Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Culver Town Clerk's

1894 - 1899, May 3 - - Frederick L Carl

1899 - May 4 - Thos. Clifton

1900 - Thos. Clifton / A. A. Keen

1901 - A. A. Keen / Geo. W. Voreis

1902 - Geo. W. Voreis

1903 - Wm. E. Cook / Geo. W. Voreis

1904 - Wm. E. Cook / Geo. W. Voreis

1905 - 1909 - Levi A. Osborn , Clerk / Frank Easterday, Treasurer

1910 - Albert A Watkins, Clerk / Franklin J. Easterday, Treasurer

1912 - Charles G. McLane, Clerk

1913 Sep 18 - Make two Offices One

    If the two political parties making nominations for town officials this fall will agree the offices of clerk and treasurer can be merged into one.

    From the standpoint of convenience this is desirable. I ncmany ways the work, when done by sepearater officials, is really duplicated and proves more troublesome to each than it would if one man did the whole work. The inconvenience for persons having claims against the town it is also considerale, as it involves a waste of time and travel in running from one officer to another.

    We are assured that the members of the town board, and clerk and teasurer as well agree that it would be much more satiffactory to elect one man to the two offices

1913 - Charles G. McLane

1914 - Otto Stabenow

1915-1917 - S. G. Williamson

1918 - Harvey Easterday

1919 - Harvey Easterday

1919 - - S. G. Wililamson, Pro Tem

1920 - Henry L Henning

1922- George S. Williams
    1923 - Sep 26 - Terms Have Expired.... while George Williams has served a term of two years...

    1923 - Oct 3- No Democratic ticket... A new ticket has been formed for this city election which is known as "The Citizens: ticket.... On this new ticket will be two men, one from each party. Geogre Williams for Clerk-Treasurer...

    1923 - Nov.7 - Citizen Candidate Take Both Places.... While George Williams is Clerk-Treasurer... For Clerk Treasurer Williams 325; Schueren 191...

    1924 - JAN 4 - George S. Williams city clerk-treasurer handed in his regsignation to take effect at the next regular meeting night.

    No one has been named to take Williams' place. However, it is understood that the board has offered the position to Lester Rockhill and that he is considering it. Yesterday afternoon late, he was undecided wheter he would accept the position.

1924 - Lester A. Rockhill

1926 - F. C. Leitnaker
    The matter of appointing a new Clerk-Treasurer was discusses at some length; F. C. Leitnaker had resigned the week before because the work to much time from his own business. After considering the names of applicants for the position the board finally selected L. A. Rockhill . Mr. Rockhill had formely had the position and it was considered that his ecperience in the work would make his service more valuable than any thother that could be selected at this time. Mr. Rockhill will take over the work immediately - Nov. 3 1926

1926, Nov.-1936 - Lester A. Rockhiill

1937 - J. Earl Foreman<br>
1944 - 1955 - William R. Easterday

1956 - 1960 - Harry D. Winkler

1961 - 1963 - Ruth Overmyer
    1st woman Clerk-Treasurer Nominated Aug 1959

1964-1969 - Ruth B Lennen

?- May 28, 1972 -Erma Jane Long

1972, May 28- 1983 - Marizetta Kenney

198_199_ (12 YEARS) Bobetta Lee "Bobbie" Cummins Washburn

Donald L Slyh

Cassie Howard

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