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Culver Town Park 1960-1969  

1963 - February 20 Culver Jaycees worked last week on their first public project. With the help of the city tractor and pumps, the members built an ioe rink in front of the Beach Lodge for anyone who wishes to use it.

1963 - August 14 - Jaycees Build New Addition To Culver Town Park Beach

    The Culver Jaycees have just completed their first major community project - the building of a new beach area on the shore line of the Culver Town Park. The new area begins at the west edge of the present beach and extends several feet to the west. Cooperating with the Jaycees on the project was Ray Houghton.

    The new section of beach covers an area of 3,200 square feet. Approximately 125 yards of gravel and sand were used to build the new section. In preparing the area, it was graded from the sidewalk to the lake shore into a gentle slope, removing all large rocks. The sand and gravel was then spread, making a fine beach. An eight inch cement curb was poured along the sidewalk edge to protect the soil under the walk and to keep it rom washing. The curb extends two feet into the ground. The entire swimming area was then roped off. Large white floats mark the boundary of the swimming area as a safety measure for swimmers and to warn speed boats and skiers of the protected area.

    Much of the work on the beach was doen by donated help and machinery by the jaycees and Mr. Houghton. The entire project cost approximately $250.

1964 May 20 "Junior Women" Paint Town Park Play Equipment
    Community youngsters will enjoy gaily painted game and play equipment in the Culver Town Park this summer season as the result of the civic minded efforts of the Maxinkuckee Junior Woman's Club.

    Club members have completed this painting project in which they used rust-retarding paint. They applied a white undercoat and then finished the job with various bright and eye-catching colors.

    The Junior Woman's Club also plans to purchase some new equipment for play use in the Town Park. This much needed improvement adds greatly to the Park's beauty and will certainly appeal to the youngsters.

    This community project executed by the Maxinkuckee Junior Woman's Club is part of a two year plan.

1964 June 17 - Park Fund Created
    In order to have a more complete accounting and also detailed information as to the amount of money needed to operate the Town Park, the board discussed the proposal of establishing a separate fund, called the Park Fund. At present the operation leaves much to be desired, in that funds alloted to the general fund, can be spent for any need that has been established for the general fund. This may be for the park or any other operation so specified.

    By creating a separate Park Fund, all monies needed for the operation of the park would be; specifically alloted for that purpose, and that purpose alone. Revenue derived from rentals. __, etc., would be put in this and used only in the operation, of the park. This method allow clear, concise inforamtion concerning the complete operation of the city park.

    After the discussion, the board passed on first reading. Ordinance No. 182, which will establish such a fund and such fund will be a part of the town budget and tax levy structure beginning with the coming budget and tax levies this August.

    In passing the ordinance, the Town Board has taken a step forward and it certainly should be done. As confusing as rules and regulations are concerning the expenditure of town funds, this step will at least clear up part of that confusion, and detailed information can be acquired by examining an authorized divivison of city finances.

1964 - Jul 15 - WHY NOT??
    The CUlver CItizen also asks, "Why can't a fence be erected around the TOWN PArk and an entrance fee be charged non-residents to help maintain the park and improve it?" This same question was asked at last week's Town Board meeting.

    The park ar the present time, is being maintained by fees received from the rental picnic tables, rental of the shelters (rentals collected only for Sundays and holidays), and the leasing of the Beach Lodge, plus funds received from taxation. It's evident that more funds are needed for park improvement and maintainance. At present the park cetainly needs lots more care to make it presentable.

    It was brought to the attention of the Town Board that the park is used mostly by people living outside Culver and those people should share in the upkeep of the park by paying a small entrance fee. This could be accomplished by erecting a fence around the park with adequate entrances nammed by a gatekeeper to collect the fees or by a mechanically coin-operated gate.

    Is it because by mutal agreement between the Pennsylvannia Rail Road and the Town of Culver that no charge be made for the use of the park? Or is it a precedent established by the previous Town Board which has been continued up to the present time?

    The Citizen believes the Town Park should be fenced in and a small entrance fee charged non-residents. Moreover, all railroad property adjoining and adjacent to the park should be purchased or leased from the Pennsylvania Railroad and used for additional parking areas.

    We believe the present Town Board should take steps to accompliis the above suggestions, or present, publicly through these columns, valid reasons whit it can't be done.

1964 - August 12 - Park Fund approved by state for 1965
    ...Park Fund $0.07 needed to raise $1,906.00. The town board recently approved the establishing of a park fund (park expense has been paid out of the General Fund in the past). The fund must be approved by the State Board of Accounts. The board received this approval a few days ago for the establishing of such a fund for 1965, but informed the board that such a fund could not be tablished for the remainder of 1964.

1966 - The 1966 seen the park board established. A fence was put up around the beach area and charging began to take place in order to swim. Renovation of the park was done in 1975 through a grant. Some of the 1933 world's fair boulevard lamp posts the use to grace Main Street and Lakeshore drive were placed in the park.

1967 - June - - 1st mention of possibly a park board came into being . Miss Mildred Brickey had been appointed "Water Front Director," at this point, the main concern was appointment of properly trained and certified lifeguards for the summer swimming season.
The June 27, 1968 edition of the Citizen included a statement from the park board which reads, in part: "In attempting to rehabilitate the Town Park and Beach and to extend the program for all of our citizens, particularly our young people, the Board has divided the various responsibilities among its members. Grounds and Equipment are looked after by Mrs. James McCombs and Mrs. Robert Curtis. Mrs. Ronald Mackey and Latham Lawson are in charge of the operation of the Beach Lodge. Walter Johnson and Carl Baker of the operation of the Waterfront Program and the Beach. Mr. Baker also works with the Park League Baseball Program...

    "The Board is aware of the many deficiencies found in the Park. For many years the supervision of the Park has been, of necessity, a responsibility of a single member of the Town Board. Sufficient funds were not available for Park operation. There was no long range plan for the Park. By having the Board of six persons now concerned with the Park, more ideas and effort are being expended on the Park. By the end of this summer a long range plan will be presented to the Town Board which will outline the plans for several years ahead. The major problem the Board faces is lack of funds. In many areas there are obvious improvements that need to be made, but money is not available at the present to do the necessary work. The Board is looking for ways in which the Park can provide more of its own revenue."

    "The major reason the Board Assumed operation of the Beach Lodge was to develop this as a source of income. Last year the town received only four hundred dollars income for the entire summer- from the Lodge. Our Park light bill was $465.00. Thus we did not receive enough income from the Lodge to even pay our- light bill. The Board felt some significant changes had to be made in the Lodge operation and took this first step this year.

    It was also noted residents of Culver and Union Township would be required to purchase season beach passes at the staggering amount of 25 cents per family, with families outside the township but in the school district paying $10. Funds would go towards "much needed" repairs and upkeep

1968 - William "Bill" and Margaret Washburn ends their tenure as managers of the Beach lodge.

1969 - In 1969 the local depot was closed Freight trains ran through intermentintly until 1979 when the Penn Central line was finally completely abandoned.

1969 - May - - the park board held its first public monthly meeting, in the then-new Culver Community High School, where it heard a report from park baseball league commissioner Ken Grether, and hired lifeguards and clerks for the summer season.

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