Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Culver Town Park 1990 -?  

The park continued into the 1990s to struggle to be economically self-sustaining, with income derived almost solely from beach entrance fees and concessions.

In the 1990s, fees to park in the town park's lot on weekends and holidays were established to alleviate the problem.

In the 1990's the Tri Kappa Sorority rebuilt an attractive gazebo, recalling one that existed in the park during the railroad days.

The establishment of pier slip rentals at the park revolutionized its income, hoping to make it self-sustaining, and hoping to facilitate a broader level of maintenance and improvemen

1991 - February 13 - Steel work was reported complete for a new C Pier at the Culver Town Park

2005 - Early spring brought re-vitalization to the town park with tree, shrubbery flower and other general landscaping work done by many volunteers.

A version of the old Vandalia Lighthouse returns to the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee. Purchased by the Antiquarian and Historical Society - it is basically the Port Hatteruas design.It is fibergalss [polyester plastic]; it is grayish weathered textured, has a 360-degree beacon with electrical wiring that runs through the core and stands 20 feet high.

Soon after erected it became a constant victim to vandals being constantly abused. Till on 23 January 2005 vandals succeeded in destroying it beyond repair.

Undaunted - it was again replaced and the new lighthouse stands on the shore line once again.

2011 - Aug 10 - The fishing pier located just west of the beach will have sides added to make it less inviting for boaters to drive up and drop off or pick up passengers, or to leave boats tied up. The pier's new configuration will be in an "L" shape. Research is beiing don on a floating pier to replace the current, aforementioned fishing pier, though removal of a floating pier could be a challenge, from an equipment standpoint, each winter.
    Sep 11 - The board is working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and plans to make the pier handicapped accessible. Utilizing a "floating" pier system, other states such as Minnesota are able to leave such piers in the water year-round, as their anchoring allows them to move with the ice and reduces ice-related damage. The new pier will be all steel and use top-notch treated material for posts and railings. He added the fishing pier had been a VFW project in years past, and since the park is aiming to carry on that tradition, the new structure would be named the VFW pier. The cost will be about $35,000 plus shipping and installation fees. A surrounding fence on shore will block people sneaking into the beach area without paying. "This project has been a long time in planning". " Installation of the 2006 lighthouse provided the concrete work necessary to make it happen."

2012 - Jul - Budget Meeting
    Culver park superintendent requested a total of $25,674 for the department, a decrease , of $18,000. Among specific requests was $8,320 out of the total $88,220 in salaries, for the newly created position of a programming director for the park.

    The position would include creation of programs for senior citizens, middle school aged children who tend not to participate in Culver's Boys & Girls Club, and other children, at about 16 hours per week, year round. While the program director would work out of the beach lodge, programs might take place anywhere in town.

    A three percent raise for the park superintendent position, to $22,690

    It was asked for clarification of the superintendent's employment package, which believed to included salary, life insurance, and rental costs to live in the beach lodge.

      The stipulation was added during a major renovation of the park in the mid-1970s. The superintendent pays a flat fee for utilities, and all the water and sewer, and receives health insurance through other employement.

    The park board would conduct a performance evaluation of the superintendent in October.

    Also requested was a UTV "Gator" type vehicle for use at the park, particularly with hauling away seaweed and debris.

    Questioned was the around $200,000 sitting in a park fund unused, which was suggested is "a heavy amount to have sitting there."

    It was countered that the money should be viewed similarly to the "rainy day funds" many public entities keep on hand, and shouldn't be spent without necessity.

    Following the meeting, town clerk corrected statements made during the meeting and affirmed the park's budget did decrease last year due to a lessened tax draw following an error in advertising the budget for 2011.

2011 - Sep 15 - - It was noted that beach pass fees were - at $45 for township residents for an entire family for the entire summer, with out of township fees at $60. Fees for children aged 4 to 12 are $2.50 per person, while 13 through adults are $3. There is a $2 fee ($1 for senior citizens) to park in the park's lot, and fees are charged Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends, Memorial through Labor Day. Found elsewhere other fees for the park are:
    Meeting Room $107 includes taxes
    Pavilions $58.85 includes taxes
    Gazeebo $80.25 includes taxes
    Boat Slips (to be 147 slips for Culver & Union Twp): $700 (Culver/Union), $1000 (outside area)
    Hobie/Kayak/Waverunner $400

The town of Culver also contributes $30,000 in taxpayer funds, and the township $16,000 each year, to the park’s budget

The park director outlined hoped-for projects in the coming months and year for the park following finalization of its budget in October or November. Working with a grant writer, will help indicate what funds might be available for various endeavors, with a priority given to replacing the ageing fishing pier west of the beach, followed by a new storage building for the department's lawn and other equipment, which would likely be built on municipal-owned land near the Culver water tower at Lake Shore Drive and College Avenue. That new structure would pave the way for reconfiguring the western end of the pavilion, which presently houses the equipment

Debate arose last week over whether to convert part of the 1880s-era railroad waiting station turned picnic pavilion at the town park into public restrooms. It was emphasized the historical nature of the pavilion structure, one of two used for decades as shelters at the waiting platforms used in conjunction with Culver's railroad station-depot. Rather than being destroyed when retired from use, the early 1880s structures were moved to create picnic shelter pavilions as part of a massive renovation project at the park during the 1930s, one on each end of the park grounds, as they have remained since. One audienice membere atated "I wouldn't change the facade of the historical site there, I had someone visit us... who was awestruck by that pavilion, and was very impressed at its condition. He marveled at the town and went over to the second (pavilion) and was visibly impressed with those two. I think it would be a shame to tamper with them" The park receives complaints about the portable facility, and nearby businesses "don't like looking at it there." The park pays $95 per month to rent the portable restroom, so replacing it with a permanent facility will save money over time. Also complaints come from those who rent the pavilion and must use the portable restroom

Tree planting
    The board also voted to approve planting of several trees on park land in conjunction with a NIPSCO grant for which Culver's tree commission will apply, to receive around 40 trees to be placed around own, including at the two public school buildings, various churches, and other sites. Mike Stallings, of the commission, explained NIPSCO is providing the 600-pound trees on a grant basis for planting on the east, south, or west side of buildings to provide shade and cut down on heating and cooling costs in buildings. In the park, one would be placed on each side of the beach lodge and two on the beach near the entrance gate to provide shade.

2012 - Sep 12 - - Culver's park board appears to be one step closer to facilitating the long-planned public pier west of the swimming beach.
    In recent years, the board has considered the merits of transitioning to a floating dock, which some previous board members -- on a committee appointed to study the matter -- suggested could be left installed year-round, rather than removed for the winter as piers are today

    Brian Morten of Michigan-based Thru Flow, which manufactures pier decking, said a floating pier year-round on Lake M axinkuckee is impossible, regardless of its size and type, due to ice buildup. Morten also criticized the bid specifications as released by the board.

    Culver-based pier installer Tim Yuhas suggested a legbased pier could be as stable as a floating system, though Michigan-based pier installer Dave Van Huis argued the opposite, though he noted stability is a relative matter and discerning what it feels like is subjective from person to person.

    Yuhas suggested the pier specifications the park put out for bid also might not meet state DNR standards of length versus water depth, something park superintendent said would be check into.

    Pier manufacturer Jeff Spence suggested the board consider a stationary dock which would transition to floating, with "wings" installed off the main pier for handicapped usage

An executive session prior to the board's October meeting will include a review of the superintendents job performance, it was noted.

Advertisement to hire the park's new activities director near the end of 2012, with the new hire to start in January or February.

2012 - Dec 12 - - Culver's park could see an ice skating rink, possibly even yet this winter season. It was suggested a temporary, portable rink be installed at the site of the park's basketball courts. It was explained explained that the portable rink includes a liner for bottom portion and perimeter for the side walls, adding setup and takedown of the rink is "pretty basic." He also noted the rink wouldn't damage the court's concrete, since the ice isn't terribly thick. The cost for a kit appropriate for the basketball courts' size would be around $6,500. A check would have to be made with the park's insurance company, which in the past had eschewed the notion of the park sponsoring ice skating on Lake Maxinkuckee, a tradition through most of the 20th century here.

In particular, board members discussed ranking various proposed projects in order of priority.
    Two Americans with Disabilities Act compliance matters topped the list: a railing for the steps leading to the park’s boat rental piers, and a new sidewalk to connect the parking area more directly with the west pavilion.

    Others included updating and renovating the meeting area in the beach lodge and its restrooms, and a public restroom in the west end of the park.
In conjunction with planning, a the park survey sent recently to 972 Culver residents, boat slip renters, and Union Township beach pass purchasers. 146 returned the survey, or about 15 percent, "which is very good."

    There were 54 comments made in regard to park facilities, which she presented to board members in typewritten form. There were also a number of suggestions regarding park programming. There was also a letter from Culver's Lions Club regarding the question of a restroom in the west end of the park.

    The survey's consensus was that there's a need for a public restroom on the west end of the park, with 98 responders answering "yes," 43 "no," and five not answering. 75 responders said the currently available portable toilet does not meet their needs, while 60 said it did, and 11 had no opinion. In replying to the question of where to build the restroom, 59 people answering the survey said it should be built in the west pavilion structure, while 39 said it should be a stand-alone facility, and 42 either didn't reply, or said "neither."

    The question of a restroom in the west pavilion had garnered controversy at past park meetings, with some residents expressing concern over potential damage to the 1880s pavilion structure, which was designated with a historic landmark award by the Marshall County Historical Society, should a restroom be installed in the area currently used for equipment storage. Concerns were also raised over policing of a pavilion-placed restroom.

    Other survey answers included 74 responders in favor of more picnic tables (to 47 opposed, 19 with no opinion, and six with no definite answer); 64 against adding more grills in the park, to 51 in favor, 25 with no opinion, and six with no answer.

    In the area of potential programs at the park, arts and crafts ranked high from responders, as did a walking club and yoga and exercise classes. Other suggestions included teen dances, a climbing wall, community family picnics, winter festivals, a fitness center for seniors, and others.

    106 responded positively to the possibility of concerts in the park, 81 to an outdoor movie night, 33 to a family campout, and 26 to a family "sock hop,".

The parks department has $30,000 unused money to encumber at the end of the year, and it was suggested that the funds be used for a computer, replacement furnace for the beach lodge's apartment, and partial funding for a proposed storage shed for park equipment

Park Board members for 2013 were -
    Tammy Shaffer (D), President
    LeRoy Bean (R), Vice President
    Kathy Hart (R), Secretary
    Edward Behnke (R)
    Rhonda Reinhold (D)
    Patty Stallings (D)
2013 - Feb - - park activities director position established and Donna McKee hired for the position hired in January.

2013 - April - - Public fishing pier installed and a part of the the $44,000-45,000 pier, a partial floating and partial stationary hybrid, collapsed soon after its initial installation in April -- a combination stationary and floating style dock planned for and discussed by the Park board over the past few years -- ended up submerged in the lake. Installer Van Huis Construction repaired the pier, on April 26.

    May 18 - - The general consensus of the board was overall dissatisfaction with the pier, though board member opinions varied as to what should be done about it, with some suggesting repairs to the pier would be sufficient to rectify the situation and some pressing for a complete overhaul of the project. A suggestion at reviewing the contract to see if the pier could be returned and replaced. However, it was noted -- to the apparent surprise of some board members -- that no contract was created or signed with the installer prior to installation

    Jul 12 - All but $8,000 of the more than $40,000 cost of the pier had been paid Van Huise, but debates raged as to whether the dock -- which has remained closed to the public in the interim -- is actually safe and stable. Some insisted it is, while others blamed the decision to purchase a partly floating pier of a style allegedly unsuitable for Lake Maxinkuckee's waters. Still others pressed for minor modifications which some claimed would make the pier suitably stable. Van Huise, who in conjunction with Jeff Spence of parts manufacturer Modudock, offered to make the pier stationary out to the wide platform at the end of its initial boardwalk for $4,000 or to convert the entire pier to a stationary format for $9,000. Both amounts would be in addition to the $8,000 still owed Van Guise

2013 - May 18 Other discussion focused on a proposed storage building to be built on town property near the water tower on Lake Shore Drive
    JUl 12 - -Some debate also took place concerning $29,000 encumbered from last year's budget towards the cost of a new storage shed for park equipment, planned to be built in the town-owned lot near the park. It was asked if the encumbered funds had to be spent on the building.

    AUg 16 - - Tabled after some discussion was any decision on quote packets for a new storage shed proposed to be built on the town-owned municipal lot near the park. It was announced to the board that through research on state code, that money for the project was improperly encumbered and was were illegitimate since they lacked legal purchase orders or contracts with specifications and bids

2013 - Jul 12 - - The board voted, however, to allow Culver's tree commission to work on trees in the town park, in conjunction with an arborist they secured to inventory town-owned trees.
    Commission members Tom Kearns and Mike Stallings requested the decision, noting the park board had previously voted not to include the park in the commission's jurisdiction, a decision Ed Behnke said was made when the commission was still fairly new and untested. He added the commission has since proven its longevity in town.

    Kearns explained Culver is officially a "Tree City USA," a status which allows the town access to free and reduced services and trees from a variety of entities. He said the commission has planted in excess of 400 trees in Culver to date.

    Arborist Gina Darnell, according to Kearns, identified at least five trees in an informal survey of the park, which should be removed. He expressed concerns as to liability and the destruction of historic buildings and other properties, should all or part of those trees come down.

    Kearns said if the commission was granted permission by the park board, Darnell would prepare a booklet identifying each tree in the park and its state of health. The cost would be between $25 and $65 per hour plus $2.50 per tree. The commission would come to the park board for permission to remove any targeted trees before action would be taken, he said

2013 - Jul 23 - - recent removal of the public beach swimming pier because it's unsafe for children. The pier was removed in its entirety -- save for the section on which the lifeguard chair is mounted. The action came due to an "ongoing battle" with park patrons who don't follow the posted rules concerning the pier. It was emphasized that park staff made attempts to curb the behavior using a variety of methods including "time outs," speaking with the parents of youthful rule-breakers, and even shutting down the pier completely for one evening. Thw auperintendent contacted Culver park board president who witnessed the problems on several occasions and consulted the president seeking approval prior to removing the pier
    The board unanimously voted to put the pier back in, but not until May, 2014 -- since school starts shortly and beach use will drop dramatically -- and not without added safety precautions

2013 - AUg 16 - - specialized Lake Max benches fabricated by local businessman Tim Yuhas for the pier at a cost of $4,200 would be installed in the park in the next few weeks

    2013 - AUg 16 - - A suggestion for forming a finance committee made up of two park board members and three citizens was made and The board did vote -- with a lone "nay" -- in favor of creating a finance committee, with the same scenario was repeated in response to to createing a similar standing policy committee to establish policy and create a policy manual

2013 - Jul 12 - - the Green family donated a "Gator" maintenance vehicle to the park, Young asked that the funds budgeted for the vehicle instead be used to purchase
    a "wave rider" seesaw to replace the splintering teeter-totter in the west end of the park (at $1,042), and

    the addition of a play item called a "whirligig" at $1,673, also on the west end.
In the east end play area, Young said she had the child's race car equipment replaced and she would like to add
    a "crazy teacup" to the playground,

with a total of $5,515, which the board approved. Also approved was Young's request for $3,490 for five new picnic tables for the park

2013 - Nov 20 - - The ice skating rink had been ordered and should arrive within a few weeks , and basketball court area is where the temporary skating rink is planned for this season.

2013 - Dec 11 - - board meeting began with introduction of the attorney hired to represent and advise the board, Rachel Arndt of Peterson, Waggoner, and Perkins LLP in Rochester (Her father being , Dr. Mark Couts of the Family Vision Clinic in Culver

2013 - Dec 24 - Superintendents job description was revamped the board worked with Arndt to "tweak" and shore up the superintendent's job description, and would be doing the same with others in the park. The board became aware it had not been operating according to state statute, which requires the superintendent to have a degree in parks and recreation management, something incorporated into the new description. Most changes were grammatical, though one change put the onus on the board, rather than the superintendent, to prepare original drafts for ordinances; the Superintendent will instead take on more of an advisory role.
    The board voted to adopt the new job description into effect Jan. 1, 2014

    Board meetings will increase citing "quite a bit of work ahead of us," the park board voted to meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, rather than the single meeting currently held the first Wednesday of the month.

2013 - Dec 24 - The park's new skating rink has arrived

2013 - Dec 24 - Also approved was a fee schedule for attorney's work, which will be a flat payment of $1,500 per quarter.

2013 - Dec 31 - - Culver park board eliminates park activities director position

    Dec 31 2013 - Kearns also reported, representing the tree commission, that six trees have been listed as priority to remove, though one -- a popular mulberry tree in the west end of the park -- will be remediated instead of removed. He did explain budgeting funds for removal yet this winter is "critical." Eleven trees should be pruned in the near future, he added
2013 - By years end Leroy Bean annd Kathy Hart had resigined from the Park Board before the experations of their terms.

2014 - Jan 8 - park superintendent position is vacant after a vote by the park board at its Jan. 8 meeting to end the tenure of longtime superintendent Kelly Young
    a recap of 2013 finances at the park, explaining the park's total income was $262,754, its expenses $255,795, with a surplus of $6,959. The ending fund balance was $220,542, which includes $33,309 earmarked for some projects last year which didn't take place (so funds reverted back to the park fund). Income was derived primarily from pier slip rentals, at $126,705, as well as $56,680 from property tax draw, $12,000 contributed from Union Township, and remaining funds from parking fees, beach entry fees, and concessions.

Park Board members for 2014 are -
    Tammy Shaffer (D), President
    -------------, Vice President
    ------------- (R), Secretary
    Edward Behnke (R)
    Rhonda Reinhold (D)
    Patty Stallings (D)
    John Helphrey (?)

May 2014 - Marc Hayden was hired as the new park and recreation superintendent.

June 2014 - Individual season passes returned at $25 for residents of Union twp. and $35 for non-residents for 13-adults. The family passes remaind at $45 for residents and $60 for non-residents. Cards are no longer being issued but instead a 'book' with names being recorded in it. Also finaly the computerized 'Point-of-Sales System' was finally put in use, estimated income since May 23 has been $10,000.00. Also Wi-Fi internet has been installed at the beach loadge and exends out to about a few hundred yards an possible plans to extend it to reach the beach area.
    Park Income29,180.00
    net profit01,993.00
    Pier Slip Rental May 23,900.00
    Pier Slip Rental to May 2104
    Park Balance2931,681.39
General Park and Recreation Law 2014 - Dec - HVA systems which were installed just before Christmas

2015 - Feb. 24 - The Culver Park Board held an informational meeting yesterday that saw bids opened for projects planned to start this year.The process for improving those aspects of the building was started last summer. The company reviewing the project will now take the bids under advisement. Six companies submitted bids for the hand-railing project, four submitted projects for the deck coating. The bids will receive a vote at the Culver Park Board’s March 16th meeting. The Park Board does not formally meet during the winter months. Deadline for project completion was May 1st for this coming year.

2015 - June - The longtime fixture in the Culver town park's landscape the mullberry tree is slated for removal in the near future due to its deteriorating condition. The tree had been listed for removal a few years earlier by an arborist secured by the Culver tree commission, though pleas from some in the community -- including town council member Ed Pinder -- led to a "stay" in the decision. The deteriorated condition of the tree's trunk and some branches led to its inclusion on a list of trees to be removed from the park soon.

2015 - Oct 1 - A safer beach lodge balcony

After lengthy planning and efforts, the style of railing surrounding Culver's beach lodge's balcony level has been updated with the intention of increased safety, especially for children. Since its construction in 1937, the lodge has employed three-rung, iron fencing with wide gaps between each rail, and is now replaced with fencing difficult for young children to slip through.

The work is part of an ongoing, multi-year effort to renovate the historic structure, which to date has included replaced HVAC throughout the building, improvements in windows and water sealing, and sealing of the balcony deck, where significant deterioration contributed to water problems in the lower level in the past. More renovations are forthcoming to the structure, which was erected as a Depression-era WRA project.

2015 - Oct 1 - Town Council - Park
    Tom Kearns, representing Culver's park board, asked for 7,000 for a deep survey of the park land to document location of its perimeter, lights, fences, trees, and the like. Kearns noted the town is legally-the owner of the land and requested the funds come from the town budget. Part of the motive for the effort is to determine the legal property line for the land, though the survey is also needed if various improvements are be made in the park. It was agreed the council needed to investigate a specific source for the money.

    Some council members expressed a preference that a fence planned for storing pier pieces out of season would be better located in the town-owned lot near Culver's water tower, than in the park area near the entrance to the Indian Trails and below the Lake Shore Drive curve (a location Ricciardi suggested might also increase potential damage should a vehicle miss the curve and wreck). Utilities manager Bob Porter, whose department will handle transport of the pier pieces to their storage locale each year, suggested the water tower area, it was noted.

2015 - Oct 15 - The Culver Park Board received a grant from the Marshall County Community Foundation for $18,000 to renovate historic pavilion on the west end of the Culver Town Park

2015 - Nov 5 - Town Bark Board report of whats been done since January 2015
    Among items reported were that a monthly financial report is presented each month; a comprehensive policy manual has been written which provides citizens with the park's rules and regulations; board members have met a minimum of three meetings a month in order to meet the challenges that the park and its buildings present; six working committees made up of over 25 volunteer citizens and board members were established, in order to research and offer guidance (these include finance, policy, buildings, piers, landscape).

    The board, she continued, has spent over $200,000 repairing park buildings, including new decking to eliminate the leaks in the lower level, and new railings to increase the safety at the beach lodge; work to divert storm water and to water proof the foundation to prevent water from leaking into the lower level; installation of three new furnaces and two air conditioning units "as the lower level had no heat, the mid-level was inefficient, and the upper level was emitting dangerous fumes"; purchase of tables and chairs for the meeting room "whose furniture were taken from the beach lodge and donated or sold to a church outside of Culver by the senior citizen group that owned them"; repair and stain of the gazebo; repair and cleaning of all four masonry fireplaces which had become inoperable; purchase of pumps which had been broken and not replaced, or failed during the summer; replacement of the corroded dumpster with a smaller, less obtrusive one; installation of new wrought iron railings on the steps leading down to the lakefront; replacement of the dilapidated courtesy pier.

    Along with the town council, the board is developing a topographical survey of the park grounds,and has applied for and received an $18,000 grant from the Marshall County Community Foundation to refurbish the 1800s-era west picnic pavilion.

    Other projects included $10,000 for Christmas lights throughout the park; $2,000 for purchase of a Point of Sale accounting and cash register system to provide an acceptable means of accountability determined by the Indiana State audit of the park.

    The board hired a full-time superintendent with a degree in Parks and Recreation, a certificate of lifesaving, and 18 years of park supervision experience, and evaluates him twice a year.

    An ongoing training program for lifeguards was established and revenue increased by reconfiguring the boat rental slips and piers; a five-yea rmaster plan is expected for adoption this year.

    The board is in the process of applying for a $1,000,000 grant to refurbish the beach lodge so all three levels can become a community center

2015 - Nov. 15 - A grant of $4750 was secured for life guard training. The North wall of the beach lodge was dug out and water-proofed and larger gutters added; drains were cleaned out and directionally. changed. Repairs were made to the light house.
    On or about November 30, 2015, the Town of Culver intends to apply to the Indiana Office of Community Rural Affairs for a grant from the State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Planning program.

    This program is funded by Title I of the federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended. These funds are to be used for a community development planning project that will include the following activities:
      completion of an interior/exterior/structural analysis regarding the renovation of the existing Beach Lodge located in Culver, Indiana.
    The total amount of CDBG funds to be requested is $15,000. The amount of CDBG funds proposed to be used for activities that will benefit low and moderate income persons is $8,640. The Applicant also proposes to expend an estimated $4,000 in non-CDBG funds on the project. These non-CDBG funds will be derived rom the following sources: $4,000 existing cash on hand within the town's park fund.

    The Town of Culver will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 30, 2015, at the Culver Town Hall, located at 200 E. Washington Street, Culver, Indiana to provide interested parties an opportunity to express their views on the proposed federally funded CDBG project. The meeting will begin at 12:00 p.m. (noon)...

    Shannon McLeod, Grant Writer, at Priority Project Resources, Inc., 531 Sycamore Trace, Greensburg, Indiana

2015 - Dec 3 - The council also approved submittal of application for a planning grant through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, as administered by Culver's park board towards eventual renovation of its beach lodge. The matching grant would require $3,500 from the park fund towards a total $15,000 planning grant.
    The park also recently completed public hearings towards its five-year master plan, with a survey distributed throughout town also required to be returned by Dec. 1.

2015 - Dec. 10 - Marc Hayden hands in resignation as Town Park Superintendent.2015 - Last Day Dec. 13

2018 - Jan 8 - The Town of Culver recently applied for an Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) grant to help with planning for the rehabilitation of the lodge building. Once sufficient scope has been finalized throughout 2016, additional grant funds will be sought to actually perform the work.

2016- Mar 16 - The Town of Culver reviewed a contract proposed between a local contractor and the Parks and Recreation Department, last night.
    A special meeting was called by the Town Council to review the contract after the Town’s Park Board recommended the document entered into with North Shore Fabrication first receive their blessing. North Shore is being tasked with removing the boat piers, considered unstable by the Town, and constructing new piers.

    Town Manager Jonathan Leist says the work is under a bit of a deadline. Otherwise, those renting spaces on the piers will need to be reimbursed some their rental rates.

    “In the original agreement that the park was working on with [the company], any day past May 15th, North Shore would have been responsible for those refunds like what were issued last year when there were delays,” says Leist.

    The idea is to begin making repairs by a deadline of May 30th. The contract is in effect for a period of three years. How to pay for supplies and make payments between the Town and North Shore Fabrication, the company performing the work, was a point of concern.

    Work performed the first time the boat piers were constructed was considered sub par with points of the pier construction coming loose.

    The Town Council approved making the contract the amendments requested by the company performing the work.

    The contract was approved with work anticipated to start in the near future.

2016 - April 26 - The Culver Town Council met and abolished the 50-years old Park Board System - Anna Campbell as the head of the newly formed town Park deptartment.

2017 - Amphitheater Planned

2018 - Jan. 30 - A petition has been filed by the Culver Planning Commission to rezone to Municipal Park District 1 (P-1) from the current zoning of Lake District 1 (L-1) the following parcels,

commonly known as 615 and 819 Lakeshore Drive: 5021163041100001114; 502116302580000014 & 502116401526000014

2017 - Apri 13 - Culver Town Park unveils 2018 brochure; Anna Campbel Norwalk leaves Positions Friday Apr. 13
    New for seaon Paddleboard rentals
    Maxinkuckee Yacht Club's Adventure Saturday Sailing program - back
    Culver Farmer's Market - back
    Beach Opens to public on Satruday May 26
    Swimming lessons are offered
    FIshing Pier Open - ONLY during offical park hours 5 a.m.-12 a.m.

Beach Lodge Renovation (Restoration) - Project

2018 - Apr 20 - Amber Cowll becomes new Superintendentn of park - A native of Culver and 204 Culver Girls Academy - to graduate May 21 from Centre College, Danville, Kentucky; major in enviromental studies with lands management, parks and recreation and a minior in education. Has been an employee of the Culver Park for the last 6 years as lifeguard promoting to head lifguard fo 2 years; and last year interned under Ann Nowalk. -Working part time via trips back to Culver and online will become full-time after May 21.

2018 - Jun - The fire lane between the Culver Town Park and Washington Street beforeand after the paving for the bike and pedestrian path

2019 - June 17 Today we started the work on the rain garden! Kristen Gram (‘20), is working on the rain garden as part of her senior service project. Special thanks to Don & Tracy Fox, Rebecca Sam, and culver Academies for making this project possible. We are looking forward to the beautiful native species that will help with water filtration and erosion!!

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