Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Maxinkuckee Snipets Logansport Chronicle  

W. C. Routh, D. A. Middleton, C. D. Sellers, Geo. A. Schnieder and H. J. McSheehy spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Arlington Lake Maxinkuckee. 15 Oct 1904 Logansport Chronicl

Capt. Ed. Morris and sister of Culver were in Logansport Tuesday. pg. 1 15 Oct 1904 Logansport Chronicle

My Old friend, Dan McDonald of Plymouth, is responsible for the stopping of fishing in Lake Maxinkuckee this spring. He will have a number of seaunces excplaining to hotel keepers, boat owners and pushers at the lake how he happened to do it. For every fish caught by transients at the lake it cost them at least two dollars. This money was spent at Culver . The lake will be dead now until warm weather and the principal sufferers are not the fisherman who can go elsewhere and enjoy their favorite pastime, but the hotel and boat men at the lake. The anvil chorns is now in working order.

The Arlington Hotel at Lake Maxinkuckee will not be open this year until May 10 - pg. 1 Saturday 22 Apr. 1905 Logansport Cronicle - pg. 1 Saturday 22 Apr. 1905 Logansport Chronicle

For Sale At a Great Bargain Until July 1st, 1905, only, I will offer Five Desireable Lots in my addition to Long Point at $6.00 per front foot. These lots have fifty-foot fronts on Lake Makinkuckee, and vary from 125 to 200 feet in depth. All lots have, fine clean beach, with gravelly bottom. For partic ulars call on or address. S. S. Chadwick, Culver , Ind. 13 May 1905 pg. 4, 20 May 1905 Logansport Chronicle

Lake Maxinkuckee
    The Arlington Hotel is open and ready for fishermen and the traveling public.

    S. S. Chadwick has a few lots for sale on Long Point. Se advertisement.

    The fish law expiires on the 15th.

    Louis Duennweg, of Terre Haute, was here last week

    Ed. Johnson of Terre Haute, who was here superintending the construction of a new cottage on Long Point, left for home Tuesday The Logansport chronicle, Saturday, 13 May 1905 pg. 4

The Arlington Hotel at Lake Maxinkuckee is now open for the season, and the steamer "loyd" is again in service. The Arlington has entertained several fishing parties this Spring and prospects are very good for a big season at this pop ular resort. pg. 1 Staurday 13 May 1905 Logansport Chronicle

Carl Mandel and Victor Wise are spending a couple of days at Lake Maxinkuckee, fishing. pg. 1 Staurday 13 May 1905 Logansport Chronicle

Carl Mandel and Victor Wise are spending a couple of days at Lake Maxinkuckee, fishing. pg. 1 Staurday 13 May 1905 Logansport Chronicle

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Harwood returned to their home in the city yesterday after spening the summer at Lake Maxinkuckee

A. P. Jenks is at Maxinkuckee fishing for bass. He bought a brand new storm with him.

A. J. Knapp is building a concrete boat house. It is one of the most substantial on the lake.

Mesadmes Ballard, McAllister and Collett spent last Saturday at Lake Maxinkuckee, the guests of Mrs. H. J. McSheey.

Charles Traut and family are at Lake Maxinkuckee.

S. S. Chadwick and wife of Culver left Thursday for California to spen the winter.

pg. 5 Oct 2, 1909 Loganpsort Chronicle

Nice place for a supposedly sane man to be these days at Maxinkuckee, chopping fire wood in an effort to keep warm. Out here two week and nat a fish so far. In fact no effort has been made to catch any. Beastly northerly winds with an occasional snow fall has been the r ule. It speaks will for the sanity of the other cottagers to learn that I am the only foolish person here. All the others ducked for home...Jim Foley, Eginihard Schmitt and J ulius Wagner gave up it disust and left for Logansport last evening. And yet the earlier blossoms have alreasy started. Along the banks of Lost Lake across from the Arlington...I went down to the inlet yesterday to see Capt. A. J. Knapp's steamboat which was sunk by the ice during the winter. The upper works and smoke stack are alone visible. It will take a great deal of hard work to float the boat but as the timbers are of the best white pine there will be no damage. While down there I was hundreds of sandpipers...Nearly three weeks at Maxinkuckee and not a fish. How is this for tough luck? pg. 1 30 Apr. 1910 Logansport Cronicle

I still struggle along without an automobile although the pemtation is great to purchase one. Bob Murray and a party of firends made the trip, last week from Logansport to Maxinkuckee in an hour and five minutes. This is going some, you may be sure as the distance by the road is about 35 miles. The spent the day at Chadwick's. Apr. 30 1910 Loganpsort Chrionicle

I am informed that a prominent officer of the anti-saloon league fo Culver , a man who said it was the greatest crime known to have any one drink a glass of beer was one of those arrested two weeks ago for illegal fishing at the lake. The affair has beenhushed up, but Sweeney's deputies have the seine and 200 plunks of the good moeny of these goody doo gentlemen who denounces all violatiors of law but themselves. - pg. 8 Apr. 30 1910 Loganpsort Chrionicle

For Sale Summer Residence located in James Green's grove on Lost Lake about 600 yards from the Arlington flag station. Culver , Indiana. Inquire on premises till October 1st. James Bardsley - pg. 8 25 Jun, 16& 23 Jul 25 Oct 1910 Logansport Chronicle

Eight Culver men were arrested and fined $103 last week for fishing with seines. Some of the names are those of prominent citizens. One man is said to have played as the sacrifial lamb by pleading quilty and paying the fine of all. - Culver Citizen.

And I am informed that among those arrested was a minister of the gospel and one or two prominent members of the law and order league of Culver . - pg. 2 Oct. 16, 1910 Logansport Chronicle.

Union township, Marshall county, in which Culver is situated went wet last Friday by a majority of 25. The Culver Citizen, in commenting on the change says:
    If the man or men who run saloons, in Culver during the coming two years observe the new law carefully, we are disposed to believe that the town will not stand on a low _ plane that it has been for two years.

    Ts the same story wherever blind tigers held sway. Logansport has been wet for two years. and has a cleaner police record than the so-called dry territory. pg. 1 Apr. 8 1911 Logansport Chronicle

Pennsylania Line Vandalia Railroad Co. Lakce Maxinkuckee 85 C Excursion Sunday Leave Logansport 7:05 and 10:30 pg. 4 Jun. 3, 1911 Logansport Chronicle

New Association At Maxinkuc kee
    Logansport fishermen who visit Lake Maxinkuckee each year will be much interetsed in the formation to the Protective Association which was recently started by residents of Culver .

    It means a great deal to the merchants of Culver to have Maxinkuckee remain the pop ular resort it has been in recent years and they were aware that the fishing was one of the strongest drawing cards.

    The association has asked that a deputy be stationed there reg ularly through the spring season and S. S. Chadwick has bee given charge of a plan to put a screen at the outlet which leaks to the smaller lake.

    At a recent of the new organization, as reported in the Culver Citizen, Mr. Chadwick said he had looked over the matter of screening the outlet, and gave his idea about the sort of fish that came in and went out of the lake,

    He stated that the railway company cold be induced to put in a levee on either side of the railroad, a concrete pier could be put in on each side of the outlet. His idea would be to put in a grate made of iron bars, which would for a sort of a trap.

    He said that Harvey Easterday and himself would volunteer to his gate each day, keeping a record of the fish that go either way, destroying the obnoxiuos fish. The matter will be take up with the fish commisioner when he next visits Culver . - pg. 4 Feb. 17, 1912 Logansport Cronicle

Lake Maxinkuckee
    The Closing exercises were held at the Culver Academy this week and were largley attended.

    The Schaefer cottage on Long Point is rapdily nearing completion. Mrs. Schaefer sold her lot next to the Reitemier cottage to Henry Meyer of Terre Haute and purchased the Steele lot next to W. C. Routh's cottage.

    Steamers are still out of commission. Capt. Crooks will try and be able to okae care of his patrons by today.

    John Routh and bride are spending their honeymooned at theh Routh cottage on Long Point.

    Steve Chadwick is putting in a new lighting system for the grounds surrounding the hotel.

    The lake is covered with June bugs and as a res ult fishing has been very poor the past few days. SOme small catches are reported, and it is said all have been caught with salt port for bait.

    Very few cottages are open and everything points to a very poor season. The absence of low rates for the week-end is sure to hurt the lake trade. - pg. 8 Jun. 8 1912 Logansport Chronicle

A party composed of the Misses Marguertie Richarson, Edith Alexander, Bertha Ferguson of this city, and Mildred Keyes and Alice Stitesman of Peru, and the Messrs Victor Wiler, this city; C. C. Chambers, Pittsburg; Richard Wright, June Hill and Harry Harper, Anderson, have returned from Lake Maxinkuckee where they spent last week at the Ferguson cottage. The party was chaperoned by Mrs. James Stanton, Mrs James McKeon, and Mrs. Lloyd McSheey. pg. 1 Sep. 4 1914 Logansport Chronicle