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Pennsylvania Freight Train Wreck January 1951  

Here is the article and some pictures of the train wreck of 30 January 1951, that occured just a ways north of then St. Rd. 17 [West Shore Drive, today] and the outlet of the Pennsylvania Freight train.

These are of the wreckage and the repair work going on the next days after; and the train that brought in the repair equipment.

The frieght cars it is said was to have contained automobiles and auto parts that were being shipped from Studebaker in South Bend.

Below is the article relating to the train wreck:

Culver Citizen
Wednesday, January 31, 1951

Fourteen Frieght Cars Derailed in
Costly Train Wreck Here Yesterday
Near zero weather along the ice covered waters of Lake Maxinkuckee failed to halt the wrecking crews from Logansport and Chicago who are clearing the Pennsylvania Railway right-of-way following a costly wreck which occured at 2:20 a. m. yesterday morning when 14 cars of a 69 car frieght train were derailed just north of State Road 17 near the o ultet of lake.

A broken rail was believed to have been the cause of the derailment. Fortunately the break came in the middle of the long frieght the engine and caboose remaining on the tracks, no causalties being reported. Five of the cars plowed into and over the embakments overturning, on coming to rest at the edge of the lake.

Fast moving cars badly damaged the right-of-way splintering the ties and digging into the railbed. The train wreck crews from Logansport arrived early yesterday monring with another coming from Chicago. The wreck attracted a large number of on-lookers.

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