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Town Park Cabins  

Aug. 4, 1937 - Mrs. Hugh Harper took over management of the Beach Lodge, which will now be known as the Culver Beach Resort. The first innovation will be eight modern hotel cabins installed to the east of the bath house....

I think someone has erreously label this photo as "Swimming East Shore Maybe". The area as a whole showin lake, cabins and the hill

Just the immediate cabins area.

A further crop & enlargement shows the "semi circle" that existed in the wall and still exists to this day; there was a water fountain in this on - if it still exists..

A Labled postcard!

1937 - - Aug 4 - Mrs. H. Harper New Manager Beach Lodge
    The management of the Culver Beach Lodge i the town park changed hands Monday when Mrs.Hugh Harper took over the duties from Oliver C Schilling, who has operated the resort sicnce it opened on Memorial Day. It will now be known as the Culver Beach Resort.

    Several changes are planned by Mrs. Harper so as to make the place the finest and most modern in northern Indiana. The first innocation will be the immediate installation of eight modern hotel cabins to the east of the bath house.

    Each cabin will have running water, toliet, electricity, modern furniture, and comforotable beds.

    It is planned to add more cabins next year. Mrs. Harper hopes to have the cabins ready for use by next week

    Adds Dinning Room

    A dinning room is to be placed on the first floor, where chicken and steak dinners will be featured. Meals will be served as a part of the cabin rate, and a free boat ride goes with every complete dinner on week days.

    To show the public the fine fishing to be had at Lake Maxinkuckee, Mrs. Harper offers a prize for the biggest fish caught this season and laso for the largest string of Blue Gills

1937 - AUg 18 - The sub-lease of the bath house to Mrs. M. L. Harper by Oliver SHilling and a contract between Mrs. Harper and the town board were signed by the contracting parties.

1937 - 18 Aug - Half of Cabins at Beach Resort Nor Occupied
    Half of the eight cabins at the Culver Beach Resort are now completely furnished and are being occupied.

    The balance of the one room cabins will be ready will be ready for use within a few days. They will all have a full view of the lake and are well ventilated, assuring the occumpants of the maximum of comfort possible.

    The front part of the first floor of the club house has been arranged as a dining room, while the middle section continues to be a refreshment room with fountain service. A completely equiped kitchen is in the east end of the building.

    The small swings that were in the east end of the park have been moved up near the club house and it probable that the balance will be changed to the come convenient location soon.

If photo is not decieving and my eyes I thin I see 6 if not possibly 7 Number 4 could be 2 cabins close together.

1938 - May 4 - Mrs. Hugh Harper spent from Tuesday until Friday in Chicago attending a concention of resort owners.

Could this be a clue as to when the cabins disaapeared from the park?
    1939 - Oct 4 - To Plant Trees - About 25 to 30 elm trees are to be planted in the playground area of the Town Park this fall it was decided Monday night by the town board. This part of the park is quite bare now and in a few years the new trees will add much to the appearance of the playround.
since both were in the east end of the park.

1940 - Jun 26 - Summon Town Dads To Appear In Court
    The town officials don't believe they need to practice singing "Ther Prisoner's Song" in quartet style or get measured for a suit of stripes, but nevertheless the down dads, E. W. Carter, Steffen Rector, and Clarence Calhoun, and Clerk-Treasurer Earl Foreman, along with Donald Behmer have been summoned to appeart in the Marshall Circuit Court on Friday, July 5.

    The summons was served Tuesday by Sheriff Harvey Phillips on the complaint of Mary L Harper, who operates the Culver Beach Resort, which i srented from the town, and specified it was a complaint for declaratory judgement and temporary injunction">

    No detail as to the exact nature of the court action was given in the court papers as served.

1940 Jan 17 - Financial Satement Town of Culver City... Fiscial Year beginning Jan 1, 1939 and ending Decber 31, 1939
    Receipts. Mary L Harper rent ...175.00 Mary L Harper rent ...350.00 Mary L Harper rent ...175.00

This is the general area in the 1950's - the view being different but showing the semi-circle and fountain

It is believed that heses were moved up the hill, over Lakeshore drive and up onto the property at 820 Lakeshore Dr. - the Harpers purchased this property before the fall of 1940; at least one still existed there a few years ago.

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