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Subdivisions , Additions & Replats  

Hoffman - -
S E Medbourn - -
Methodist Church (School Street) - -
Houghton - -
Houghton 2nd - -
Lot 24 replat of lots 17& 24 24 REPLAT OF LOTS 17 & 24 in Houghtons - -
Mahler's Minor - -
Dillon & Medbourn - -
    1905 - May 4 - S. E. Medbourn and L. C. DIllon have bought 16 acres of Thomas Houghton which they will lay out into town lots

    1908 - Nov 19 - Dillon and Medbourn have platted their addition north of town and are selling lots.
    1923 - Mar 21 - Town limits Expanding
      The high ground north of town is a natural direction in which the town limits should extend. The Dillon farm offers an inviting site, and the town board will be asked to accept an addition to be laid out this spring by L. C. DIllon. Past experience in accepting raw land will no doubt govern the action of the board in its requirements of the property owner. A well laid-out addition with graded streets and curbs will prove attractive to the buers of future homes and a prettier site does not exist than the land offered by Mr. DIllon.

    1923 - Dec 19 - An ordinance which takes in the new L. C. Dillon addition on the north of the city limits was prepared and passed at a meeting of the town board last Monday Night
      1924 - Jan 9 - The dedication of the DIllon plat was formally accepted. This is the new plat of lots immediately north of College avenue or on the extreme north of the city limits. This addition will give plenty of room for new homs in Culver and will be a help to the city treasury through taxes.
- -

Dillon's 2nd - -
Lot 1 - 516 LIBERTY ST
Lot 2 520 LIBERTY ST
Lot 3 524 LIBERTY ST
Lot 4 - 707 ACADEMY RD
Lot 5 - 715 E ACADEMY RD
Lot 6 - 525 FOREST PL - duplex building permit for building filed Apr 1964
Lot 7 - 521 N FOREST PL
Lot 8 - 515 N FOREST PL
Lot 9 - 512 FOREST PL
Lot 10 - 522 FOREST PL

Lot 11 - 530 FOREST PL
Lot 12 - 823 E ACADEMY RD
Lot 13 - (Combined with Lot 10)
Lot 14 - (Combined with Lot 9)
Lot 15 - 905 N LAKE SHORE DR
Lot 16 - 909 LAKESHORE DR
Lot 18 - 921 LAKESHORE DR

Dillon Addition Lot 1 Replat & 1/2 Vac Aly
Vandalia - -
    February 13, 1884, Peter Allerding filed what he called the "Vandalia Addition to said Union Town." The addition is in the west half of the south forty acres of section 16, 32, 1, except Thomas K. Houghton's corrected addition; also except three acres known as Bowles lot, and three acres immediately south of the same. Said addition being divided into 24 lots, and numbered from 1 to 24 inclusive; also 5 outlots and numbered from 1 to 5 inclusive. The length and breadth of said lots being indicated by figures on said plat; also the width of all the streets and alleys.
Replat of a portion Outlot 4 in Vandalia Lots 1, 2, 3 - -
Von Ehr's - -
Maxinkuckee Acre - -
Maxinkuckee Highlands - -
Maxinkcuckee Highlands 1st - -
Maxinkcuckee Highlands 2nd

On the 5th day of August, 1886, Albert D. Toner
    On the 2ist day of December, 1886, the following explanation and acknowledgment were filed for record in the recorder's office of Marshall county:

    "I herewith file for record the annexed plat as an addition to the Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown, Marshall county, Indiana, known as A. D. Toner's addition to said Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown aforesaid, said addition being laid out of lots No. 3, 4 and 5 of school subdivision of sec- tion 16, township 32, range one (i) east, commencing at _ the northwest corner of said lot No. 3, said additions being divided as shown on plat, in thirteen lots, and numbered from one to thirteen inclusive, and also eleven out lots numbered from one to eleven inclusive. The length and breadth of said lots being indicated by figures on said plat; also the width of all streets and alleys are so indicated, except from this plat out lots No. 2, 7, 8 10 and 11.

    Witness 'Our' hand and seal this 5th day of August, A. D. 1 886. Albert D. Toner.

Witness 'Our' hand and seal this 5th day of August, A. D. 1 886. Albert D. Toner.

Bradley - -
Rockhills Subdivision Medbourns Lots 1, 2 & 3 - -
Uniontown 1844 & 1851

North Terrace - -
    1928 - March 7 - Two deeds filed at the county recorder's office show a new residential tract which Culver Military Academy laid off last year and is selling to officers instructors or heads of departments in the institution. The district is called North Terrace.
F Morris - -
Edmund Morris Lake Front - -
Morris Lake Front - -
Crossland Plat - -
Replat of Lots 3,4,6 Minnie Crossland - -
Bogardus - -

PLAT OF FREEMAN ADDITION (2016-03943 8/1/16)

Storyville - -
Harbour Condominium - -
Harris - - 1895 Nov 4
    In the matter of Harris' Addition to the Town of Culver City (formerly Marmont) Marshall county Indiana

    Comes now Thomas B. Harried by C. N. Tibbetts, his attorney, and submits to the Board his addition to the Town of Culver City (formerly Marmont) of Marshall county Indiana and asks that the same be confirmed and approved by said board of Trustees of said town And the Board now apponts James H. Castleman as a special committiee to examine said plat and said committes is directed to report at the presetn meeting of the said board of Trustees. The said committee comes now and reports on said matter as follows:
      To the Honorabe Board of Trustees of Culver City, (formerly Marmont) Marshall county Indiana

      Your committee to whom was referred the matter of the Plat of Harris' addition to said town, comes now and reports that he has examinded said plat and that he is well qcquainted with the gorund platted, and that said plat is in all things regular correct and proper and recommends that the same be confrimed and approved, and accepted by this board as an addition to said town.

      Signed James H. Castleman, Special committee

      Upon the report of said committe James H. Castleman a member of said Board offers the following resolution and moves its adoption which motion is seconded by T. B. Harris, a member of sasid board

      Whereas James H. Castleman, the special committe to whom was referred the plat of Harris' Addition to the town of Culver City (formerly Marmont) had made by his report that he has made due examination of said plat and is will acquainted with the ground platted and recommends the adoption of the said plat be and is hereby in all things accepted by the board of Trustees of said Town.

      Upon the adoption of said resoultion those voting in the affirmative were James H. Castleman and T. B. Harries.

      There being no votes in the negative the president of the Board declared said reolution carried and adopted and said plat approved confirmed, adopted and accepted.

        I the undersigned, clerk of the Board of Trustees of the Town of Culver City (formerly Marmont) hereby certify that the foegoing is a true, full and complete copy of the record of the proceedings of the Board of Trustees of Culver City, (formerly Marmont) showing the action of the plat of Harris' additon to said town.

        Witness my hand and the corporate seal of the said town of Culver City (formerly Marmont) the 4 day of November 1895
        Chas. Zechiel
        Clerk of the Board of Trustees of Culver City (Formerly Marmont) Indiana

Knapp's - - 1895, Sep 30
    In the matter of the Plat of Knapps addition to Marmont,
      Comes now Verdie May Knapp, by Samuel Parker her atttorney and Submits to the Board of trustees her plat of an addition to the town of Marmont and asks that the same be approved by the Board

    and the board now appoints J. H. Castlelman, a special committee to examine said plat and said committee is directed to report at the present meeting of the board.

    The said special committee now submits his report, which is in these works:
      The the Board of Trustees of the Town of Marmont, Indiana

      The undersigned of our committee to whom was referred the plat of Knapps addition to the town of Marmont now reports that he is familiar and will acquanited with the land platted, and that he has made a careful examination of said plat and finds the same in all things proper and correct, and he recommends that said plat be approved

      J. H. Catleman Special com.
    A member of the board namely E. W. Geiselman now offers the following resolution and moves its adooption to wit:
      Upon the report of the special committe to whom was referred the plat of Knapps Addition to the town of Marmont Be it resolved that said plat be in all things approved.
      E. W. Geiselman

    The members of the Board favoring the resilution were T. B. Harris, J. H. Castleman and E. W. Geiselman and the resolution is declared addopted and said plat is approved by the Board

Kruezberger's - - 1899
Uniontown / Thomas K. Houghton's Amended - -
G W Garn's - -
    Storyville [GW GARNS ADD] abt 1997
Zechiel's - Zechiel addition to the Town of Marmont - Henry Zechiel
    May 1st 1895 - that Henry Zechiel presented a plat of of out lots and asked that the Board exxamine the same and that said lots be made a part of the corporate town of Marmont said addition to be known as the Zecheil addition to Marmont. The Board appointed Marcus F Mosher Samuel E Medbour and John W Souder a committee to examine said lots and report at next meeting of Board.

    Jun 3, 1895 - Be it further rememebred that the committee viz T. B.Harris, E E. Geislaman and J. H. Castleman appointed to the examine the propriety of accepting the Zechiel addition to the Town of Marmont reported favaorably, and a motion was made and duly seconded that said addition constitute a part of the incoporated town of Marmont to be known as the Zechiel addition to Marmont.

Wiseman - -

Faulkers Minor - - 10 Feb. 2011
Cherry Villa - -

    2013 - June 18 - A petition filed to approve a Replat of Cherry Villa Properties, a Minor Subdivision.
      Lots Number One (1) and Number Two (2) Cherry Villa Properties, a minor Subdivision located in west Quarter of Secection 21, Township 32 North, East. Town of Culver, County, Indiana.
Barnhisel's - -
Replat of Barnhisel's - -
William Rhodes & Cheryl Rhodes Minor Subdivision - 12 Apr. 2011
Replat Emmanual church property
    Replatted into Emmanuel Subdivison on 28 Jul. 2005 by final plat #2005-05322 Emmanuel Sub 1 & Emmanuel Sub 2
Garn - - 1895, Jul 15
    July 15. 1895 - And be it also remembered that the committe viz T.B. Harris, J. H. Castleman and E. E. Geislman who were appointed to examine the properiety of acceptin the Garns addition to the town of Marmont, reported favorably a motion was made and duly seconded that said addition be and constitue a part of the imcorporated Town of Marmont, as the plat shows, and to be known as the Garns Addition

    NOTE this could be the other Garn's listed above but think this is correct.
Hawkins - -
    May 21, 1908 The Town Board has accepted the Hawkins plat of 20 lots on South Main Street.

Duddleson - -
    1899 - June 16 - The plat of the proposed Duddleson addition was read and unanimously accepted
Ferrier - -
    ?? -

    1909, Sep 3 - The town Board on Monday night accepted the plat of c continuation to Ferrierr's addition, consisiting of six lots, 60X120 along the Winamac road facing west. These lots line in the tract formerly occupied by the road.
Replat of Lots 13 7 14 Ferrier's - -
Domiter - -
VanTil Minor replat Domiter - -
Wade & Claude McGee , 2011 or 2012 - -
Frederick Leader Addition - - 1924 - Nov.
Wm R York
Medbourn & Phillips - -
Maxinkuckee Dreams Replat [Medbourn & Phillips] - -
B Easterday - -

B Easterday - -
Hawks - -
Guthries - West Shore
Walter J. Brhamr's [Behmer's] - West Shore
Rochester & Camden

Logansport Settlement
Sea Beach Place
VanShoiacks 2nd & rd.
    1917 Jun 20 - Commissioner's Sale

    Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, commissioner appointed by the Marshall circuit court in the cause entitled Lavena E. Waler vs. ELizabeth R. VanShoaick etal., NO. 13210 on the docket for the court, by virtue of an order of sale made by said court on the 2d day of June, 1917, will sell and the private sale at the office of Clintin A. Bondurant, in the Plymouth STate Bank Building, in Plymouthn, Indiana, on

    Monday, the 9th day of July, 1917

    for for less than the reappraised value, the following described real estate in Marshall county to-wit:
      Lots number 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 in VanShoiack's subdivision number two (2), located in lot number one (1) in section twenty-seven (27), township tirty-two (32) north, range one (1) east,


      Lots number 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 in VanShoiakck's subdivision number three (3), in lot number 2 (2), in section twenty-seven (27), township tirty-two (32) north, range one (1) east,
    The purchaser may pay all cash, or, at his option, one-thir cash, one-third in tweleve (12) months, and one third in eighteen (18) months deffered payments evidenced bby notes bearing six (6) per sent annum interest, in negotiable form, and payable with attorney's fees and without felief from valuation or appraisement laws and secured by mortage back on the real estate sold.

    Said real estate can be sold in parcels or as a whole, and the sale may be continued from day to day until all the real estate is sold

    Clinton A. Boudurant, Commissior; Harley A. Logn, Atty.
Replat Parker
Rasmussen Subdivision, A Minor Subdivision - 2010
Re-Plat of Rasmussen Subdivision, a Minor Subdivision - 2014
Rasmussen - 3rd re-plat 2016 March - Application to approve 2nd Re-platt
    Petition NO 2016-001P
    Date of Hearing: March 15, 2016

    That and application has been filed by Mr. James E. Easterday on behalf of Fred & Suzanne Fehsenfeld to approve Second Re-Plat of Rasmussen Subdivision.

    The addresses of the property are 2710, 2738 and 2740 East Shore Dr. Culver Indiana 46511

    The Legal Description is: Lots One (1) and Two (2) of the Replat of Rasmussen, A Minor Plat located in Section 27, Township 32 North, Range 1 East, Union Township, Marshall COunty Indiana.

    Copy of this notice has been sent to the Aplicant and to the owners of property affected by the petition.

    A hearing upon this application will be held in the Municipal Building 200 East Washington Stree Culver, Indiana at which time, you may appear either in person, present in writing, be represented by agent, or by attorney, and present any reasons which you may have to the granting or denying of this application.

    You are requested to prepare you case, in detail, and present all evidence relating to this application at the time of the scheduled hearing.

    Repectfully Submitted, Bill Harris Secrtary Dated 2/23/15 - Mar 3, 10, 2016 CC0073 hspaxip.

Cummings Acres - West Shore
Long point - West Shore
Allens first - West Shore
Shilling & Shilling 2nd Subdivision

Campbell & McDonald Subdivision

Minor Subdivision for Lots 5,6,7,& 8 of Samuel E. Medbourn's Addition





Ospery Point - 2016 - Jul 7, 14 - PLEASE TAKE NOTICE That a petition has been filed by Thomas And Debra Reinke for the creation of a two (2) tot subdivision known as Osprey Point Minor Subdivision
    Lots 22, 23, 26, 27, and a part of Venetian Drive all being located in the current Venetian Village Subdivision in a part of the Northeast Quarter of Section 34, Township 32 North, Range 1 East, Union Township, Marshall County, Indiana

Venetian Village, History


Shelby 3 vacant lots, 20 Oct 2004

South Side

Daugherty & Farrar 2nd

Replat of Daugherty & Farrer 2nd 3rd, 30 jun 2009
    June, 2009 2PC 2009-001 - Daugherty –Farrer 2nd & 3rd addition replat Mr. James Easterday, attorney, asked that the six parcels presently comprising the subdivision be replatted to two parcels. One parcel will be 21,780 sq. ft. and the second parcel will be 10,890 that will meet the new zoning ordinance requirement for parcels served by a municipal sewer. Each parcel will have a principal residence. The motion to approve the replat was given by Dilts seconded by McManaway and approved with six ayes.

Allen's First, History

Culver Meadows housing development - Thomas J Beste / Culver Investment Corp.

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