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Culver Town Park 1970-1979  

Beach to the east 1970's

The local VFW post has maintained a fishing pier at the old Maxinkuckee boat launch site since the early 1970's

1973 - Sep. Angelo Cifaldi dies; during the 1960's till his death he was the park caretaker.

1973 - Oct 11 - The Roof Leaks, but...

    The Culver Park Board met last Thursday. October 6th, in regular session to discuss matters concerning use of the Town Beach Lodge.

    Four members of the Board were present to discuss the possibility of repairing the s tructure with a view toward making the Lodge useable on a year-round basis.

    It was concluded by those present that the structure of the building was sound, and therefore that there was no need to consider building a new facility. The major problems with the building concern the need for a new roof, plumbing problems and general renovation of the interior.

    One of the problems that makes use of the building difficult is excessive moisture on the ground floor. 1t would be desirable to solve this problem. since the ground floor lounge area has two fire places that would be ideally suited to winter entertaining in the lodge.

    Other problems which must be looked into to make the Beach Lodge useable are the electrical wiring, and general heating - as of now, the building is not heated.

    Suggestions were made regarding utilization of the entire building or parts of it during the winter months, primarily as a meeting place for local groups who wished to hold social functions such as skating parties, dances, and so on.

    In addition to the mechanical problems, the problem of supervision is one which must be dealt with. Vandalism during the past summer season has pointed up the necessity of year-round supervision of the lodge, and the possibility of hiring a couple to live in the third-floor apartment and act as supervisors was discussed. Last year's vandalism also prompted discussion about keeping only the second floor of the lodge open during the summer months. to insure better supe rvision of the facilities

    Access to the town park by vechiles was always done via Washington Street and entering under the old viduct there that no longer exists; this ceased to be when the railroad sold off their strip of railroad property to adjacent property owners in the late 1970's. This is the view of the the access road from the park entrance of it, which was just at the end of the main sidewalk, where Amond's pier was at and now the area of lighthouse. Just a few yards of the Washington St. Access is where the Anderson Boathouse stood and also a few piers - tho not the amassed conglomeration of them that we have today; back then then were single piers that number possibly no higher than five.

    1974 - May 2 - JUNIOR WOMEN "VETCHING AROUND" - like other CUlver groups they done alot of work in the town park below is one such activity as captured in the Culver Citizen

    AND NOW, THE FUN BEGINS... Here's the part that separates the ... well, whatever. This group Is smoothing the dirt Into the eroded areas to facilitate planllng of the crown vetch. From left, the work crew consists of George Hopple, Kay (Mrs. Ronold) Tusing, Kevin Bonine, Nancy Thomas, Gary Connant, Georgie Hopple, and Jeff Thomas.

    IT'S A LONG WAY DOWN-Members of the Maxlnkuckee Junior Women's Club survey the task ahead of them... a gully caused by erosion of the embankment along the shore of Lake Maxinkuckee at the Town Park. The Junior Women spent last weekend filling several gullies such as this along the slope with black dirt and planting crown vetch In the areas to stop further erosion. As you can see from the pictures here, the job meant along weekend's work and sore back muscles Monday, but Nancy (Mrs. Kenneth) Thomas, Connie (Mrs. Michael) Overmyer, and Mary (Mrs. Robert) Radawski don't seem to mind

    THE FIRST STEP In stopplng the eroelon Is black dirt-lots or It! The dirt Is used to fill in the gullies It is then smoothed, the vetch is planted, and the planting Is covered with straw and anchored to prevent wind erosion while the plants take root. Above, Jackie (Mrs. Larry) Berger, Rosalie (Mrs. James) Bonine, Lorraine (Mrs. Norman) DuMaine, Connie Overmyer and Linda (Mrs. John) Deery watch while a dump truck deposits a generous load or dirt in one od the gullies.

    In 1975, a massive federal grant was secured by the town for an array of improvements to the park, including the beach lodge itself, addition of the basketball courts,
    paving of what had been a dirt access road (to create the double walkways along the water front west of the beach),

    new playground equipment, and wooden steps from the upper area to the lower, among others. At various intervals over the years, park activities were planned, such as those overseen by then superintendent Rick C. Ashmore in 1977, which included craft classes and various other programs

    A cover story in the Culver Citizen in 1979, complete with photos, blasted the town and park administration for the deplorable appearance of the park, which included broken picnic tables and benches and an abundance of trash and litter, among other problems -- such criticism continued, on and off, for several years following.

    1979 - Dorothy Thews, Park Superintendent

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