Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Roscoe Stevens - Contractor  

Pat writes:

    Roscoe Stevens built and remodeled homes in the Culver area from the 1920's through the 1960's.

    In the mid 1960's he and his wife Josephine photographed many of these homes. The back of the photos had names but no addresses. I have located some of the places using the 1952 phone books which is on the Culver Public Library website.

    There is no order to the list, this is just how we put them into the scanner. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Pat Van Schoiack Cole
    Linda Stevens Hjorth

1. - Bell Hotel, Rochester

2. - Bert Ivey, 448 East Shore Dr. dated christmas day 1965

2220 E Shore 1952-61 Bert B. Ivey

3 - Built for Bigley's, at 1346 E Shore; later Rocap, East Shore Rd.

4. - Bill Paul , built

Unless it is just me this cottage and cottage #51 built for Wisly Shea look identical in style, the only difference is the color and the porch windows. 1930 - Paul , D. M. next door to W. E. Shea.

5 & 6 - Bill Sowers, Rochester

7 - B. J. Byrkett, first one Roscoe built,

980 E. Shore Dr., 1930 was next door to Susan Perkins to the south.

8 - Bob Myers, Argos

9 - - Bolin Agros

10. - Bradley, 324 East Shore Rd/ 1480 E. Shore Rd.

11 - Carel Cender, built,

12 - This resembles the house that sits in Rice's Woods, it faces St. Rd. 117 / E. Shore Dr. and is just before you get to Edwards Lane which goes through the woods to E. Shore Lane and the lake. This land area was at one time belonged to the Edwards family.

13 C. H. Barnaby 312 East Shore Rd., /1444 E. Shore dated Dec 1965,

14 - Claybough, Argos, Marshall, Indiana

15 - Looks like a town residence dated Dec 1965 - the Clevelands were originaly Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana. 1953 Chester W. Cleveland and wife Ruth Iona Glass moved from Chicago, Cook, Illinois back to Marshall county Indiana settling on Lake Maxinkuckee. In 1955 John A. Clevland and wife Patricia Ann Devine moved to Culver to assist his father with the operation of the Culver Press, Inc. which published the Culver Citzen and the Indiana Business Magazine; the conmpany also did other printing jobs

16 - Col. Mobrary [Mowbray]

Rochester, Fulton, Indiana. Jan 1966. 374 Eastside road

This photo reminds me of the Henderson cottage of today and was previously owned by Fred & Marcia Adams, which is at 2250 E. Shore Dr. this was the Indianapolis Club in the late 1800's and early 1900's; later it was known as Elmwood or Elmwood Lodge. 1930 - Mowbray, Mary L. was next door to the Judah & Jamison cottage.

17 - Della Pontious, Rochester, Fulton, Indiana.

18 - Dewey Mc Farland , Built for Mc Farlands 18B Rd. Culver ; 1965 Xmas, Bannon's own it now.

19 Dick Louden East Shore Rd., - this resembles the "Bungalow" District of Forst Place homes.

20 Earl Heller East Shore Dr, dated Jan 1966,

21 Kittle, Fairwinds cottage, East Shore Rd.; / 894 E Shore ,dated Jan 1966, ; said to be the 2nd "Fairwinds" the original cottage sat across the road on the knoll

22, 23 & 24 -
1930 - Cornelius, G. M. & 1910 Richard Irwin, E. Shore Lane. Cornelius & Erwing [Irwin], dated Jan 1966,

25 - F. Deggandorf, 318-320 East Shore Rd.,dated Dec 1965 larger view 1460 E Shore

26 - Frank Osborn remodel, dated Jan 1966; this was the Judah Cottage, known as "the Fish cottage"

27 - George Stabron {Stabenow}, built Culver

Looks like a home on College Avenue. Clue in picture - the street in front of the house is just being paved, you can see the ridge in the lower right hand corner.

1935 - Nov. 6 - House Is Completed - The George Stabenow house on College Avenue has been completed and will be occupied the latter part of the week.

28 - Grossman, remodel. Earl-Grossman Funeral Home 208 N. Michigan St. (U.S.31) Argos , Indiana

29 - H. E. Medborn [Medbourn] On the corner of Washington and Coolidge court; 504 E Washington

30 - Harold West, 438 East Shore Rd/ 2176 E Shore. dated 1965

31, 32 H. B. Wolf, E. Side of Lake, built Garage& remodeled

33 1022 E Shore, remodel for Henry"H. R. " Bliss East Shore Dr, dated Jan 1966; photo album

34, 35 H. R. Fanning, Maxinkuckee,built,Maxinkuckee; 1930 - Lanning, H. R. - first listed off the Maxinkuckee Landing road, next door to the Bigley cottage

36 J. H. Belden, built, dated Jan 1966,

37. Summitt St. Culver, Joe Eskridge

38 2530 E Shore, Lathrope East Shore Rd., dated Dec. 1965

39 1412 E Shore , Locke 398 East Shore Rd., Remodeled, dated Dec. 1965,

40 Marvin Louden, East Shore Rd./East Shore Lane; Dated 1965.

This looks like the home at 2225 E. Shore Dr., which is not on the lake side and the home of David H. & Jane Gaskill now.

41 Minie Flagg , Agros, Marshall, Indiana

42 Roscoe Pontious, Rochester, Fulton, Indiana

43 R. B. Stevens 18B Rd. Culver

44 Robert Mc Farland St. Rd. 10,

45 Sarber, Agros

46 Sherman, East Shore Dr, dated 1965. 2450 E Shore

47, 48 Springer, built, dated Jan. 1966,

on the 1930 list that appeared in the Culver Citizen - Springer, A. H.

49 Swank Tiosa, Fulton, Indiana -

50 Wagnus/Wagner , built dated Jan. 1966,

52 Westley/Wisky Shea, built dated Jan 1966

Unless its me this cottage/residence looks indentical to #4 built for Bill Paul , the only deifference is the color and the porch windows. 1930 - Shea, W. E. East shore Lane next door was Paul , D. M.

52 Whestone, remodeled dated Jan. 1966

1930 - Wherston, Dorothy second cottage north of the Judah & Jamison cottage

52 Wilkerson 2114 E Shore Dr.

54 1640 E Shore Dr. ; Walker Winslow 346 East Side Rd. help build & remodel. dated Jan 1966.

Recently demolished and a new cottage built (2016).