Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Beach Lodge Built  

1937 The boathouse was replaced by the Culver Public Beach Lodge, a WPA project. It opened in May of 1937.

1935 - Sep 18 - It was reported that the project to build a boat house in the town park was sent to Washington on Sept. 3, by state officials and is now awaiting federal approval. It is expected that definite action will be take within a week or two so that actual construction can be started yet this fall if the project is allowed.

The planning for a new boathouse began immediately. The trustees considered various architectural designs. Approval from the FERA for the project was received, only to find it had been replaced by the WPA. The approval process had to be repeated.

On August 7 of that year it was reported that the town filed a request with the WPA for aid in rebuilding the bathhouse.

The notice from the Federal government was received on December 11. The request had been granted. Also included in the agreement were improvements which would be made in the park.

1935 - Dec 18 - The New Bath House
    The town board is to be congratulated on its success in securing the construction of a bath house in the town park under WPA, and above all the attractive terms secured.

    Whitle the board has been forced to spend several months negotiating with state and feveral officials to get the unusral assumption of the major portion of the expense by the federal authorities, it has been time well spen as this community will get a bath house adequate for its needs with no more cost to the town than would a small, incomplete one built wholly with local funds.

    The board has drawn up plans for a building that will allow for future development without any marked increase in cost at this time. No one can foretell what the future will require, but it is tragic when money is spent for a building that can not be enlarged to meet changing needs. This the board wisely has not done.

    There is every reason to believe that Lake Maxinkuckee will attract larger crowds in the furtute that it has in the past. The park has never been developed to where it could accommodate or draw larger attendance. This the board proposes to do, both in the matter of the park itself and the bath house.

    Then there is the possibility and probability that the lake will become poplular in the winter as well as the summer, for there has been a definite trend in that direction in the last few years. The ne bath house can be changed to meet that need.

    There is every reason to believe that an attractive bath hous will attract meetings and conventions to the park and lake, and again the bath house as now planned can be enlarged to accomodate such a demand. ANd every group that comes to the park will be that much of a financial benefit to the town.

    The board has drawn up plans for a bath house that will be a credit to the town from the point of architecture and attractiveness.

    There will be nothing of the "cheap" about it and the building will be one to which the citizens may point with pride.

    Lake Maxinkuckee is known as the most beautiful body of water in Indiana, the Academy is known for it fine buildings, wer are proud of the fine summer homes that surround the lake, and we boast of our attractive post office, bank building, K. of P. block, Community building, school house and other modern structures in town.

    It is fit and proper that the new bath house should be in keeping with these.

Bunker Hill, west of the park, was cut down and the dirt used to create parking space and picnic areas at the east end of the park. The beach was enlarged and improved, as well.

A park road was extended south along the lake so trucks would not have to cross the railroad tracks. The road ended at the viaduct at Washington Street. The dirt from Bunker Hill was used for this project.

1937 - Jan 1 - Work on Bath House Started on Tuesday
    Thirty-seven Men being Employed; ...

    Work on the new bath house in the town park will get under this wekk, according to announcement made by the town board at the meeting of the CHamber of Commerce Monday noon.

    The order to start work was issued Friday by the South Bend office of the WPA, but actual work has been delayed until the appointment of a non-relief superintendedt is approved

    Work in clearing the groung and exvacating started on Tuesday morning with local WPA men in charge

    Thirty-seven men are to be used on the project which will cost $18,845.83, the major portion of which will be borne bu the government under WPA. It is known as project number 123)

    It is estimated that the work will be done in three months, but this figure was submitted last summer whenn it was thought work would start in the early fall months. It is probable that the building will not be ready for use before June 1 since many days will be l lost onf account of cold weather...

1936 - Jan 15 - Build Crssing Over Railroad to Bath House
    Work has started on the construction of a railroad crossing to the site of the new bath house.

    This will be used during the period of construction only and will save the time of using the road under the viaduct.

    Pennsylvania officials were here last week and granted permission for the crossing. which will be nearly in front of the Bradley property. A flag man must be kept on duty during working hours.

    Albert Sthal has been approved by the district office of WPA as non-relief forman of the construction of the bath house. Mr. Stahl is an experienced contractor and his appointment assures a first-class job.

    Basement Almost Dug.

    The excavation work is almost completed and the workmen will then be ready for the materials to be furnished by the gvernment. It is probable that there will be a dely of a few weeks until these are received...

1936 - Feb. 5 - Work Suspended on Bath House Project
    Work on the bath house has been suspended until warmer weather arrives.

    The workmen are now ready to do the cement work and this cannot be done in the present low temperatures....

1936 - Mar 4 - Town Fathers Study Bricks; None Thrown
    There were bricks of all hues, shapes, and kinds at the thown board meeting Monday night, but there wre no casualtied. In fact, not a brick was thrown. The town dads were simply consdiering the types to be used in the new bath house. No order was placed as bifs must first be advertised...

1946 - Mar 11 - Notice to Bidders
    Notice is hereby given that the Board of Trusteees of the town of Culver City, Marshall county Indiana, will receive sealed bids on proposals for the furnishing of the structural stell, brick, stone, mill work, certain plastering, paints, plumbing fixtures, electrical wire, conduit, and other electri fixtures, as well as certain other materials, on Monday March 16, 1936, at 8:00 p.m. in the Town Hall in the town of Culver City, Marshall county Indiana, according to the drawings, and specifications on one file in the office of the Town Clerk-Treasurer of said town, all to be uesed in the construction and completion of certain bath hous and building to be erected by said town on land owned by the town, a part of which improvement is to be paid for with Federal Funds, and the balance to be paid for by said town of Culver City.

    Each bidder must file with the Clerk of said Town, when he files his bid, the usual statutory affidavit on forms to be furnished by said town, and deposit with said Clerk the sum of $50.00 as a guarantee that they weill accept said bid and furnish all of the material shown in the bid.

    The Town Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to either re-advertice for new bifs, or to continire to receive bids until a satistactory bid is received from day to day.

    By order of the Board of Town Trustees, of the town of Culver City, Indiana. J. E. Foreman, Town Clerk-Treasurer.

1936 - Mar 18 - Ferrier Low Bidder on Steel for Bath House
    C. I. Ferrier was the low bidder on the reinforcement still to be used in the new bath house. The bids were opened at the town board meeting Monday night.

    Bids on brick and other materials will be considered at a special meeting on Friday March 27...

1946 - Apr 1 - Additional Let for Bath House
    Contracts for birck, woodwork, and structural steel for the new bath house being erected in the town park were awarded at a special meeting of the town board Firday night

    The contracts for brick and millwork went to the Ferriet Lumber company and the structural steel award went to the Hamilton Iron WOrks of Goshen.

    The brick contract includes a light mottled brick for the exterior and a double glazed brick for the interior, and backing brick.

1936 - Apr 8 - Town Dads Look at Various Light FIxtures
    With most of the material contracted for the new bath house, the town board turned its attention....

1936 - Apr 22 - ...Supplies Occupy Town Board
    ...Plumbing bids for the bath house were submitted, but no decision was reached...

1936 - Apr 22 - Management of WPA Projects Here is Praised
    ...Work On the new bathe house remains at a standstill. All excavation has been finished, but the shipment of lumber for the forms has not been received and no more work can be done until it arrive. all other materials are on had for starting the foundation...

1936 - May 6 - Work to Start Tuesday on New Bath House
    Construction work will start Tuesday, May 12, on the new bath house in the town park, according to word received yesterday by Harry Menser, local WPA foreman

    The district offfice has formally approved the transfer of men from the other local progects to the bath house and will send in new men to continue this work.

    Structural steel was received last week and there are suffiient materials on hand now for all prliminary work

    Forms for the foundation willbe built first

    E. O. Byrd was awarded the contract at the town board meeting Monday night for the electrical wiring on the new structure.

1936 - May 20 Laying New Main - The water department is laying a water main to the site of the new bath house. It will be of sufficient size to meet all demands for years to come and is being placed deep enought to escape danger of frost.

1936 - May 27 - Local WPA Work Get Increase in Man Power
    ... The workmen on the bath house will be ready to build forms for the foundation within a few days as the footigs are almost completed...

1936 - Jul 8 - Extend Park Road South Along Lake

    Pouring Concrete

    Concrete is beign poured for the foundation of the new bathhouse.

    However, there are still more forms to be built before this part of the building is completed....

I1936 - Sept 9 - Plan to Ruch WOrk on New Bath House
    WPA officials and the town board are plannign to push the construction of the new bath hous it was announced at the regular mleeting of the town dad Tuesday night.

    Carpenters are to go to work Saturday and it is panned to the relied men in shifts to enable the carpenters to put in longer hours. The same plan will be followed with the brick layers.

    Harry Menser, WPA foreman, was intructed to move the shelter from the railroad's property to the west end of the park and improve it as he did the shelter at the east end...

1936 - Oct 7 - Details in the construction of the bath house came in for considerable discussion

1936 - Nov. 4 - It was reproted that the laying of frick on the new bath house had gotten under way and the board agreed that the work should be pushed in every way possible so that it could be completed before freezing weather set in

1936 - Dec 2 Building Roof on New Bath House
    With the erection of the rafters for the roof on the new bath house in the town park, the bilding is beginning to take on its ultimate shape.

    The brick work was practically completed as freezing weather set in, so it is not expected that construction will be handicapped by the arrival of winter.

1936 - Dec 16 - The reduction of WPA workmen on town projects will not effect the bath house conostruction work.

1936 - Dec - 30 - WPA Adds $9,603 to Bath House Allotment
    The Federal allotment to the construction of the new bath house in the town park under WPA has been increased by $9,603,00.

    In granting the additional fund the district office states: "The original project was underestimated as to the amount of labor required to construct the building and unless the additionam money is secured the building will be left unfinished as funds are exhausted"

    The allotment comes on the exact anniversary of the original order to staet the prooject when the government alloted $10,567.16 and the town $8,258.67, making a total of $18,845.83. How much the town will exceed it original allotment cannont be estimated, but it believed th final cost of the structure will be about $30,500.

    The original order a year ago for the bath house stated it was estimated that it would be finished in three months and that figure is repeated in granting funds for the buildings completion

    The first allotment called for the employment of 37 men, while the lastest order states 14 men are to be used.

1937 - Mar 17 - Bath House Predominated Meeting of Town Board - The bath house came in for major consideration at the meeting Monday night. Several decisions were made regarding the finishing of the interior of the building and then the board went int a huddle to discuss with several interested parties the leasing og the building. Nor decision was announced.

1937 - Jan 27 - Is Lower Bidder - The Culver Sheet Metal Works was the low bidder on flashing, gutters, downspouts and other roof trimming for the new bath house at a special meeting og the town board Monday night. Copper will be ised on the metal parts.

1937 - April 7 - Bath House Occupies Town Dad's Attention
    Outside of the usual routine business the town board meeting Monday night was taken up with consideration of various aspects of the construction fo the bath house in the town paek.

    The subjects ranged from lights to a cesspool

    It was announced that the contract for hardware had been awarded to the Cline Lumber Yard and that a $5,000 instuance policy had been taked ount on the structure.

1937 - Apr 14 - Notes & Warrants Issued

1937- Mary 12 - Installs Fountain - The soda fountain that has been in the Culver City Drugstore for cseveral years was moved Tuseday to the new bath house by Oliver Shilling, who will operate the building and a ne modernfountain was installed in the drug store.

1937 - May 19 - Pushing Construction - The town board meeting Monday night was taken up with the urging of the various persons working on the new bath house to have their jobs done so that the building can be put into use on Memorial Day. The biggest job left to be done is the building og the sewage disposal system.

1937, May 26 - Bath House To Be Open To Public Sunday
    Culver's new bath house, located in the town park at the north end of Lake Maxinkuckee will be opened to the public on SUnday, May 30th, th has been announced by Olver Shilling, who has leased the building from the townboard.

    The final touches are being put on the building this week and the furnishings unstalled as rapidly as a room is completed.

    The bath house is to be known henceforth as "The Culver Beach Lodge", according to Mr. Shilling, who has spared no expense to furnish the place in keeping with the all-inclusive features of the building.

    The structure is a three-tory affair with an attractive mottled brick exterior and green slate roof.

    On the third story are five living rooms, complete with beds and the usual sleeping room furniture. AMple clothes closer space has been provided and there is a toilet for the use of those occupying the rooms. These rooms will be rented to the public by the day or week, Mr. Shilling states.

    Complete Shower Baths

    On the second floor are the rooms for the bathers, including dressing rooms, showers and toilets for men and women. The rooms are all finished in glazed buff tile with appropriate lighting fixtures. It is on this floor that bathing suits, towels etc., will be rented.

    Around the exterior is a wide porch, giving a fine view of the lake as well as affording an attractive resting place, protected from sun or storm. Appropriate furniture will be place around the spacious porch.

    On the first floor, which extends under the entire structure, is the soda fountain and lunch equipment. Here tables and chairs will make the public comfortable as they nibble, drink, rest and dance.

    There is a large fireplace at either end of the large room, adding much to the room's setting, as do the handsom light fixtures overhead.

    The building is one of the most complete bath houses in the state and should do much to attract visitors to Lake Macinkuckee. The members of the town board, which has had supervision of the construction of the building as a WPA project, are: A. R. McKesson, Dr. C. G. Mackey and Steffen Rector.

    The building will be open to the public every day starting Sunday and all are incited to visit the Cuvler Beach Lodge and inspect the entire structure.

1937 - Jun 9 - "Dis and Dat" at Town Board Meeting - With the new bath house practically completed, the town board enjoyed a comapratively quiet session MOnday night...

1937 - Jun 9 - WPA Ends Connection With New Bath House
    The WPA ended on Saturday its official connection with the building og the new bath house, now known as the Culver Beach Lodge.

    That date ended a work period and with only minor finishing touch ledt the men will not be needed on the project.

    The starting of the construction of the building was authorized for December 27, 1935, although work did not get under way until the following month....

1937 - Aug. 11 - Lodge Picture in "Outdoor Indiana: - A picture of the Culver Beach Lodge, the bew bath house in the town park, was geatured in the August issue of "Outdoor Indiana", a magazine published by the Indiana Department of Conservation

1937, Aug 18 - Notcie of additional appropration to town budget to pay for balance due and labor and material for bath house

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