 26 Big catches of fine fish are reported Maxinkuckee, the anglers fishing through the lce

April 24 There was a heavy wind storm at Maxinkuckee the flrst of the week, The white caps on the lake were bigger than any previous time this year

Apr 26 - The Loganspoit fishermen who were at Maxinkuckee yesterday brought home a fair catch of bass.

May 3 John Courtney, of the Panhandle, went to Maxinkuckee today on a fishing expedition... George B. Forgy caught twelve fine bass at Lake Maxickuckee last Saturday.

May 5 John Co ulson, the druggist, is fishng at Lake Maxinkuckee.... F. A. Dykeman, the baker, is preparing to open a branch salesroom at iake Maxinkuckee

May 7 Some Fine Fish. A number of fine fish were caught at Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday by Logansport anglers. Judge Winfield led with a catch of seventeen bass and salmon John Co ulson and Line ullery fished together and landed seventeen bass. Seth Velsey caught three large bass In the afternoon. Judge N, 0, Ross and Will Porter also caught a nice string of bass.The bass fishing will be over in a few days if the weather remains warm. The bass will not bite during the spawning season. During the week a good deal of spearing has been done at night, and many dead fish were found yesterday that had been hit with a spear

May 8 Will Porter and Seth Velsey caught twenty-one bass at Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday. John Co ulson and Line ullery caught ten. They came home last night

May 11 Mr. C. E. Sellers is at Maxinkuckee fishing... There is a rumor that O. B. Shaver caught a 11 pound bass at Maxinkuckee. Has he any of Brother Mc- Sheehev's affidavits?

May 12 A number of summer cottages at Maxinkuckee, upon being visited lately by their owners, were found to have been broken ID to and pillaged.... Maxinkuckee, yesterday, catching a string of fourteen, the largest being a four pound black bass. Frank Rice, H. J. McSheehey and 0. B. Shaver also made good showings, but the other anglers met with poor success. The spring fishing at the lake is about over

May 14 - John Dewenter, Swift Wright and Fred George went to Maxinkuckee yesterday on a fishing trip.

May 15 Chief Dispatcher Smith of the Vandalia, was at Lake Maxinkuckee, today, arranging to place an operator here to assist the agent during the Summer season.... The Central Union telephone has put its force ol surveyors over the projected long-distance line from Logansport to South Bend. The line will run through Marmont and wil be completed from here to Lake Maxinkuckee before the opening of the season

May 21 Stelnhart's orchestra will furnish music for the Purdue students at Lake Maxinkuckee tomorrow... A current item says the Mutual telephone lines connecting Logansport, Rochester, Plymouth. Wabash and Lake Maxinkuckee, will probibly be completed this week. May 24 - Mrs. Tom Wilson and children and Miss Allene Alber are at Lake Maxinkuckee... The Purdue student's excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee passed through, the city Saturday morning. There were three cars, and all were crowded. Steinhart's orchestra joined the exursionists here and furnished music or them at the lake. The train passed through here on the return trip Saturday night.

May 28 - Andrew Voorhees, the great American cook, who is sojourning temporarily at Lake. Maxinkuckee remembered his friends today with same fine fresh flah. Thanks, Andrew, thanks.

Jun 1 - Fred Dykeman went to Maxinkuckee yesterday, where he intends to establish a branch store

June 8 Fifty-First Anniversary. Fifty one (51) years ago today June 8th, 1846, 92 young men left Logansport for the seat of war In Mexico. Today only a few are left, and of the commissioned and noncommissioned officers only two are living... The old boys and old settlers are going to try and bave at least one more picnic before tbey all pass away, either at Spencer Park, Taber's Northside grove or Lake Maxinkuckee where Col. Kreuzberger has tendered his beautiful grove free of charge, and everybody wants to go after harvest or threshing is over in July or August, when things are settled down and money matters a little more easy. Low fare, low rates, and all tbe steamboats and everybody are waiting for sbem at the lake. Wait and watch for it.

Jun 23 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Murdock are at Maxinkuckee, preparing their cottage for summer use. The family will occupy it beginning nest Wednesday...' Judge and Mrs. M. Winfield and M. J. Winfield and wife are occupying their summer cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jun 24 - Two excursion trains to Lake Maxinkuckee next Sunday— 7 and 10:30 a. m. Fare for the round trip 7 cents. Tickets good going and returning on either train... Next Sunday four excursion trains will be run to Lake Maxinkuckee two from Logansport, one from Indianapols and one from Richmond, all via the Panhandle and Vandalla lines

Jun 28 E. F. Keller and Otto Kraussp Sunday at Laka Maxinkuckee.

Jul 2 Excursion to Lake Maxinknckee Sunday, July 4th. On the above date the Vandalla line will run an excursion to Culver ,Ind., (Lake Maxinkuckee) at rate of one fare for the round trip. For f ull partic ulars, call on Vandalia line ticket agent, or address E. A. FORD, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Missouri... Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Murdock have opened their summer cottage at Maxinkuckee... Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dewenter have opened their cottage at Long Point, Maxinkuckee.

Jul 3 Hon. Maurice Winfield went to iake Maxinkuckee today to remain uring the heated term. The judge wns a handsome cottage and grounds at the lake... Miss May LaOrange and John Burns of the Southside will spend the Fourth at Maxinkuckee. They be will accompanied by Miss Gertrude Roach cand Mr. Alfred Eagen, Of Delphi.

Jul 5 E. F. Keller the genial manager of the Barnett, is spending the day at Lake Maxinkuckee... One hundred fifty Logansporters went on the train to Maxinkuckee and St. Joseph, yesterday, and sixty to Crawfordsville.... The Vandalia carried 923 passengers to Lake Maxiokuckee, yesterday, on the trains from Logansport and South Bend.

Jul 6 Ho Everybody! For Lake Maxinkuckee...

Jul 9 The lady operators employed at the Central Union telephone exchange here, will each be given an opportunity to work two weeks at the Lake Maxinkuckee exchange during the summer. They will work there all the day and up to 9 o'clock at night.

Jul 10 A. J. Murdock will spend Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee... Judge Winfield came down from Lake Maxinkuckee this morning

Jul 13 & 13 Monticelo Press: "Mrs. Henry Snyder left today for a ten days' visit at Lake Maxinkuckee with Logansport friend? Bessie Bennett went to Logansport today to remain several days under treatment of Dr. Thomas. Mrs. Bennett accompanied her to remain over Sunday."

Jun 16 An excursion train, consisting of four coacnes and a baggage car, came in on the Wabash this morning from Lafayette and left over the Vandalia for Lake Maxinkuckee... Charles Marshall has returned from jake Maxinkuckee to remain until Saturday evening

Jul 17 Culver City Herald, Lake Maxinkuckee: "One of the most beautiful points upon the lake are the grounds occupied and owned by Judge Winfield, of Logansport. The cottage has been thoroughly overha uled and is now very modern in its appointments ... Capt. Milt Segrave, of Logansport, visited Lake Maxinkuckee for the first time last Sunday since 1854. And even at an earlier date he was familiar with the lake and its surroundings, when the savage and wild beasts roamed at will over the broad axpanse of country surrounding the lake, and has shot many deer and other game... Already train loads of excursionists are flocking to Lake Maxinkuckee from Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Logansport is surely not less appreciative of our "home resort." Train leaves Vandalia station every Sunday at 7 a. m. Fare for round trip$1

Jul 19 Hon. A. R, Shroyer is at Lake Maxinkuckee. He was overcome by the heat a week ago at Chicago.

Jul 20 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hankeu, Miss Dora Hankee and John Sauer are at Lake Maxinkuckee for a week's outing.... 75 cents to Lake Maxinkuokee and return for tbe train that will leave the Vandalla station at 10:56 a. m. next Sunday, July 25

Jul 21 Miss Mollie Wise and Messrs. Will M. Elliott, Clark Egers and Carl Wise have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee. They were guests of Hon. and Mrs. M. Winfield.... Besides the reg ular one dollar Sunday train to Lake Maxinkuckee, which leaves Logansport at 7 a. m., the Vandalia will, next Sunday, July 25, run a special low rate excursion to this point. Fare for the round trip, 75 cents. Tickets good only for the special train, which leaves the station at 10:56 a. m.— J. C. Edgeworth, agent... Excursion to Maxinkuckee. 75 cents to Lake Maxinkuckee and return for the train that will leave the Vandalia station at 10:56 a. m. next Sunday, July 25th... Mrs. Gus Murphy and Mrs. Mary J. Murphy are guests of Mrs. J. C. Dewenter at Lake Maxinkuckee... Judge George E. Boss and Frank Harwood have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee to spend a few days at home.... S. A. Vaughn who returned from Lake Maxinkuckee this morning, reports Hon. A. R. Shroyer improving rapidly. The senator is able to walk about and will soon be himself again...

Jul 22 = Judge George E. Ross and H. S. Murdock went to Lake Maxinkuckee last evening.... Maj. S. L. McFadin went to Peru today to see Gabe Godfrey, chief or the Miamia, relative to an Indian feature at the old soldiers and childrens outing at Lake Maxinkuckee the latter part of August. He was accompanied Esq. H. M. Eldson.... Besides the reg ular one dollar Suneay train to Lake Maxinkuckee, which leaves Logansport at 7 a. m., the Vandalia will, next Sunday, July 25, run a special low rate excursion to this point, Fare for the round trip, 75 cents. Tickets good only for the special train, which leaves the station at 10:56 a. m.— J. C. Edgeworth, agent.

Jul 23 Miss Gertie Murdock and Mrs. S, B. M ulholland have returned from Maxinkuckee to remain a few days... The Central, Union company opened a telephone station at Lucerne on Monday and at Kewanna Tuesday. Today tne instrument at Culver City (Maxinkuckee) was gotten in workIng order

Jul 24 Besides the reg ular one dollar Suneiy train to Lake Maxinkuckee, which leaves Logansport at 7 a. m., the Vandalia will, next Sunday, July 25, run a special low rate excursion to this point. Fare for the round trip, 75 cents. Tickets good only for the special train, which leaves the station at-10:56 a.m. J.C. Edgeworth, ageut.... Elk Band Excursion. The Elks band, formerly the Mil lltary band, will run an excursion to Lake Maxinkuekee .on Sunday, August 8th. The fare for the round trip will will be $1.00, and the band will receive 25 cents for each ticket sold... A. J. Murdook, is spending a few days at Lake Maxinkuckee... Edward Metzger will spend Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee, the guest of Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Marshall,... Carl Murdock, Will Bruggaman and Harley Jones will go to Lake MaxinkucKee this evening... 75 Cents to Like Maxinkuckee Next Sunday, July 25th Train leaves Vandalia station at 0:56 a. m. Returning leaves the ake at 7 p, m. Tickets good for this train only

Jul 26 Judge Nelson is at Lake Maxinkuckee... Mr. and Mrs. John E. Barnes are at Lake Maxlnkuckee... A. J . Murdock has returned from a week's stay at Maxinkuckee... Frank M. Kiatler spent Sunday at Maxinkuckee.... Yesterday was excursion day for the Terre Haute and Logansport division of the Vandalla. Tbe ticket sales from this city were: To Maxinkuckee on first train 49, at $1.00 each; to, Maxinkuckee on excursion train, 113 at 75 cents each; to St. Joe, 19 at $2 each. There were fourteen cars In the Terre Haute excursion train and each car was crowded Jul 28 F. M. Harwood returned today to Lake Maxinkuckee... Hon. Maurice Winfield is in from Lake Maxlnknckge on business. He will return this evening

Jul 30 Patrick Pierce has returned from Maxinkuckee.... Charles Worstell is among the excursionists to Lake Maxinkuckee.... Miss Gertrude Murphy is spending; a few days at the Dewenter cottage at Maxinkuckee... Thare is boating, finhing, bathing and many other attractions at Lake Maxinkuckee. Train leaves the Vandalia station every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Pars for the round trip $l.00... Do not let that old thief procrastination steal your opportunity to spend a day at Lake Maxinkuckee or St. Joseph this season, Train leaves the Vandalla station at 7 a. m. every Sunday.

Jul 31 This Lake Maxinkuckee telephone exchange, established by the Central Union company, is now in working order with thirteen subscribers. Claude Bebee put in the switchboard.

Aug 3 The '96 club went to Maxinkuckee today. The club is entertaining Miss Foreman, of Dayton, Ohio.... The passenger business of the Vandalia to Lake Maxinkuckee this season has been the largest thus far since the pleasure resort was opened to the public

Aug 4 Fare $1,00 to Lake Maxinkuckee, Vandalla line; 7:30 a. m. Sunday, August S8th. Elk band excursion... Arrived Home, The following people arrived home today, after spending their vacation at Lake Maxinkuckee: Rev. F. W Meyer, Anna Hildebrandt, Mrs. C Hildebrandt, Miss Emma Foreman Mrs. Joseph Seiter, Mr. and Mrs. F H, Wipperman, John H, Gard, Miss Elizabeth Homburg, Mrs. John Rails back and daughter Nettle, Mrs. Ella Bucher and two sons, Mr. and Mrs Henry Wipperman, Mr. and Mrs James Foley and Mrs. Robert Collins

AUg 5 Show your appreciation of the band boys by patronizing their excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee next Sunday. Train leaves the Vandalla station at 7:30 a. m. Fare for the round trip, $1. Vandalia line.... Sid Cool has returned from an outing at Lake Maxinkuckee.... Band Excursion. In order to better accommodate all who wish to go on the Elks' band excursion to Lake Maxinkuckee next Sunday, the train due to leave the Vandalia station at 7 a. m. will be held until 7:30.—J. C. Edgewortb, agent.

Aug 6 Bert Stuart is at Lake Maxinkuckee... George Wecht, Wm. Reed, Bert Hosteller and Elmer Ferguson are camping at Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 9 Miss June Jenks and Mrs. George Bliss, who have been the guests of Miss Gertrude Murdock, at Lake Maxinkuckee for the past week, have returned home.... William Bernfleld, of the Golden R ule, is taking a vacation this week. He is camping at Maxlnkuckee with a party from Grass Creek.... John Brookmeyer, Tom Dunn Mont Swigart and Al Bringhust Sun dayed at Maxinkuckee, guests of Mr And Mrs. John Dewenter... Elks' Band Excursion. The Elks' band excursion to Lake Mazinkuckee yesterday was fairly well attended. Two hundred and twenty tickets were sold

Aug 10 Fred Davis, of Ferguson & Jenks, clothing store, Is spending his vacation at Lake Maxinkuckee... Miss Maegie McCarty, of Peru, was in the city yesterday, en route home after completing a visit with Miss Gertrude Murphy and sister, Mrs. John Dewenter, at Maxinkuckee... Will Murdock has returned from a week's visit at Maxinkuckee

Aug 12 Miss Gertrude Murphy is at Maxinkuckee visiting her sister, Mrs. John Dewenter... C. E. Marshall, the laundryman, and family, have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee, having finished their outing there.... Penny Club Ouating,The Penny club of the Woman's Relief corps will spend next Saturday Lake Maxinkuckee, guest of their resident, Mrs A. P. Jenks. ..... Fred Davis returned from Maxinkuckee Tuesday evening and left yesteiday for P ulaskiville to join a party of campers... Misses Laura, Abble and Mae Howe, Miss Winnie Jones and Mr. Deck Howe are in camp at Lake Maxinkuckee to remain two weeks

Aug 12 Miss Winifred Jones will spend the week at Maxinkuckee... Major McFadin admits that Mr. Beall's story is in the main true, but insists that he was present and assisted in the removal of Aubbeenaube bee's remains from the pen in which they had been placed and their final burial on what is now known as Long Point, at Lake Maxinkuckee, The Major has promised to furnish the Pharos with a detailed account of Aubbeenaubbee's death and burial

Aug 13 George Hadley will camp next week at Maxinkuckee, and while there he will be a guest at the Howe tent... George Hadley will camp next week at Maxinkuckee, and while there he will be a guest at the Howe tent... Will Murdoch has returned from a trip to Maiinkuckee

AUg 14 - Misses Jessie Twells and Wilma Behmer, of the Westside, went to Lake Maxinkuckee today for a few days' outing.... Mrs. Charles Krles is enjoying an outing at Lake Maxinkuckee.... Profs. William Steinhart and J. E. McMillen furnish the music for a social hop at the Culver Military Academy, Maxinkuckee, this evening.

Aug 17 The Culver City Herald says that a week ago last Sunday a young man from Logansport caused some exitement at Lake Maxinkuckee by drawing a razor and threatening to ut the heart out of somebody whom he claimed had Ins ulted his wife

Aug 18 Will Dunn and Lawrence Anderson Sundayed at Maxinkuckee... Miss Alice Finch went to Lake Maxinkuckee Saturday, to remain a few days, a guest at the Jenks cottage... Frank Harwood was down from Lake Maxinkuckee today.

aug 20 An excursion train of eleven cars was run from Terre Haute to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday

Aug 21 Major McFadin Also. Arrangements are being made for a reunion of the pioneers of northern Indiana, to be held at Lake Maxinkuckee the last week in August," says the Culver City Herald. "The pan of the projectors is to bring together in reunion the men now livng who were prominent In the early history of the state. Chief Gabe Godfrey, who is now living in retirement near Pern, will be one of the peakers, his address to treat of the history of Indian tribes in this secion ot the state. The most 'prominent speakers in northern Indiana, includlng Majors. L. McFadJn, will ppear on the programme, which will Be largely reminecent in character

AUg 24 Miss Tillie Duenwig, daughter of Lewis Duenwigj one of the directors of the Vandala railroad, came in from Lake Maxinkuckee this morning with Mrs. H. J. McSheehy, and will be the guest of the latter for a few days

Aug 27 The Winfield cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee has not been closed, as previously stated. Mrs.Winfield will remain at the lake until the last of September... 75 Cents to Lake Maxinkuckee. Next Sunday, August 29th, the Vandalia will sell excursion tickets to the lake at the rate of 75 cents for the round trip. Trains leave the station at 7 and 10:30 a. m. Returning, leaves tbe lake at 6:30 and 8:50 p. m. Tickets good going and returning on either train. J. C. EDGETTOBTH, Agent

Aug 28 The families of T. R - Sewell and W. W. Ross have returned from a two weeks' stay at Maxinkuckee... Mrs. Claud Wise, accompanied by her guests, Miss Zeller, of Richmond, and Miss Crawford, of Mansfield, 0., went to Lake Maxinkuckee today for a ten days' outing at the Shroyer cottage oct 16 Fishing is said to be excellent at Maxinkuckee... W. M. Elliott is at Maxinkuckee for a few days

Sep 1 John E. Barnes, the contractor,and family, will go to Maxinkuckee tomorrow to occupy their cottage for a month... Sunday evening at Maxinkuckee a homing pigeon flew upon the railing of a steamboat while in mldlake and was easily captured. The incident caused great consternation among some of the women passengers who pronounced it an omen of disaster.

Sep 3 - H. H. Culver , of St. Loais,founder of Culver academy, at Lake Maxinkuckee, is reported to be dangerously ill at his Maxinkuckee cottage... George Hadley drove overland from Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday

Sep 4 The season is practically closed at Lake Maxinkuckee. In the next week nearly all the cottages will be closed.

Sep 9 Mrs, A. R. Shroyer come down from Lake Maxinkuckee this morning. She reports that Mr. Shroyer has not been so well for the past few days

Sep 14 Benjamin Boice, of Fowler, a nephew of Hon. Seorge E- Ross, was in the city yesterday, en route to Lake Maxinkuckee.

Sep 15 Mrs A. L. Furbee is a guest of the Harwood Maxinkuckee cottage.

Sep 21 Mrs. S. E. M ulholland has returned from a visit with friends at Lake Maxinkuckee

Sep 24 - The Building and Loan club has broken camp at Lake Maxinkuckee. Al Brlnghurst, the rear guard, came in yesterday

Sep 29 Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Harwood have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee, having closed their cottage for the season

Oct 12 E. M. Walden and H. J. McSheehy have returned from Maxinkuckee, and Walden Is now circ ulating the report that he not only caught more fish than McSheehy, but beat the latter at his favorite game of cards

Nov 1 Mac's Great Catch, James McSheehy capped the climax yesterday at Maxinkuckee when he hooked and safely landed a small mouthed black bass weighing seven pounds and fourteen ounces, as evidenced by the postal scales. This is the largest fish of the bass family ever taken from the lake. Mac brought the fish home alive in lieu of one of his elastic affidavits