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Town Elections


    Samuel E Medbourn
    Marcus F Mosher
    John W. Souder
    Frederick L. Carl, Clerk

1895 - 1896
    Thomas B (T. B._ Harris
    James H. (J. H.) Castleman
    Elijiah W. (E. W.) Geiselman
    Charles (Chas.) Zechiel, Clerk

1896 - Election
    Frederick L Carl
    David B. Young
    William Overman
    James H Castleman
    D. G. Walter

    James H. (J. H.) Castleman
    Elijiah W. (E. W.) Geiselman
    D. G. Walter
    Fred L. (F. L.) Carl clerk
    D. B. Young, Treasurer

1897 - Election:
    Fred L. Carl
    Thomas E. Slattery
    David H. Smith
    Albert A Keen
    Abraham Hayes
    James H. Castleman,
    Abraham Hayes
    Albert A. Keen
Fred L. (F. L.) Carl clerk

1898 Trustees
    Oliver A. Rea
    Abraham Hays
    Samuel E. Medbourn
Fred L. (F. L.) Carl clerk

1899 - Trustess
    Oliver A. Rea
    S. E. Medbourn
    David B. Young
Urias Menser - Treasure 1899 - May 4 - - Clerk - Thos. Clifton

1905 - Nov 9 Tuesday's Election
    Republicans Captire All Offices Except Two Trustees

    The town election Tuesday was exceptionally quiet, causing hardly any excitement. The Republicans elected their candidates for clerk, treasurer and trustee in the second ward, the democrats being suddessul in the other two wards. The vote in detail was as follows:

    Easterday (Rep) 86
    Saine (Dem) 53
    Easterday's majority 33

    Osborn (Rep) 102
    Geiselman (Dem) 44
    Osborn's majority 58

    First Ward
    Keen (Dem) 84
    Hayes (Rep) 63
    Keen's majority 21

    Second Ward
    Weiss (Rep) 95
    Hines (Dem) 44
    Weiss' majority 51

    Third Ward
    Cromley (Dem) 75
    Morris (Rep) 63
    Cromley's majority 12

1905 - Nov 9 - At the town election the Republicans elected the clerk, treasurer and one trustee - Levi Osborn, Frank Easterday and J. F. Weiss; and the Democrats elected two town trustees - A. A. Keen and J. W. Cromley

1909 - Nov. 4 - Culver Town Election
    The town election was a quiet one. Thoughthe ticket was partisan, the vote was divided, only about a dozen straight tickers being voted by each party.

    The total vote cast was 172 against 149 four years ago. Six imperfect ballots were thrown out. Following is the results.

    Earl Z Zechiel (Dem) 67
    Albert A. Watkins (Rep) 92
    Watkins' majority 25

    Isadoe Hessel (Dem) 64
    Franklin J. Easterday (Rep) 97
    Easterday's majoirty 33

    Henry Overman (Dem) 79
    Fred W Cook (Rep) 87
    Cook's majority 8

    First Ward
    (Dem) 77
    Arthur Morris (Rep) 93
    Morris majority 16

    Second Ward
    Lous R. Raver Dem) 62
    Norman S Norris 100
    Norris majority 38

    Third Ward Otto Stabenow (Dem) 76
    Livingston C. Wiseman (Rep) 82
    Wiseman's majority 6

1910 - L. C. Wiseman, Trustee

1913 Sep 18 - Make two Offices One
    If the two political parties making nominations for town officials this fall will agree the offices of clerk and treasurer can be merged into one.

    From the standpoint of convenience thisis desirable. I many ways the work, when done by spearater officials, is really duplicated and proves more troublesome to each than it would if one man did the whole work. the inconvenience fot persons havinv vlaimsagainst the town is also considerale, as it involves a wster of time and travel in running from on officer to another.

    We are assured that the members of the town board, and clerk andteasurer as well agree that it would be much more satiffactory to elect one man to the two offices

1913 - Oct 2 Municipal Candidates
    The republican convention on Teusday night placed the following ticket in the field for the town election
      Trustee 1st ward - William Cook
      Trustee 2nd Ward - George Overmyer
      Marshall - William Vanmeter
      Clerk & Treasureer - S. G. Williamson

    1913 - Ocr 16 - Is now Up to the Voters
      The Democrats of Culver held their convention Friday night and nominated a ' town ticket as follows: Trustee 1st Ward - O. T. Goss
      Trustee 2nd Ward - Chas. Stahl
      Marshal - Daniel G. Walter
      Clerk & treas. - O. Stabenow

      The list of candidates now in the field to be voted for Nov. 4 is given below. The voters have plenty of time to decide upon the merits of the different men, and if out of all the nominations an efficient set of town officers is not selected it will be the people's own fault:

      William Cook (Rep)
      George Overmyer (Rep)
      O.T. Goss (Dem)
      Chas. Stahl (Dem)

      Wm. Vanmeter (Rrep)
      D. G. Walter (Dem)

      Clerk & Treasurer
      S. G. WIlliamson (Rep)
      O. Stabenow (Dem)

    1913 - Nov. 6 the winning Ticket
      Trustees Oliver T. Goss (Dem)
      Geo w Overmyer (Rep)

      Clerk & Treasurer
      Otto. Stabenow (Dem)

      W. A. Vanmeter (Rep)

      Oliver T. (O T) Goss
      Geo W Overmyer
      Otto Stabenow, Clerk & Treasurer

    1915 - Oct 7 - Both Parties Name Tickets
      Repbulican Nominations
      Trustee 1st Ward - C. E. Hayes
      Trustee 3rd Ward - C. Medbourn
      Clerk-Treasurer - S. B. Williamson
      Marshal - W. S. Vanmeter
        The Town convention on Friday nigh was the largest held by Culver republicans in ears, 88 votes being cast.

        A. B. Holt was chosen chairman and Fred Gillespie secretary

        The Ballots for the various nominees were as follows:
          Trustee First Ward
          C. E. Hayes 42
          J. W. Riggens 23
          E. J. Bradley 19

          Trustees Thrid ward
          C. Medbourn 28
          Harvey Easterday 23
          F. J. Easterday 19
          D. H. Smth 17

          S. G. Williamson 52
          Fred Gillespie 24
          W. H. Dalrymple 9

          W.A. Vanmeter 49
          Paul Fieser 22
          Geo, Buchanan 17

      The Democratic Ticket
        Trustee 1st Ward Wm. Houghton
        Trustee 3rd Ward Chas Asper
        Clerk-Treas. - R. W. Livingston
        Marshal - George Davis

      The Democratic town convention Tuesday night was well attended - 39 votes being cast.

      D. W. Marks was made chairman and O. A. Gandy, secretary.

      Nominations for trustees and clerk-treasurer were made by acclamation.

      The balloting on marshal was as follows:
        George Davis 25
        George Woodard 14

1915 - Nov. 4 - Results of the Election
    For Trustee 1st Ward
    Wm. Houghton (Dem) 137 Maj 13
    C. E. Hayes, (Rep) 124

    For Trustee 3d ward
    Chas Asper, (Dem)108
    C. E. Medbourn, (Rep) 147 Maj 39

    For Clerk-Treasurer
    R.D. Lvingston, (Dem) 121
    S.G. WIlliamson, (Rep) 134 Maj 12

    For Marshall
    George Davis, (Dem),127
    W. T. Vanmeter, (Rep) 135 Maj 8

1915 1916 -1917 -
    G. W. Overmyer
    Wm. Houghton
    Chas E. Medbourn
    S. G. Williamson - Clerk & Treas.

1917 - Nov 7 The Town Election
    The only interest attached to the election in Culver was whether Bill should continue to serve as marshal, and if it is doped right it looks as if the antis have made good. Following is the vote:

      Trustee - A. L. Warner, Rep 135 Trustee - WM. Houghto, Dem 109
      Trustee A. M. Roberts, Rep. 190
      Clerk Harvey Easterday, Rep 190
      Clerk Edgar Shaw, Dem 45

1919 - Oct 8 - Town Officea to Re-elected
    Calls are being published this week by both democrats and republicans for town conventions to nominate a trustee for th 3d ward for four years. The election will be held Nov. the retiring trustee is Chas. E. Medbourn and the retiring clerk-treasurer is Harvey Easterday. Their terms will expire in January.

1919 Oct 15 - Town Candidates
    Charles E. Medbourn has been nominated by the republicans for re-election as town trustee and S. G. Colby has been nominated for clerk-treasurer.

    Chas. Asper is the democratic candidate for trustee and H. L. Henning for clerk-trasurer. The latter was nominated in convention, and the former was appointed by the town committeeman, the convention's nominee, Otto Stabenow, declining to run.

1919 Nov. 5 - Democrats Win Election
    There was but little interest taken in the Culver town election, only 141 votes being cast. The democratic ticket won by a large majority

    For trustee of the third was Charles Asper received 86 votes and Hener L Henning for clerk and treasurer received 89 votes.

    Charles E. Medbourn, republican, received 46 votes for trustee, and Samuel G. Colby received 52 votes for clerk and treasurer.

    Charles (Chas.) Asper
    Fletcher (F. T.) Strang
    Daniel W. (D,W,) Marks
    George S. Williams, Clerk-tresurer 1923 Candidates

    1923 - Oct 17 Another Hat in the RIng - Another hat is in the ring for city clerk-treasurer - Daniel Schuerin. This enitry completes the Republican ticket with Dr. H. H. Tallman running for the trustee position

    1927 - Candidated Named for Twon Election
      Two tickets Slated

      Clerk-Treasurer and Trustee of Second War to be Chosen At Election, November 8th

      While the mational parties are still arguing over Al Smith, Ritchie, Highes, Hoover, et al, as standarf bearers the local political parties have named their tickets and set the stage for the town election to be held Tuesday, November 8th, at the town hall.

      The offices of clerk-treasurer and town trustee from the Second Ward are in be filled by the voters on that date.

      The citizen Party again takes the field in this election and on October 7th placed a petition with the town board naming Claude Mikesell and Lester Rockhill as their candidates for trustee and clerk-treasurer respectively.

      On Monday night the Republican parth held a primary and selected William Baker as a candidate for trustee and Ray Marshall as town treasurer.

      The town board has named Henry Henning and George Williams as election commissioners and George Voreis as election inspector. The place as clerks, judges and sheriffs of the election will be named later by the party leaders.

    1929 - Nov 6 - Ewald, Crabb Win In Town Election
      Rockhill Re-Elected

      Cleve Crabb Beats Out D. W. Marks by one Vote; Two New Members on Town Board

      Two republicans and one citizen party candidates were the choice of the people in the town election held yesterday when M . H. Ewald and Cleve Crabb were elected town trustees and L. A. Rockhill re-elected clerk-treasurer.

      Then results were
      For trustee First Ward
      Repuplican Ewald 232
      citizen Blanchard 160

      For Trustee Second Ward
      Repuplican Crabb 200
      citizen Marks 199

      For Clerk-Treasurer
      Repuplican Forster 150
      citizen Rockhill 245

      The oddity of the election was the Crabb-Marks race being decided by one vote. It is probable that 200 voters are telling how their one vote won for Mr. Crabb. The election board checked the ballots three times to make sure of this result and talled the same each time, removing any doubt as to the corectness of the count.

      The vote was about the same as at the lat town election where 406 votes were cast. The highest total at the election was 399. The weather cannot be blamed for the light vote as the day was bright

      and clear. The election places two new members on the town board at the first meeting in January and leaves Claude P. Misesell as the ranking trustee

    1930 Trustees

    1931 - Nov. 4 - Baker and Rockhill Win Town Election
      Many Go To Polls

      William Baker Elected Trustee by 44 votes; rockhill Gets 167 Margin for clerk

      Contray to all expectations a large number of veters stepped into the voting booths yesterday when Culver elected a town trustee and a clerk-treasurer.

      The result was that William Baker, republican was elected to the town board and Lester A. Rockhill, citizen, was re-elected clerk-treasurer.

      The vote was:
        For Trustee, third ward
        William Baker, republican - 232
        Claude P Mikesell, citizen - 208
        Baker's plurality - 44

        For Clerk-treasurer
        Lester A ROckhill, citizen - 316
        Steffen Rector, republican - 149
        Rockhill's plurality - 167

      Although there had not been much interest aroused in the election a large number of voters turned out.

      In 1929 when two trustees were elected amid a more discussed campaighn the highest number of votes cast was 399. The highest total in yesterday's election was 465, or 66 more than cast tow years ago.

      The fact that one candidate from each of the tickers was successful indicated that many of the ballots were split. This would signigy that party lines were not observed and that most of the voting was for the individuals. One observer stated that he believed that the majority of the citizen ticket voters cast straght ballors wile the republican votersdidthe scratching. There was no democratic ticket in the field.

      The election officals were: inspector George Spangler; jidges - William Listenberger and D. W. Marks; clerks fred Foster and Zenith Crossgrpve and sheriffs - Samuel Asper and John Cromley.

    1944 -
      Clyde Shively, President
      Conrad Mattox
      Frank McLane
      William R. Easterday, Clerk-tresurer

    1947 candidatea
      ward 1 Donald R. Hand (rep) Alva R McKesson (Dem)
      ward 2 Emery J. Yocom Jr. (rep) Jesse E, Sims (dem)
      ward 3 Harvey E. Guynn (rep) Earnest W. Carter (dem)
      clerk-treasurer William R, Easterday (rep) Henry W. Hinkle (Dem)

    1948 -
      Donald "Don" R. Hand, president
      Dr. E. J. Yocom Jr.
      Harveyr E. Guynn
      William R. Easterday, Clerk-tresurer

    1955 Nov Republican Candidates
      1st ward Donald P Osborn
      2nd Ward Judd T. Stinchcomb
      3rd Ward William R. Easterday
      Clerk-treasurer - Harry D. WInkler

    1959-Nov 4 -Democrats Win Offices In Close Town Election
      G. O. P. "Paster" Fails To Stick!

      A united Democratic party captured all four offices at stake in Tuesday's town election caoitalizing on a Republican schism and legal technicalitites which forced the G.O.P. to rosort to a 'paster" ballor as provided in the Indiana Election code

      There was a diffrence of only 26 votes between the high men on both tickets and Culver lost a chance to do down in Hoosier political histoy as having held the onl election where a "paster" ballot won out. The handicap was just too tough got the underdog.

      Taking over the three-man town board on Jan. 1 1960 for a four-year ter will be Alva R. McKesson, a former member, who defeated Clarence W. Epley Jr. in the 1st war 301 to 268; Bernard Busar, wh won out over Theodore R. Powers in the 2nd ward 298 t0 279; and Charles Cook who headed the winning ticket with 305 to 265 for Dr.DOnald Reed in the 3rd ward.

      Woman Clerk-Treasurer

      Mrs Ruth Overmyer won out over James C.DeWittby a vote of 296 to 275 for the office of Clerk-Treasurer. Mrs.Overmyerwasoffered the nomination adouple of days following the Dempcratoc caucis last Augus after at least four male Democrats refused to be drafted by the party for the $4,000 post.

      Mrs. Overmyer will have the distinction of being the first woman member of Culver's official family in history.

      Only two of the present town officials sought renomination and both were defeated in the respective party caucuses last summer. Jesse SIms, Democrat Town Boad member was beaten by Bernard Busart and Harry D. WInkler, Republican Clerk-Tresurer was defeated by James C. Dewitt.

      32 Votes Thrown out!

      Despite all of the campaigh fireworks only 616 veters went to the polls as compared with 652 localballots cast four years ago. And 32 voters might as well have stayed at home because their ballors were improperly marked. Of the 32 rejected ballots, 21 wer cast by Republicans and 11 by Democrats. WHile this is a cad commentary on adult education, the 32 ineligible ballots probably had no effect on the out come of the election.

    1963 - Nov 6 Republicans Gain Control of Town Board
      The Culver Town Boaed will be Republican controlled for the nextfour years as the result of Tuesday's town election.

      Edgar (Tone) Shaw, who defeated Walter Johnson for trustee of the First ward, is the onl Democrat to win in Tuesday's election.

      The vote was heavy Tuesday in spite of the rainy weather.

      There was atotal of 744 votes cast: 268 straighte republican vites were cast and 236 straight Democrat votes. Approximately 23 votes were mutilated and had to be discarded. There were approximately 216 voted split ballots.

      Both parties and their candidates waged a stron campaigh during the last six weeks. Popularity, personalities, and past records had a hamd in the results.

      The annexation problem had little to do with this election as those who are being annexed could not vote because of the 30 day period which is allowed for possible remonstrance proceedings.

      Trustee first Ward
      Edgar (Tone) Shaw (Dem) 377
      Walter Johnson (Rep) 343

      Turstee Second Ward
      Wilfred Craft (Rep) 390
      Benard Busart (Dem) 320

      Trustee Third Ward
      Theodore L Ervin (Rep) 406
      Charles Cook (Dem) 306

      Town Clerk Treasurer
      Ruth B. Lennen (Rep) 369
      Ruth Overmyer (Dem) 346