Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Logansport Pharos Tribune 1900 Snipets  

Mar 6 - The association was formed by the union of two associations known as the Northern Indiana Superintendents Association and the Northern Indiana Teachers Association. The union was made at Lake Maxinkuckee in June, 1887, and the following meeting was held at Logansport in April, 1888, in the First Presbyterian Church

mar 20 John Osborn, the former news dealer of this city, will open a grocery and fish store at Maxinkuckee in a few days. He formerly lived there

Apri 7 Judge Winfield and son Maurice are at Lake Maxinkuckee

Apr 16 - Fishing is now "on" at'Lake Maxinkuckee and Logansport fishermen

are well represented there. Under the new. law, fishing with hook and line is allowed at any and all times in the lakes of the state. In the streams, fishing is prohibited in May and June.

Apr 18 Several cottage owners have been at Maxinkuckee this week looking after their interests. It is predicted, notwithstanding this is a campaign year, that this will be one of the great seasons at the lake, and indications are that several new cottages will be erected this spring.

Apr 24 - George. B. Forgy, Frank Rice, Adam Graff, B. F. Louthain and Q. L. Well are at Maxinkuckee on a short fishing expedition... Fishing is now "on" at Lake Maxinkuckee and Logansport fishermen are well represented there. Under the new. law, fishing with hook and line is allowed at any and all times in the lakes of the state. In the streams, fishing is prohibited in May and June

Apr 26 - Editor H. J. MeSheehy and John Dewenter went to Maxinkuckee this morning to join Frank Stukey and W. H. Hayes, who are there fishing and to remain until Monday... Vandalia Agent F. J. Haines has returned from a fishing expedition at lAke Maxinkuckee with a good supply of bass

Apr 30 = Robert Kreuzberger has returned from a business trip to Maxinkuckee... Mr. J Medland and daughter of Maxinkuckee have returned home after a brief visit with the family of James Chidester

May 30 John G. Miles, aged eighty-three years, returned to his home at Lake Maxinkuckee after being here for three weeks taking treatment of Dr. J. B. Sh ultz.

Jun 4 - Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Jenks and Dr. and Mrs. Hunt spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee... Mrs. A. Wertheim of Peru was in the city yesterday enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee. She and children will spend the summer there... Mrs. J. A. Brooks has rented a cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee and will give a house party for six young ladies, the Misses Harrison, Miss Closson, Miss Alber, Miss Sewell and Miss Douglas, next week.

Jun 12 - POP ulAR RESORT. "Lake Maxinkuckee is rapidly becoming one of the most pop ular summer resorts in Indiana," says Mr. Chesbrough, assistant passenger agent of the Vandalia. "I had occasion to call at Culver a few days ago, and found a place to stop only after much hard work and considerable hustling. The commencement exorcises at Culver Military Academy had a good deal to do with the condition of affairs, but the prospects for a big colony of summer visitors are brighter this year than ever before. There are numbers of people now at the lake from a score of states, the cities of St Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati being better represented than any others. Several New York people have discovered the attractions of the lake, and we expect that the New York colony will grow with each succeeding year

Jun 13 - Mrs. Otto Kraus is at Maxinkuckee

Jun 15 - Victor Wise is spending a few days at LaVo Maxinkuckee at his mother's cottage.

jun 18 An excursion train consisting of eight cars passed through the city yesterday over the Panhandle from Hartford City and other points for Lake Maxinkuckee... Dr. Cark Rogers is spending a brief outing at Lake Maxinkuckee Jun 18 - The excursion basket picnic, which was anonunced to take place Wednesday, to Lake Maxinkuckee for the benefit of St. Joseph's hospital, has been postponed to Thursday, June 28

Jun 19 - Mrs. Emil Keller and son are the guests of Mrs. Otto Kraus at her summer residence at Maxinkuckee.

Jun 20 James Wilkinson and wife are spending ten days at Lake Maxinkuckee... James Wilkinson and wife are spending ten days at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jun 21 Mrs. S. H, Wilson came home from Lake Maxinkuckee to attend the reception of Miss Marie Rogers at Longcliff this evening.... Mrs. A. J. Murdock and daughter Gertrude went to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday to prepare their cottage for the summer. The family will leave next week....'

Jun 22 - The following spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee: Mr. and Mrs. Kistler aad daughter Hazel; J. W. Rice; Mrs. Charles Farley, Misses Minerva and Emma Rife, Eliza Anderson, Lizzie Petria, John Anderson and Ed Smith.

Jun 27 - The train leaves the Vandalia station tomorrow morning at 8:30 for the Sseket picnic at Lake Maxinkuckee for the benefit of St. Joseph's hospital

Jun 28 James Cockbum and the members of his Sunday school class, picniced at Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday. They left on the early morning train, taking well filled baskets with them, and enjoyed a very pleasant day.... The Vandalia sold 108" tickets to Maxinkuckee today to the St Joseph's hospital excursion. The hospital receives about $40 for their work... Thomas Sheerin of Indianapolis spent last evening with his uncle, John Sheerin, enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jun 30 Mrs. JOhn E. Barnes and Mrs. G. W. Funk and daughter have departed for a month's outing at Maxinkuckee... Mrs. H. B. Turner and children, Mr L. G. Brooks and Mrs. J. A. Carter spent yesterday at Lake Maxinkuckee... Mrs. John E. Barnes and Mrs. G. W. Funk and daughter have departed for a month's outing at Maxinkuckee... J. J. Campbell, the Logansport laundryman, stopped over here Friday night while en route to his summer cottage at Maxinkuckee. He was driving a $30 horse, hitched to a fine trap, to which was fastened, a pneumatic tire rig for use at the lake. How'd you like to be the washee fwashee man?... Dr. Clark Rogers and sister, Mary, went to Lake Maxinkuckee today... Bert Stuart and bis guest, Mr. Curt! lot Washington, D. C., are taking a outing at Lake Maxinkuckee.... Victor and Carl Wise spent yesterday at the Wise cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee... Joseph G. Wright and family, M. Winfield and wife, Carl Keller. T. H. Wilson, C. H. Stewart And Miss Mayrne Foreman and Mary Rogers returned this morning from Lake Maxinkuckee, where they spent Sunday.

Jul 3 - TED HOWE'S SAIL BOAT. "The Indiana," a new sail boat built and launched yesterday by Ted Howe, sails over the water with perfect smoothness and grace. The boat is a twelve foot catboat and was constructed for the use of the Howes, who are spending the summer season at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jul 4 A number of Logansporters were fishing today at Maxinkuckee.... Citizens appreciate the number of cool and attractive places around Logansport a day like this when every one takes a vacation if only for a few hours. Several picnic parties went to Lake Maxinkuckee, and others went to Pipe Creek. A drive and supper along our pretty rivers make the Fourth pass very pleasantly

July 6 The Iroquois Club of Cinclnnati passed through here yesterday enroute to Maxinkuckee in their special car There are eighteen in the party and they will camp.

Jul 8 H. G. Williamson and Harry Denbo H. G. Williamson and Harry Denbo fishing... Mrs. G. W. Funk and daughter are taking a few days' outing on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jul 14 The Panhandle will run an excursion through this city from Elwood and other points for Maxinkuckee tomorrow

Jul 16 The excursions to Lake Maxinkuckee yesterday were well patronized. From Terre Haute, the trains were heavily loaded and those from other points were well filled. Quite a number of Logansport people visited the pop ular resort... A large excursion train from Terre Haute bound for Lake Maxinkuckee passed through the city yesterday morning... Thirteen cars, filled to overflowing with excursionists bound for Lake Maxinkuckee, came in over the Panhandle about & o'clock yesterday morning and were transferred to the Vandalia The excursionists were from Elwood and other points.

Jul 18 Bert Stuart departed today for Lake Maxinkuckee for a few days outing.... About thirty members of the Iroquois Club of Cincinnati have been sojourning at Lake Maxinkuckee the past week, and are so delighted with the place that the talk of buying ground and having a club house erected

Jul 19 The Vandalia is doing the heaviest Lake Maxinkuckee business this season since the summer pleasure resort was established.

Jul 20 Miss Marie Stuart of Lafayette has :gone to Maxinkuckee to stay for some time. While here she was the guest of her cousin, Bert Stuart... Misses Carrie and Zora Moore are spending an outing at Lake Maxinkuckee, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McCormick.

Jul 21 Deputy County Treasurer Edward Donovan will spend Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee, the guest of friends.... The Trinity Choir of Peru passed through this afternoon enroute from Lake Maxinkuckee, where they have been camping, to Peru.... An excursion train from points along the Effner branch of the Panhandle will pass through here tomorrow morning, enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee.

Jul 23 Misses Elizabeth Mooney and Mary Faley are spending an outing at Lake Maxinkuckee.... Mrs. A. R. Shroyer and daughter Mrs- Claude Wise and little son Eugene will go to Lake Maxinkuckee tomorrow to spend some tifee at that resort

Jul 24 - Walter J. Uhl returned yesterday from Lake Maxinkuckee... A. J. Murdock and Deputy County Treasurer Edward Donavan returned yesterday from Lake Maxinkuckee where they spend a couple of days... Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gear, Mr. and Mrs. Cragan and Miss Belle Evans spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee.... John G. Miles, aged eighty-three years, returned to Ms home at Lake Maxinkuckee after being here for three weeks taking treatment of Dr. J. B. Sh ultz.

Jul 26, 28, 30, 31; Aug 1, 6, 8, 9, 10 &11 - - July 27 to Aug. 12 the Vandalia line will sell excursion tickets to Lake Maxinkuckee and return, at $1.25 on account of Maxinkuckee Assembly. The ticket includes admission to grounds... Quite a number of Logansporters will take in the Maxinkuckee excursion tomorrow

Jul 26 - John Campbell and family and Mrs. Harry Ward have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee, where they spent some weeks

Jul 27 - Mrs. G. W. Funk is home from an extended stay at Maxinkuckee.

Jul 30 The Industrial Club will return tonight from a several days stay at Lake Maxinkuckee.... The Thimble Club spent yestgrflay at Lake Maxinkuckee, the guesls Mr. and Mrs. H. J. McShee Point... Hon. S. 0. Pickens and wife of Indianapolis and Mr. and Mrs. W. Bent. Wilson of Lafayette were in the city this afternoon, on their way home from Maxinkuckee

Jul 31 - Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Winn took in th George Fred Williams' meeting last Saturday at Maxinkuckee Lake an stayed over Sunday for the Sam Jones meeting. They were well pleased with both ... Miss Lizzie Mooney of Stewart's dry goods store, has returned from a week's outing at Maxinkuckee.

aug 6 Miss Anna Harrington of the Trade Palace is spending her vacation a1 Lake Maxinkuckee.... The Shield family of Danville, Ill. were here yesterday enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee to occupy their cottage... Dr. Bell spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee with his wife at the Winfield cottage... Lafayette Journal: "The convenience for those wishing to spend Sunday at Maxinkuckee is, much, greater this season than usual. A special train leaves there at 11 o'clock every Monday, enabling one to make connection with the Wabash at Logansport, and to reach. Lafayette at 1:55. Maxinkuckee is offering-new attractions in the way of entertainments, lectures, etc. But the principal attraction is the beautiful lake and cool breeze.

Aug 8, 9 & 10 The Vandalia will run a special train to Lake Maxinkuckee on Sunday, Aug. 12. The train leaves Logansport 10:30 a. m.; returning leaves Lake Maxinkuckee at 5:30 p. m. Fare, 50¢ for the round trip.—F. J. Haines, agent.

Aug, 9 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rogers and children of this city and W. W. Stevens of Lucerne, go to Maxinkuckee tomorrow, to remain two weeks... Clara and Bertha Greensfeiaer are spending a few days at Maxinkuckee with Mrs. S. Wise

Aug 10 Mrs. Frank Oliver of 103 Osage street is the guest of Mrs. John Osborn at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Aug 11 Tomorrow is the last day of the Vandalia's special rate to Lake Maxinkuckee. This rate was made to accommodate those who wanted to attend the Maxinkuckee Assembly.... The Misses Greensfelder are at Lake Maxinkuckee, the guests of Mrs. Wise... Dr. Dwight Powell and John Carroll will spend tormorrow at Lake Maxinkuckee... Charles Torr and Harry Tomlinson spend Sunday Lake Lake Maxinkuckee... Mrs. J. T. Elliott and family are spending some time at the Barnes cottage, Lake Maxinkuckee. Mr. Elliott joined them this afternoon.... Otto Cline and family have returned from an outing at Maxinkuckee... Mr. and Mrs. W W. Ross are enjoying a week's xJuting at Lake Maxinkuckee... N. A. Irvine, of the Panhandle offices, with his little son, is spending a week's outing at Maxinkuckee

Aug 15 - The Vandalia ran three excursion trains to Maxinkuckee on Sunday—-two being from Terre Haute and one from Crawfordsville. On all the trains there were 1,725 people carried... One of the Terre Haute excursion trains returning from Lake Maxinkuckee Sunday night, ran over a cow near Rosedale and the engine was partially derailed. The sudden stopping of the train badly frightened the large crowd aboard. The train was delayed but a short time....

Aug 17 Fredie Ray has gone to Lake Maxinkuckee for a few davs visit with Edwin and Leon Sh ultz...

Aug 20 IN A CUPBOARD. A few days ago, Mrs. W. T. Wilson, who with her family is spending the summer at the Wilson cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee, heard a noise-in a cupboard and peeping in saw a snake crawling about She carefully Closed the door and awaited the arrival of her husband, who visits the resort reg ularly from his business pursuits! in this city. He secured a club and dispatched the snake, which was found to have several rattles. The reptile was a young one and had crawled to the darkest place in the room after gaining admittance during, family. the absence of the... Martin Mueller spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 21 The families of John Winn and Ed Morrison are preparing to spend the hot weather on the banks of Maxinkuckee, expecting to go up this week... The employes of J. B. Lynas will ive their annual picnic Wednesday, Aug.' 30, at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Aug 22 - Robert. Stevens has returned from a three weeks' visit at the Snyder cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee... Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Purcell and Miss Dessie Deverell are guests at the Shroyer cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee... Masters Edwin and Keon Sh ultz returned today frony Lake Maxinkuckee to visit their fanner. Dr. J. B. Sh ultz, who anxiously awaited their arrival this morning.

Aug 24 Mrs. Jenks, who was taken ill at the Jenks cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee, was reported somewhat better, but still dangerously ill, by Dr. J. B. ShuJtz today.... The Culver Herald reports that M Winfield of this city, while bathing at Maxinkuckee Tuesday, experienced a slight paralytic stroke on the left side and was almost rented helpless, but by the next day had recovered... The family of John Winn of Harrison township are enjoying an outing at Lake Maxinkuckee

Aug 28 The Vandalia line will run an excursion Sept. 2. Train leaves Logansport at 3:30 a. m. Fare 50c for the round trip.

Sep 1 - Tomorrow the Panhandle will run an excursion from Indianapolis to Lake Maxinkuckee via Logansport... Superintendent Hatch of the Vandalia and family passed through the city this-morning in the former's private car enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee

Sep 3 - AT MAXINKUCKEE. One hundred and eighty-six citizens Logansport spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee. Three excursion trains were run to the lake yesterday; one from Indianapolis and two from points south on the Terre Haute & Logansort All but one of the trains were crowded. Two cars of the latter were set on here, Th« crowd at the lake is said-to have been the largest of the season... A large excursion train from Terre Haute and another from Indianapolis, passed through here yesterday to and from Maxinkuckee

Sep 4 Otto Kraus and Carl Mandel returned this morning, from a few days outing, at Lake Maxinkuckee... The Culver City Herald states that there will probably be several cottages erected the coming spring upon the north, side of Lake Maxinkuckee. In fact the prospects for marked improvements all around the lake are very flattering... Our village [Lucrene] had the largest representation at Maxinkuckee lake last Sanday of the season. Agent Butcher reports the sale of twenty-seven tickets Cor the morning train.

Sep 5 Mrs. H. G. Williamson and Mrs. Griffith are spending a few days at Lake Maxinkuckee... As the Vandalia excursion train was passing through Rockville Monday night on the return trip to Terre Haute from Lake Maxinkuckee, some one hurled a stone through the window and the flying glass nearly struck Miss Hallie Ladd of that city. The missile flew close to her head and would have inflicted serious injury had it struck her.

Sep 10 H J McSheehy closed his cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee today for the season... Mrs. A. H. Diver and children, and Martin LeRoy Pierce, of Lafayette, were in the city, Saturday, enroute to Lake Maxinkuckee... Miss Mayme Hanson, Miss Kats Kreuzberger and the latter's guest, Mr. Charles Yauch, of New Haven, Conn., went to Lake Maxinkuckee, today, for a few days outing.

Sep 11 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thompson are at Lake Maxinkuckee, for a week, guests at the Arlington hotel.... Sol Allman, of Marion, well known iere, was in town last night, a guest at the Murdoch. He left, this morning, for Lake Maxinkuckee.... Mrs. Rosenthal and Mrs. John M. Johnston have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee, where they were guests of the Shroyer cottage... Robert Kreuzberger, jr. is at Lake Maxinkuckee, enjoying a few days' outing

Sep 12 Mr. and Mrs. John McJohnson are at Maxinkuckee.

Sep 15 - John Howe is spending an outing at Lake Maxinkuckee for a couple of weeks.

Sep 18 - Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gear, Mr. and Mrs. Cragan and Miss Belle Evans spent Sunday at Lake Maxinkuckee.

Sep 20 A. P. Jenks and W. T. Giffe will go to Maxinkuckee tomorrow for a day's fish.... Mr. George Robertson and bride were the guests of the families of E. M. Hoyt and C. B. McConaha of the Westside yesterday, enroute from Maxinkuckee to their home at Greenup, Ills

Sept 21 - Mr. .and Mrs. W. T, Giffe went to Lake Maxinkuckee today to spend a few Mays as guests/at the Jenks cottage.

Sep 25 - Mrs.' William McDonald and Miss Elizabeth McC ullough, the librarian, went to Lake Maxinkuckee today to spend a few days at the Shroyer cottage.

Sep 26 - Miss Harriet Bartley of South Bend and Mr. S. E. Allen of Akron, Ohio, were united in marriage at 11 o'clock this morning at the A. P. Jenks cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee. Rev. E. L. Semans officiated. The bride has been engaged as instructor in the South Bend State Normal and is well known, here, having frequently been the guest of Miss Fannie Jenks. The groom is a prosperous business man of Akron, Ohio. The newly wedded couple left for a trip to Detroit before taking up their future .residence at Akron, Ohio.

Oct 1 - W. T. Wilson has closed his cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee and Mrs. Wilson came home this afternoon.

Oct 11 Ed Messinger will return tonight from Lake Maxinkuckee, where he has been working on they/lumbing and steam fitting contract the new addition to Culver Academy

Oct 10 & 11 Messrs. John C. Dewenter, E. B. Connell, C. O. Heffley and M. J. Winfield are on a fishing expedition at Lake Maxinkuckee

Oct 12 Miss Eda Platt has returned home, after spending the summer at Lake Maxinkuckee

Oct 19 The big searchlight, which attracted so much attention last evening, mounted on the roof of the city building, belongs to Captain Oliver Crooks of Lake Maxinkuckee and was donated by him, although he is a Republican.

Oct 26 A fishing party, consisting of H. J. McSheehy, W. C. Routh, Dr. Holloway, A. F. Stukey, John Holland, Austin D. Fansler and David Middleton went to Lake Maxinkuckee today for a few days outing

Dec 6 Harry Hildebrandt has returned from a hunting expedition at Lake Maxinkuckee