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Culver Town Park 1980-1989  

The outlay of the parcels that are a part of the town park which is about 17.805 acres

The depot area is 2.540 acres of this property and the description of land is as: Knapp & Kreuzberger R / W Hawkins. This could of been part of the addtional 10 acres the Vandalia railroad purchased in 1902 as given above.

1980 - Culver's park and recreation board has the power to buy and sell land and enter into agreements and contracts for the good of the park. They also hire park employees, compose an annual budget, which must be approved by the town board,and have the power to float bond issues. Kenneth Crowel is the president and Lynn Overmyer the vice president. Other members are Alvin Myers, Jesse Sims and Melissa Miller. Dorothy Thews is the park superintendent. The primary goal of the board and the town is to make the park self-sustaining.

1980 - Washington Street easement is under consideration as proposed by John Deery owner of that access.

The emergency access lane ran from Washington Street along the lake up into the Culver Town Park. But it also ran from Washington Street south along the lake in behind the railroad and down to the middle ways of the Farm co-op property most of south portion of the emergency access by the 1970's was covered by underbrush

The Culver Park portion of the access is pictured below. Just around the bend back in the hallow The Anderson boat house also known as the Anderson Boat and Bait Shop or the Anderson Dock, stated as being on S. State St.

The Lakefest - has become another tradition held in July in the town park. Held from Friday to Saturday night with many activities in the park area and in sections of town; capped off with fireworks.

1984 - In on 27 December 1984 the town made a resolution to purchase the depot and adjacent land for $42,500 and it was finalized on 10 April 1985. The Lions Club raised funds for it and to renovate it and members done much of the depot renovation themselves over the next several years. It is used for their meeting place and special events and other community

    1920 - In January 1920 the depot built in 1884 was destroyed by fire and was not rebuilt until 1925 and opened in September

    1925 - it was the third depot. This is the present brick structure. One of David Burn's yarns that he told around town was how he built the chimney on this depot - he would lay it up so far and his father [James E. Burns] would kick it down - this went on all day; according to David his father's point to be made was that if you laid only one brick a day you were to lay it right. He went on to tell that he was 16 at the time and was playing hookey from school quite a bit and he was told to either go to school or go to work.

    1959 - In 1959 the first coin operated laundry may came to Culver; waiting room area of the depot was transformed into a Laundry mat until mid or late 1970's and then sat empty for a while.

Another early picture shows the originial location of the Vandalia Depot also - this is in relation to the old Mulberry tree that graces the park even today.

For years its branches reached to the ground - making a good hide-n-seek game place besides the big luscious Mulberries it produced every summer. No one could dispute where where the kids both young and old alike had been when they appeared with the tell-tale signs of purple around their lips and on their hands! Sometime back in the 1970's it was pruned back when the park was first re-vitalized with a grant. This old mulberry tree is at least 100 years plus!

? 1983-1984-198_ - Diana & Bob Napier was in charge of the beach lodge and park

about 1986 Kelly Young became park manager and still retaines that postion today.

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