Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Logansport Pharos Tribune 1899 Snipets  

Apr 4 The Culver City Herald says the large number of wild geese and ducks in old Lake Maxinkuckee draw hunters from far and near.

Apr 5 For sale, or will trade for good property in Logansport, my saloon and restaurant property near Vandalia station at Maxinkuckee.. Address box 84, Culver .Ind.

Apr 17 The property recently purchased by Will Obenchain, at Lake Maxinkuckee, is known as tbe Maw property. It is understood that he will engage in fruit raising

Apr 21 Victor Wise, M. J. Winfield and Will M. Elliott are enjoying a week's fishing at Lake Maxinkuckee.... Frank Rice, Geo. B. Forgy and Col. Woll are at Lake Maxinkuckee today. They will return tonight with a car load of fish.

apr 25 Al Bringhurst went to Maxinkuckee today for a few days fishing

Apr 29 Fishing at Lake Maxinkuckee is just getting interesting. Yesterday several good catches were made, one being a seven pound straw bass, caught by Will Hayes and Ham Beeber, of Culver . The next two weeks will likely offer the best fishing during the spring season

May 6 Harry A. Osborne and Harry J. Mc Sheehy left today for a two weeks outing at Lake Maxinkuckee

May 12 Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilson are at Lake Maxinkuckee spending a few days.

May 17 Judge Nelson, Dr. Cushman and Judge McConnell are at Lake Maxinkuckee. They were joined there by Capt. Herron, of Crawfordsville, Capt. David Allen, of Frankfort and S. P. Sheerin, o.f In dianapolis

May 23 Culver City Herald: Judge Winfield and his son Maurice, of Logansport, were in town Saturday and captured eight fine bass. They are loud in their praise of the fish caught in Lake Maxinkuckee... David Middleton, Henry James McSheehy, Will Bouth and Will Moss departed early this morning for Lake Maxinkuckee. They had plenty of bait and made many promises to their friends. This trip will probably furnish material for a big fish story for the Chronicle Saturday.

May 30 Dr. Arthur Hermann last night paid over to the widow of Ben Keelum $100 in cash, as the amount subscribed in honor of the dead hero. Mrs. Keelum called for the money last night. It is understood that she will work this summer at Lake Maxinkuckee.

May 31 High Taxes for cottages . The fact has been brought out that Marshall county has been taxing nonesidents cottages abutting Lake Maxnkuckee at exhorbitant figures, compared with the assessment of adjoining farm land. The Lake Maxinkuckee association will remonstrate. Lots on lake front have been taxed at $1,200 $1,800. and farm land similarly and as favorably located at $35 an acre.

Jun 9 Misses Mary Foreman, Ora Sala, Helen MeConnell, Mary Rogers and Margaret Meek have returned from a week's stay at the Snider cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jun 13 - Manager Jenks. of the gas office has returned from Lake Maxinkuckee where he made an unsuccessful attempt to land a few large fish. It is said at the gas office that Mr. Jenks did not get a bite.

Jun 15 & 16 - The Wabash van an excursion from Lafayette to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday, by way of Clymers station, and thenee over the Vandalia, which was well patronized.

Jun 17 Mrs. T. H. Wilson, who has been spending the past few weeks at the family cottage at Maxinkuckee will spend a few days at her home in this city.

Jun 19 Mr. and Mrs. Marion McMeans spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jun 29 Night Desk Sergeant George Graham has gone to Lake Maxinkuckee for the benefit of his health.... Mrs. Emil ' F. Keller and son Roth are at Lake Maxinkuckee to spend the summer

Jun 30 Mrs. Charles Young and family and Mrs. A. J. Herrmann and family have gone to Lake Maxinkuckee to spend several weeks... 75 Cents Round Trip To Lake Maxinkuckee each Sunday during July and August. Train will leave at 7:05 a. m. Fishing and boating elegant. Go and get a lake breeze; will do you good.... Mrs A. L. Furbee went to the Lake Maxinkuckee today to remain some time.... H. J. McSheehy went to Lake Maxinkuckee this morning and will return tonight to remain here until Sunday when he and MrS. McSheehy will drive through and open their cottage for the summer

Jul 5 Miss Margaret F. Anderson spent the Fourth at Lake Maxinkuckee... A merry crowd, of young people were entertained Tuesday at the Wilson cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee

Jul 14 Tomorrow morning from 8:30 a. m. Maxinkuckee, Sunday, July 16. Trains leave at 7:05 a. m. and 10:30 a. m.... The Pleasure Seekers' club at Pine will go to Lake Maxinkuckee Sunday to picnic.

Jul 12 Mrs. Dr. Hetherington is at Lake Maxinkuckee to spend a few days with Mrs. A. J. Herrmann.

Jul 17 Mrs. E. M. Hatch and children are at Lake Maxinkuckee to spend some time with Mrs. H. C. Eastwood... Lake Maxinkuckee Excursions. Yesterday was a big day at Maxinkuckee, and it was estimated that over 3,000 persons passed through this city en route to that resort. Two trains from Terre Haute consisting of twenty-five cars, one from Colfax of eleven cars and one train from the Richmond division of Panhandle ha uling ten cars, all of' which were crowded, passed through here yesterday morning. The local ticket office sold 394 tickets.... A. J. Murdock spent yesterday with his family at Lake Maxinkuckee

Jul 18 Mrs. Zimmerman of the Southside, wife of Jacob Zimmerman, got on the wrong train at Lake Maxinkuckee Sunday and then risked her life by jumping off after the train had started.Luckily she was not injured

Jul 20 Mr. and Mrs. Al Young went to Maxinkuckee to be the guests at Chas. Young's cottage. Mrs. Young will remain a week

    This morning while Albert Miller of Peru was in the Vandalia station in this city, waiting for a train to take him to Lake Maxinkuckee, he had occasion to leave the room and left his mandolin in its case on one of the seats near the door opening on the southside of the building. He returned a short time afterward and immediately wondered where his mandolin had gone. His inquiries started the officials of the station who are not in the habit of having such questions asked, and a search was immediately instituted. It is supposed that some fellow was watching for just such an opportunity as this, and that after he did secure the mandolin that he made bee line over the hill in the direction of the poor house, at which place he did not stop for dinner, as search was mada out in the country for him farther than that.

    The instrument was a valuable one, and the owner regrets its loss very much.

Jul 22 Miss Lizzie Eeitemier has returned from Lake Maxinkuckee where she visited the family of Charles Schafer.

About fifty of our citizens took advantage of the low rate made by the Pennsylvania railroad company Sunday and scent a very enjoyable day at Lake Maxinkuckee. Jul 28 - Captain W. H. Snider departed this morning for Lake Maxinkuckee where he will spend several days with his family at the Snider cottage

Jul 29 Will. Grams, Private James D. Murphy, Patrick Mahoney and John Holland will start for Lake Maxinkuckee next Monday morning to spend a week in camp. They expect to make their salary and living expenses selling fish... Otto Bruggaman, Cliff Ward, Willie Pierce and John Bradfield will leave Monday for a two weeks' outing at Lake Maxinkuckee... Mrs. S.E. H ullbolland and infant son departed this morning for Lake Maxinkuckee, where they will spend several weeks at the Murdock cottage

Aug 9 Mrs. J. A. McC ullough, Mrs. J. 0. Potts and her guest, Miss Mame Dowie, of Steubenville, and Mrs. E. P. Hutton, with their families, spent yesterday at Maxinkuckee.

Aug 14 The Vandalia will run an excursion Lake Maxinkuckee next Sunday for fty cents... Mrs. George W. Funk and daughter Gertrude, axe at horns after a six weeks' stay at Lake Maxinkuckee... A crowd of Sunday school people from Walton, Onward and Bunker Hill will go through here tomorrow in route to Lake Maxinkuckee to attend a union picnic... A. P. Jenks, Judge Winfiold, W. T. Wilson and H. J. McSheely spent Sunday with their families at Lake Maxinkuckee... Two excursion trains came in on the Panhandle yesterday morning, carrying 500 persons on each train for Lake Maxinkuckee. One from Indianapolis was made up of eleven coaches, while the other from Richmond consisted of ten coaches. The trains arrived here on the return trip about 7:30 last evening.

AUg 15 Mr. and Mrs. David Clymer are home from Lake Maxinkuckee... Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hankee have returned from a two weeks outing at Lake Maxinkuckee... The Sunday school excursion to Maxinkuckee this morning carried 292 passengers from,Walton, 57 from Galveston, 70 from Lincoln and 8 from Anoka ... S. A. Vaughn and family have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee and will spend a week in the city.... Otto Bruggaman is home from Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 19 Mrs. Sam Patterson went to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday

Aug 21 Mrs. H. H. Culver , sr., who has been traveling the past six months in foreign lands, returned to St. Louis last week, and. Saturday evening arived at Lake Maxinkuckee... Miss May Howe joined her sister Abbie and a party of friends in camp at Lake Maxinkuckee Saturday

Aug 22 Mrs. George W. Rice and children. Miss Nellie and Master Richard, who have been the guests for a few days of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Anderson, left today for Lake Maxinkuckee to visit friends... The'Vandalia sold 550 tickets to Lake Maxinkuckee Sunday.

Aug 23 Bert Stewart came liome from Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday... Mr. S. A. Vaughn reports conditions favorable about Lake Maxinkuckee. The price of cottage property is advancing and people continue to hold the place in high esteem

aug 24 Mrs. T, H. Wilson and family are again at their rooms at tie Barnett, after an extended stay in the Wilson cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee.... Mrs. Otto Kraus , went to Lake Maxinkuckee this morning.

Sep 29 1899 - sep 29 C. F. Rauch is in Fort Wayne attending the funeral of his uncle, Moses H. Scott. Mr. Scott and W. H. Brown were the first to build cottages at Lake Maxinkuckee. - Logansport Pharos

Sep 30- Mrs. A. R. Shroyer and daughter Mrs. Claud Wise, have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee, having closed their college for the season

Oct 25 Messrs. W. T. Giffe and A. P. Jenks are on a fishing expedition at iake Maxinkuckee