Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Vintage Ads 1895  

Vintage Ads 1895

J. H. Born, Blacksmithing & Repairing 

The Culver Military Academy 

Colonnade Hotel, W. S. Marks, Manager 

B. W. S. Wiseman, Physician & Surgeon 

H. A. Deeds, Dentist 

Dillon & Castleman, Grain Dealers 


W. S. Easterday
furniture, Undertaker & embalming  


Marmont Baker, Wm. Foss proprietor 

T. B. Harris, Manufacture of Indiana Lumber 

Variety Store, E. M. George 

Wm. Kepler, Livery & Stable 

J. H. Hart, Academy barber 

Prince Marmont, stud stallion, J. H. Koontz 

R. Kreuzberger's Wine & Beer Hall,
WM. Knoeble, Manager 

Kreuzberger Park Restaurant,
D. A. Bradley

Lakeside Hotel,
D. G. Walter, proprietor  

Marmont Exchange Bank,
W. W. Osborne, Pres 

Marmont Herald,
Geo. Nearpass, Prop. 

Marmont Novelty Works,
D. G. Walter, Contractor & Builder 

Main Street Meat Market,
J. F. Cromley Proprietor 

Oldenburg Coach Stallion,
Maxenkuckee & Marmont Horse Co.
F. M. Parker, Secretary 


General Hardware, Urias Menser 

H. J. Meredith's
Grocery Store 

M. F. Mosher
Yachts & Row boats 

City Meat Market,
Overman & Castleman 


Henry Oyler,
Boot & Shoe Repair 

Harness Goods,
Hayden Rea 

O. A. Rea, M.D.
Physician & Surgeon 

Rotzien's Galleries 

P.E. Sarber,
Horse & Hog breeder 

Marmont & Maxenkuckee Lake Drayman, Wm. Swigart 

Vandalia Line 


E.B. Van Shoiak, The hustler,
General Store 

W. H. Wilson, Blackmithing 

L. H. Wiseman, Drugs & Medicines Drug Store 

B. W. S. Wiseman,
Physician & Surgeon 

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