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Culver Town Park 1950-1959  

1952 - April 23 - Repair of Town Park swimming pier and erection of a high dive approved by Lions Directors

1952 - May 7 - The Town Park

    The purpose of this column is to keep the community informed of the needs of the Town Park and what is being down to meet the needs.

    Flower beds have beed assigned as follows:
      one near the railroad station to the Veterans of Foroeign Wars;,br>
      north of the Beach Lodge to the American Legion;

      between these will be two circular plots, the one nearest the lake to the Home Economics Culb, and the on nearest the station to the Culver City Club.

    Each organisation will plant and keep the beds in shape from year to year. If other organizations desire to have a flower bed arrangemets can be made for them. A small bed not yet assigned, is available now.

    Special Appeal

    This evening, Wednesday, May 7, at 6:30 we plan to build there new horses, two sections of pier and the high dive section. We was going to need LOTS OF HELP. Bring your hammer and hand saw. All this is dependent on the weather.

    Teddy Weifer is making a survey of damage to the roofs of the two shelters. They are in need of repair.

    Most of the sections of swimming pier are out. It is hoped that the pier will be soon be ready for use.

    Incidenty we will need new piers before long. WOuld like to have some metal horses before next year. What can be done is dependent on help. - both physical and financial.

    The Culver Lions Club donated $200 for pier materials. The STate Exchange Bank indicate they will duplicate the donation of the American Legion. The Legion is thinking of using some of the profits from the recent carnival.

    Mikes's crew have been busy cleaning up the park grounds and placing the benches.

    Cehif Burns' crew of volunteer fireman removing the neched from the top of the Railroad station recently.

    If present plans for park improvement are carred out our young people could show their apprecitaion in the future by not playing pranks on the park. Consideration should be give to damage done to the roof of the station.

    The new sun bathing pier placed near the beach loadge will be an added attraction for swimmers.

    The white trim on the Beach Lodge is being painted.

    The following men of the community have given help: Tom Walker, Capt. Rich, Fred Adams, in service.

    We are grateful to Frank and Eddie Amond for their efforts in getting the pier out on time; also to Bud Craft for the loan of equipment and invaluable suggesstions.

    More money and help are meeded unless we depend on tacx money.

    If you coan't find time to help, perhaps you can send a small check to J. T. Stinchcomb to help defray the expenses of needed material. An accounting of all contributions and expenditures will be published in the Culver Citizen. It's better to give financial support to good efforts than it is to compain about what should be done. For the information of those who frequent the swimming pier and the Beach Lodge arrangements are being made to repair hickory furniure made... a heating unit is being installed on the first floor of the Lodge to take care of the dampness... new swimming baskets are being Carl Adams, Louis Hurt, Bob Taylor, Red Serin a and numerous bystanders who have been pressed purchased... Bill Washburn is giving the interior walls of the Lodge first floor new decorations, prepraratory to the opening date May 30th.

    Of course the park is the responsibility of the Town Board of Culve, but its use is exctended considerably beyond the limits of the town. Help to extend the beauty and usefulness should come from those who see need. We can make it mre beautiful and useful if help is forthcoming.

    SOme projexcts for the future are:
      (1) Better lighting facilities. Installation of light poles the length of the park and the use of boulevard lights. At present the wiring is attached to the trees a very unsatisfactory system. Lester Brown is helping with these plans

      (2) Larger swimming pier with provisions for an enclosed area for youngsters.

      (3) replacement of much of the present pier; and

      (4) the erection of a new res room located near the center of the park with permanent caretaker and maintained largely by pay toilets.

    Appreciation is exended to the fire department for their past efforts in trimming trees in the park and for sprinkling the lawns during the dry season. We hope they will continue these practices

    We are grateful to Frank Amond for building eight large benches and presenting them to the park

    We may be able to megotiate with the Pennsylvania Railroad for the use of part of the station building. They are considering the possiblities.

1953 - Jan 28 - An announcement was made this week that the Lions Club Board of Directors have set aside a fund of $1,000 for improvement of the Culver Town Park

1958 - In March of 1958, 14 coal cars derailed in the park area and it took most of the spring and early summer to clean up.
From sometime in the 1950's till the late 1960's Bill and Margaret Washburn ran the beach lodge and park every year. And an Italian born gentleman know as Angelo Cifaldi (he lived on at 306 South main in a little brown house on the southeast corner of Main and Marmont) maintained the park grounds and collected the table fees during the weekends.

Some time during the 1950's the Lions Club started their annual Corn Roast on Saturday night in July, in the area between the depot and the pavilion. Also at the time on Sunday they sponsored a boat race which was discontinued. The corn roast has survived - the corn is hand shucked; boiled in a large iron kettle over an open flame; beverage and hamburgers grilled out in the open and all the condiments to go on the hamburgers. Another tradition gone is the scrumptious hand spun cotton candy manned for years by Jesse Overmyer - for the kids, young and old alike!

Also another tradition in the spring of the year is the "Easter Egg Hunt" that they sponsor for the children using the park as the hunting ground

1959 - March 18 Junior woman's Club plans to erect a bicycle rack at the school Which will be moved each summer to the town park.

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