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Culver Town Park 1940-1949  

1940 - May 8 - Playground Eqiupment For Town's Lake Park

    A battery of four teeter-totters has been ordered by the town board for use in the town park. The new equipment will be added to the swings, merry-go-round and other pieces in the playground to the east of the bath house

1940 - July 17 - Install new diving boards At Town Pier
    Three new diving board were installed at the town pier last week for the enjoyment of the large number of people who use the bathing favilities at th tow park. The boards were placed at various heights to meet the varying diving sill of the swimmers

The the water slide has also been put out after being recovered with metal.

1940 - July 17 - Town Board Studing Prposal to Take over Bath House Operation
    Life is just one worry afer another for the town trustees who are now wondering what plan to follow in the peration of the bath house in the town park as the result of a proposal by Mrs. M. L. Harper, lessee, that that the town buy the equipment and release her from the contract at the end of the current season.

    First the town dads will have to adopt a plan for operating the bath house, then decide how much of the equipment they can use, and then agree on a price.

    ALl of which m the board agrees, adds up to a problem that will probably produce more than one headache before it is all settled.

    At the board meeting Monday night the town officials did not indicate whether or not they would accept Mrs. Harper's proposal,but agreed to tak the matter up for study...

1940 - Nov. 13 - Town Board Open to Bath House Lease Offers
    The town board is advertising in this issure that it is ready to receive offers for the leasing of the bath house in the town park. Details may be seured from Town Clerk Earl Foreman.

1941 - Mar 5 - Seeking Bids on Lease of CUlver Beach Lodge
    Bids for the leasing of the Culver Beach Lodge in the town park are being asked for by the town board, accorfing to a notice published on another page of this issue.

    The bids are to be received Monday, March 17, and further information regarding the proposal may be secured by seeing any member of the town borar or the clerk-treasurer.

1941 - Mar 26 - Town Board Accepts Earl Heller's Bath House Bid
    The bid of Earl Heller for the operation of the bath house in the town park was accepted by the town board at a special meeting Monday night. It was the only bid filed with the board.

    The bid calls for a one year lease with options for renewal. The first year Mr. Heller is to pay the town $200 in cash at ttime of signing the contract and five per cent on the grose income over $1,000. For the following years the terms will be $400 annually and five persent additional on all gross income over $3,000.

1942 - May 13 - The Culver Beach Lodge is now open for services to the public during the summer months. Earl Heller is again the manager and promises the fine service and courtesies that marked the operation of the attractive building last season...

1941 - Apr 23 - Buy Motoer Power for Park.. A motor-driven mower for use in the town park was purchased by the town board at the metting Monday night. It is believed that the saving in cost of labor will soon pay for the mower...

1941 - Jun 11 - Lights in Park - Electic lights have been installed in the town park so as to light op the way to the boat landing and to the beach lodge

1941 - June 10 - Art Kiemple to Aquatic School, Named Guard - Arthur Kemple has enrolled in the National Aquatic school being conducted by the Red Cross at the Academy. He is being sent by the local Red Cross chapter, Mrs. Paul Barada, chairman, announces, in preparation for his assignment by the twon beach this summer.

1941 - Jun 25 - Fritz Kemple Life guard At Town Beach - Fritz Kemple has been employed byt the town to serve as life guard at the town park beach on Wednesdahys, Fridays, and Sundays during the summer season. The county Red Cross swimming instructor is at the beach on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday.

1941 - Jul 16 - No Riding of Bicycles In Park Om Sundays - Due to several accidents during the past few weeks, the town board has issued an order that no biicycles are to be ridden in the town park on SUndays.

1942 - August 19 - Victory flower garden planted by Charles McLane beautifies town park.

1943 - Aug 25 - ... The town board has bought 75 of thses iron benches during the past year to add to the comfort of those using the park

1945 - may 23 - The Culver Beach Lodge will open next week. Mrs. Alice McLane will manage the bath house

1945 - May 30 Town pier Erected - Although temperatures have not been conducive to thoughts of swimming the town pier at the park was put out last week
1946 - Mar 27 - The Town Board announces a net profit for the season from the Beach Lodge of $946.22. Mrs. Alice McLane is the manager of the Beach Lodge.

1947 - Lions Club began a slew of projects for the park among the few found are
    they built a playground court in the park
    erected high dive
    repaired the swimming pier
    the "raft" in the "deep" water of the swimming area

1947 - June 25 - Lions Club members build playground court in the park.

1947 - July 17 - Three new diving boards were installed at the town pier last week. The water slide has also been put out after being recovered with metal.

1947 - July 17 - The town trustees are wondering what plan to follow in the operation of the bath house in the town park as the result of a proposal by Mrs. M. L. Harper, lessee, that the town buy the equipment and release her from the contract at the end of the eurrent season

1948 - William "Bill" and Margaret Washburn start their management of the Beach Lodge.

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