Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

The Vonnegut Family  

brief but incomplete overview of the Vonnegut family of Indianapolis and Lake Maxinkuckee:

The Vonnegut & Liber family has it's mark on Indiana. Clemens Vonnegut, established Vonnegut Hardware Company in Indianapolis after arriving in America from Germany. Vonnegut hardware remained a staple of downtown Indianapolis a century. Bernard Vonnegut,was a renowned Indianapolis architect, designing numerous Indianapolis buildings, including the Athenaeum. Albert Lieber, was a prominent member of the Indianapolis "aristocracy", and was owner of a brewery whose beers won global acclaim for its secret ingredient: coffee. Kurt Vonnegut Sr. became a second generation Indianapolis architect his acclaim were the original L.S. Ayers headquarters and the Indiana Bell building. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is best known for his acting, writing and artistic works. Most of the Vonnegut's and Lieber found their final resting place at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.

The Vonnegut Lieber ancestry ties into the Lieber, Vonnegut's & Glosbrenner's, Schnaull's , Rasmussen's as follows:

    1. Johann Richard Lieber & Clara Carolina Melbeck
    .....2. Peter Lieber & Sophia St. André
    .........3. Albert Lieber & Alice Sophia Barus
    ............ 4. Edith Sophia (Lieber & Kurt Vonnegut, Sr.
    .....2. Frederick Herman Lieber Marianne Metzger
    .........3. Ida Lieber & Henry Kothe
    ............ 4. Elsa C Kothe & Harry Wishard Glossbrenner
    .........3. Hermann P. Lieber & Alma Bachmann
    ............ 4. Kurt Erwin Lieber & Barbara Fry Williams

    1. William Jacob Glossbrenner & Jane Rowan Cox
    .....2. Alfred Morton Glossbrenner & Minnie Mae Stroup
    .........3. Daniel Independence Glossbrenner & Edna Josephine Schnull
    ............ 4. Catherine Matilda Glossbrenner & James wood Rasmussen
    .....2. Elsa C Kothe & Harry Wishard Glossbrenner

    1. Heinrich "Henry" Friedrich Schnull & Mathilda Schramm
    .....2. Emma V Schnull & Clemens Vonnegut Jr.
    .....2. Nannie (Schnull & Bernard Vonnegut, Sr.
    .....2. Gustav Adolph Schnull & Matilda Mayer
    .........3. Edna Josephine Schnull & Daniel Independence Glossbrenner

    1. Clemens Vonnegut, Sr. & Katharina Blank
    .....2. Clemens Vonnegut, Jr. & Emma Schnull
    .....2. Bernard Vonnegut, Sr. & Nannie Schnull
    .........3. Kurt Vonnegut, Sr. & Edith Sophia Lieber

"I made my first mental maps of the world...on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee. Because everything about that lake was imprinted on my mind when it held so little and was so eager for information, it will be my lake as long as I ive. I have no wish to visit it, for I have it right here." - Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt wrote a beautiful piece about Maxinkuckee in Chapter IV in Fates Worse Than Death (1991).

Kurt spoke of the Vonnegut family in Slapstick.

In his last interview on 28 February 2007 - Kurt said of his family :
    Yeah, well, I've said in my speeches that everyone needs an extended family. The great American disease is loneliness. We no longer have extended family. But I had one. There were lots of Vonneguts in the phone book and my mother was a Lieber, and there were Liebers there too. And at Lake Maxinkuckee there were a row of cottages, one of which we owned, and so I was surrounded by relatives all of the time. You know, cousins, uncles and aunts. It was heaven. And that has since been dispersed.

The Vonnegut + Maxinkuckee Connection is found in the “Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine” May 2008 issue.

Generation One

img src="vonnegut/vonnegut_clemens_sr_sm.jpg"> 1 - Clemens Vonnegut, Sr., (1824-1906) born 20 NOV 1824 in Muenster, Westphalia, Germany, and died 13 DEC 1906 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Burial: 03/29/1907 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 52 arrived in New York City in the summer of 1851
His paternal ancestors the Vonneguts came from Munster, Westphalia, where the name derives from a distant forebear who had an estate—"ein Gut"---on the little River Funne; hence the surname FunneGut the estate on the Funne. This name was subsequently changed from Funnegut to Vonnegut. Funnegut sounded too much like "funny gut" in English. His father had been an official tax-collector for the Duke of Westphalia.

He had completed his Abitur' at the Hochschule in Hannover: which meant that he had the equivalent at that time of an American college education and was qualified to attend one of the Universities as a candidate for a Ph.D. degree.

He had an acquaintance with Latin and Greek, and spoke French fluently in addition to his native German. He had read widely in History and Philosophy; had acquired a fine vocabulary; and was able to write with clarity. Although raised and instructed in the Roman Catholic Church, he rejected formalized religion and disliked clergymen.

He greatly admired Voltaire, and shared many of the latter's philosophical views. Instead of attending a University, Clemens became a salesman for a textile firm located in Amsterdam, Holland. At the age of twenty-four, in 1848, he decided to emigrate to the United States, where he first traveled about as agent for the textile mill.

A sophisticated eccentric who wore a cape and carried rocks around downtown to build his biceps, Clemens arrived in Indianapolis from Germany in 1851 and immediately recognized an opportunity to sell coffin fittings and tools at what was then the edge of the western frontier.

Arriving in Indianapolis in 1850 and entered into a partnership with fellow German Charles Vollmer shortly thereafter. Their general merchandising store was called Vollmer & Vonnegut at 71 Washington Street, Indianapolis. Vollmer left to go out West in 1852 but was never heard from again.

In 1858, Vonnegut bought and assumed Charles Vollmer’s share in the business and opened Clemens Vonnegut Hardware at 8 East Washington Street the merchandise store he and his business partner Charles Volmer had run for several years. The storefront moved to several Washington Street locations including 338 East Washington Street in 1859 and 342 East Washington Street in 1867.

In 1898 Vonnegut, Sr. moved the business to 120 and 124 East Washington Street. Vonnegut, Sr. would remain president of the company until his death in 1906. In 1908 the store was incorporated as the Vonnegut Hardware Company at 338 E. ' Washington St. His business was located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and the venture eventually expanded to 12 branches and would remain a fixture for over 100 years; and was operated by three of Vonnegut’s sons, and other descendants until 1965. The Schlage Lock Company of San Francisco bought the business that year, which by this time included twelve neighborhood retail hardware stores, an industrial division with two warehouses, and the Van Duprin Lock Company. Schlage Lock retained Van Duprin Lock but sold the stores and warehouses in 1966. The retail stores operated through the 1970s, and were all closed by 1980.

Views of the Vonnegut hardware of 1906, 1908, 1928, 1947 and unknown; and a catalogue

In 1869 Clemens Vonnegut, Jr. (eldest son) began working at the hardware store then left in 1890. He returned in 1910 and became Vice President of the company. (His brother, Bernard Vonnegut Sr., worked at the firm briefly but disliked working in the hardware store ) Bernard Vonnegut (second son) would have no interest in his father's company and ultimately choose a different career path, as an architect. The author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. . was Bernard's grandson and worked for during the summers while attending high school at Shortridge. In 1908 Franklin "Frank" Vonnegut (third son) took over as the company's president. George Vonnegut (youngest son) would become the secretary and treasurer of the company. Carl Prinzler, co-inventor of the Von Duprin panic bar device, was manager of the builder's hardware department in 1903.

Clemens met his wife while she worked as a waitress in a small German restraurant across the street of the Vonnegut Hardware Company on East Washington Street. Katrina was from a German immigrant family of seven children of a German immigrant family who who had settled on a farm in Wayne Township, Marion County, just west of Indianapolis. Katrina had very little formal education.

At the urging of Charles Vollmer, a schoolmate, Vonnegut married on January 24, 1853/Jan 11, 1853 Indianapolis, Marion, In. 5/509 Miss Katharina/Catherine Blank daughter of Johann George Blank and Anna Maria Oser [Ogers] She was born Nov 1828 in Urloffen, Baden, Germany, and died 12 APR 1904 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 15 APR 1904 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Sec 2 Lot 52.

He bought a modest home on West Market Street and they raised their family in steadily improving material circumstances. Both spoke German in their home, but had considerable fluency in French as well. The training of their children was in the tradition and culture of nineteenth-century Germany. It is highly significant of Clemens's ascetic and puritanical ethics that his literary idol was Schiller and not Goethe, who was much the greater genius. He disapproved of Goethe's morals, and would not read him

Clemens attained local distinction as an advocate of progressive public education. He served for twenty-seven years on the Board of School Commissioners of the City of Indianapolis; most of the time as Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer. He was an incorruptible and highly efficient officer. He was particularly interested in the High School, and saw to it that first-rate instruction was provided in the classics, history, and the social sciences. He was instrumental in the establishment of the second High School in 1894, known as Manual Training High School, where, under Professor Emmerich as Principal, instruction was provided with emphasis on Science, Mathematics, and Practical Engineering. Graduates of these two high schools were readily accepted at Harvard and Yale and other great Universities until about 1940; since then the prestige of these high schools has sadly declined as a result of lowered standards.

At his death at age eighty-two in 1906 he was a greatly respected figure in the business and civic life of the community; next only to Henry Schnull as the first in prestige of the German immigrants to Indianapolis.

Old Clemens, as he advanced into his seventies, turned over management of his business to the competent hands of his three sons: Clemens, Jr., Franklin, and George. His son Bernard had a brief connection with the Company but disliked what he called `the trade in nails' and confined his attention to his profession of architecture and to his avocations in the arts. He had never been as robust as his brothers, two of whom lived into their nineties. The old man set them all an example not only of the highest standards of moral integrity but of physical fitness through exercise of the body. To the end of his days old Clemens was a devotee of the teachings of Father Jahn: a sound mind in a sound body. He exercised daily in all weathers and ate and drank very sparingly. He never weighed much over one hundred and ten pounds. He could be seen striding vigorously about the streets swinging a large boulder in each hand. If he passed a tree with a stout branch within reach he would stop, lay down the boulders, and chin himself a number of times on the branch.

Clemens Vonnegut was a cultivated eccentric. He was small in stature, but stout in his independence and convictions. While his forebears had been Roman Catholics, he professed to be an atheist or Free Thinker. He would more properly be called a skeptic, one who rejects faith in the unknowable. But he was a very model of Victorian asceticism, lived frugally, and eschewed excesses of any kind. He greatly admired Benjamin Franklin, whom he called an American saint, and named his third son after him instead of naming him for one of the saints on the Christian calendar. As a recognition of his service to public education, one of the City's schools was named after him. He was highly literate, well read, and the author of various pamphlets expounding his views on education, philosophy, and religion.

On a cold December day in the year 1904, in his eighty-third year, he left his home for his usual walk. He apparently became confused and lost his way. When he did not return at his accustomed time, his f amily instituted a search with the assistance of the police. He was found several miles from his home lying by the side of a road-quite dead. It was the sort of death he would have welcomed-active to the very end.

He wrote his own funeral oration.

Clemens and Katrina were both small in stature and dark complexeted. They spoke German in their home and was fluent in French also. They brought children up in the tradition and culture of nineteenth-century Germany.

Their children:
    +2 - Clemens, Jr., born November 19, 1853 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, m. Emma Schnall

    +2a - Bernard Vonnegut born August 8, 1855 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, and died in August 7, 1908. married Nannie Schnull

    +3 - Franklin Vonnegut October 20, 1856 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana d. 1952) married Pauline VonHake

    +4 - George Vonnegut, born October 22, 1860 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, married Lillie Goeller

Generation Two

2 - Clemens, Jr., born November 19, 1853 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, died 18 Jan. 1921 Indianapolis, Marion Burial: 01/21/1921 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana
    Wednesday, January 19, 1921 Page 8

    Vonnegut Rites Here Tommorrow
    Nephews to Act as Pallbearers
    at Funeral of Local Pioneer Merchant

    Funeral services for Clemens Vonnegut, 67,years old, pioner Indianapolis meetchant, will be held from the Vonnegut home, 604 East Thirteenth stree, tommorrow morning. Six nephews of Mr. Vonnegut will act as pallbearers: Kurt, Alex, Irwin and Theodore Vonnegut and Clememns Mueller and John Raugh.

    Mr. Vonnegut, who died at his home Tuesday morning following an illness, and result of being struck by anautomobile in December while soliciting for the community. He was born in Indianapolis, Nov 19, 1853 the eldest son four sons of Clemens Vonnegut. Following schooling [in the] German-English Independent and Indianapolis high schools, he went to work in his father's hardware store on East Washington street.

    A Civi Builder.

    He later became local manager for the National Casket Company, remainign at that post for fisteen years. In 1908 he became vice president of the Vonnegut Hardware Company, the position he held at the time of his death.

    He was a member of the Columbia Club, Hoosier Motor Club, active in the Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Association, and at the time of his death was president of the Athenaeum. He was one of the directors of the Indiana Manufacturing Recirocal Association, and in 1894 served as a member of the Legislature as a representatinve of Marion county. He married Miss Emma Schnull in 1878. He was active in the musical life of the city, at one time being director of the Indianapolis Orchestra and the May Musical festival, and was an able amateur violinist.

    Mr. Vonnegut is survived by the widow, two brothers: George and Franklin Vonnegut; a daughter, Mrs. W. K. Stewart and two sons: Anton and Walter. The funeral services will be private.

m. Sep. 4, 1878 Indianapolis, Marion, In. 15/346 Emma Schnull 4 SEP 1857 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d. aet 81 17 Feb 1939 Culver , Marshall, Indiana. Burial: 10/24/1939 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 6 Lot: 4 daughter of Henry Schnull and Mary Mathilde Schramm. They have three children;

    +5 - ELLA NANETTE Vonnegut 16 OCT AND 16 NOV 1879 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana wife of William Kerfoot Stewart

    +6 - ANTON Scituate Vonnegut b. Dec 18, 1881 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Ina L. Holleweg May 1, 1912 Marion co., In. 65/588

    +7 - WALTER Vonnegut born 17 FEB 1884 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Margaret Potts

2a - Bernard Vonnegut born August 8, 1855 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, and died on August 7, 1908 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana He died of intestinal cancer at fifty-three.
Burial: 08/10/1908 Section: 6 Lot: 4 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

Growing up in Indianapolis, he was described as the opposite of his father: artistic, extremely modest, retiring, unsociable, slightly introverted. "He had no intimates, and took but little part in social activities. He was never a happy...but was inclined to be reticent, shy, and somewhat contemptuous of his environment...and evidently unhappy in Indianapolis most of the time." He briefly worked for his father's firm but disliked it.

On the advice of his father's friend, Alexander Metzger, he "took the course in architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later studied at the Polytechnic Institute of Hanover, Germany."

Returning for Germany, he resided in New York City during the late 1870s and early 1880s during the city's "Gilded Age." He worked as a draftsman for a number of years in the offices of famous architect George B. Post. There, according to family lore, he became highy productive and sociable. He felt his creativity and pursuit of arts was appreciated and respected in a way that it was not in Indiana. His happiness was only interrupted when his family ordered his to return to the Midwest and his family's social status and marry a good German girl.

The Black Sheep - The only of Clemens’ four sons who refused to go into the hardware business, Bernard instead took up architecture. Bernard’s line would forever contain the outsiders. The Legacy - For all the family’s success in business and literature, the architecture of Bernard and Kurt Sr. looms largest in Indianapolis. He (they) designed and designed some of Indianapolis' most recognizable buildings and the most notably are: the Athenæum (Das Deutsche Haus), 401 E. Michigan Street, German Renaissance Revival style building built in two phases—the east wing 1893–94, and the west wing, 1897–1898. and the downtown L. S. Ayres building. The latter’s best work can be seen at what is today Herron High School at 110 E. 16th St. and the AT&T building at 240 N. Meridian St. Other buildings attributed to him are: Student Building, Indiana University Bloomington, The First Chamber of Commerce of Indianapolis , The William H. Block Company (Indianapolis) building (also wit Arthur Bohn), The John Herron Art Institute (Indianapolis, Indiana), The Fletcher Trust Building (Indianapolis, Indiana), The Students Building, Indiana University Bloomington, Delaware Street Temple (Indianapolis, Indiana), Shortridge High School (Indianapolis, Indiana), and The Federal Building (Vincennes, Indiana)

In 1886, he was "elected a member of the Western Association of Architects," which following consolidation with the American Institute of Architects in 1889, he be­came a Fel­low. Additionally, he was a mem­ber of the Architectural League of America

He established his own firm in 1883 in Indianapolis before establishing the architectural firm of Vonnegut & Bohn in 1888 with Arthur Bohn (b. 1861).

A Mueller (and probably descendant) joined Vonnegut & Bohn as a partner in the 1940s and the firm was briefly renamed Vonnegut, Bohn & Mueller before a 1946 merger that wiped out the latter two names

married Sep. 19, 1883 Indianapolis, Marion, In. 18/319 & 1/163 "Nannie" Nanette [HANNETTE] Schnull born FEB 1859 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, and died 16 OCT 1929 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 10/19/1929 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 6 Lot: 4. daughter of Henry Schnull and Mary Mathilde Schramm.

The "Schnull-Vonnegut clan was slightly condescending," and considered near the top of "the pecking order in the social hierarchy of the community, and particularly in the German group

Although not active in the Indianapolis community, he was a cultured man of the arts, and reading poetry of Heine and heavily favoring German culture. He frequently lived abroad and sent his young sons to the American School in Strasbourg.[3][5] Although Nanette was trained and acquainted in music and literature, she did not share most of her husband's interests and by all accounts theirs was not a happy marriage. Kurt and Irma...identified with their father, while Alex identified with his mother.

Feeling unappreciated in Indianapolis, he returned to being silent and unsociable. He frequently suffered indigestion and headaches and died at the age of fifty-three, only two years after his father, of intestinal cancer, never living to see any of his children married

    Mrs. B. Vonnegut Dies; Well Known Cottager
    At Lake for 40 Years
    Mrs. Bernard Vonnegut Passed Away Last Thursday Afternoon at Home In Indianapolis

    Mrs. bernard Vonnegut, 70 years of age, age died Thursday afternnon, October 17, at her hom in Indianapolis. Mrs. Vonnegut was one of the pioneer cottagers of Lake Maxinkuckee and had been coming here each summer for forty years. She was well known through out the summer colony and her sunny disposition made her a host of friends who join in mourning her departure.

    Mrs. Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis, October 16, 1859, the daughter of Henry Schnull. She attended the German-English School and Baptist Seminary in Indianapolis and St. Mary's-of-the-Wood's, Terre Haute.

    For many years she was an active member of the board of trustees of the Indinapolis Orphan's Home, and was a member of the All Souls Unitarian Church.

    Survivors are a sister, Mrs. Clemens Vonnegut, a brother Gustav Schnull; a daughter, Mrs. Irma Lindener of Hamburg, Germany; four grandchildren and many loving nieces and nephews.

    Funeral services were held Saturday morning at Indianapolis, with interment in the Crown Hill Cemetery.
    Culver Citizen - 23 October 1929.

They had three children:
    +8 - KURT Vonnegut b. NOV 24, 1884 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Edith Lieber

    +9 - IRMA Vonnegut born 29 JUN 1890 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana She married "Kurt" Robert Adolph Kurt Lindener

    10 - Alexander "ALEX" Vonnegut b. 19 Jul. 1888 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 28 Jul 1975 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 07/31/1975 Section: 6 Lot: 4
      Harvard educated, and a broker for the Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company.

      m. JUN 12, 1915 Indianapolis, Marion co., In., 81/270 Raye Dryer born 12 JUN 1889 Maine died died 31 OCT 1983 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 11/03/1983 Section: 6 Lot: 4. Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

      He had been married since 1915, but he and his wife, Raye, had no children and never would. The reason at least the one Alex gave to close relatives was that he had contracted a venereal disease while making the Grand Tour of Europe after college and was incapable of fathering a child. Having missed this opportunity, he energetically acted the surrogate parent to his many nieces and nephews

3 - Franklin "Frank" Vonnegut October 20, 1856 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d. 17 Oct. 1952 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 10/20/1952 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 52

Franklin Vonnegut (1856-1952) was the son of Clemens Vonnegut, a German immigrant who came to Indianapolis and founded a hardware store, which was a city institution for over a hundred years. He president of the company from 1908 to 1940. He was involved in numerous civic institutions: a founder and later president of the Commercial Club; a founder and longtime director of Indianapolis Area Red Cross; leader of Community Fund and supporter of several German gymnastic organizations.

The first May Music Festival was organized in 1889 by Carl Barus, director of the Indianapolis Maennerchor, and festivals were held each year through 1898. Prominent members of the German-American community, such as Herman Lieber and Franklin Vonnegut, joined with other Indianapolis serve as guarantors of the festival fund...

married Mar. 27, 1879 Indianapolis, Marion, In. 15/553 Pauline Olga Von Hake (van Hoke) born 23 AUG 1859 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada died May 6/12, 1890 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana 8 MAY 1890 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Sec 2 Lot 52. daughter of Oscar VonHake & Johanna Wilson sister to Carl VanHake

children 1st marriage:
    +11 - THEODORE Franklin Vonnegut June 21, 1880 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Lucy Lewis

    12 - FELIX Von Hake Vonnegut b. DEC 19, 1881 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died 28 Mar. 1946 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 04/01/1946 Section: 44 Lot: 311 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Edna M. Goth JUN 6, 1905 Indianapolis, Marion In. 8/282 & 38/270 born 6 FEB 1886 in Minnesota and died 10 FEB 1976 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 02/13/1976 Section: 44 Lot: 311 daughter of Edward G. Goth and Ella M. Black

    +13 - ARTHUR Vonnegut b. JUN 13,1883 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana [Bk. H-1 pg. 237] married Lillian Fauvre

m. 2nd FEB 8, 1898 Indianapolis, Marion, In. 6/52 & 29/254 EMMA Catherine [-?-] KRAUSS born 29 Mar 1864 in Lucas county Ohio and died ABT 26 DEC 1944 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married 1st William Krauss Birth in Germany Death 1892 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana son of Frederick Krauss and Catherine Schimp. she had by 1st marriage:
    Katherine Louise Krauss born 2 May 1887 Indiana married 28 Feb 1911 Marion county Indiana David W Fosler

    Wilfred Karl Krauss born 30 Nov 1890 Indianapolis, Indiana died 21 Sep 1976 Palm Beach Flordia married 17 Aug 1917 Marion county Indiana Elizabeth Landon

4 - George Vonnegut, born October 22, 1860/1 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, died 14 Jul 1952 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 07/17/1952 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 52

New York Times
March 10, 1952
    Indianapolis, March 10 - George Vonnegut, retired secretary-treasurer of the Vonnergut Hardware Company here died last night at the age of 92

    He was active in the Indiana Council of Boy Scouts and was founder and former director of the Indiana Convention Bureau. Mr. Vonnegut was past president of the Merchants Association of Indianapolis. A graduate of the North American Gymnastics Union of Milwaukee, her retired three years ago.

    Surviving are his widow, Mrs Lille Vonnegut; two sons, Erwin G. and Ralph C. Vonnegut, and a brother, Franklin.

Indianapolis News
March 10, 1952
    Vonnegut, George, 3721 N. Meridian, Apt. 3 husband of Lillie Goeller Vonnegut father of Irwin G., Ralph C., and borther of Franklin Vonnegut, passed away Satuday/ Services and cremation. FLanner and Buchanan Mortuary Tuesday 1 p.m. Friends invited. Firends may all at the mortuary

married APR 15, 1885 Indianapolis, Marion, In. 19/259 Lillie Goeller was born MAR 1863 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and died 12 JAN 1959 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 01/15/1959 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 52 daughter of Louis Goeller and Caroline [-?-].

Their three children are:
    14 - Erwin George Vonnegut b. 2 Apr. 1890 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 20 Apr 1976 Dade county, Florida Burial: 04/23/1976 Section: 2 Lot: 52 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana He married 28 Jan 1925 - Marion, Grant, Indiana Cecilia Katherine Kiley born FEB 1899 in Marion, Grant, Indiana and died 12 MAR 1967 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 03/15/1967 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 52 daughter of Frank Joseph Kiley and Henrietta Amelia "Hattie" Ludwig

    +15 - Ralph Clemens Vonnegut born 20 DEC 1896 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Eleanor Goodall

    +16 - Carl Richard "Vonne" Vonnegut born 31 May 1902 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana m. MARJORIE LEWIS

    VONNEGUT - GEO,LILLY GELLERFWMar. 21 1888Marion co., InH-3/119
    VONNEGUT -  &GEOnbsp;LILLIE GELLER  W,  APR 2 1890 Marion co., In. H-4/45 
    VONNEGUT -  GEO --- GOELLER  MAY 3 1902 Marion co., In. H-9/263 
    VONNEGUT -   George  LILLY YELLER  DEC 20,1896 Marion co., In. H-7/195 

Generation Three

5 - ELLA NANNETTE Vonnegut born BET 16 OCT AND 16 NOV 1879 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died 9 DEC 1968 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky Burial: 12/12/1968 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 6 Lot: 4
    Summer Resident DIes in Louisville

    Mrs. W. K. Stewart, 89 Died in Louisville, Ky. She was vuried Thursday in Crown Hill Cemetery at Indianapolis. Mrs. Stewart regularly spent her summers here in the lakeside cottage were her father, Clements Vonnegut. had brought his family in the early 1880's

    She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. J. T. Menger, Knoxville, Tenn., grandson, J. T. Mengerl, Jr. of Wisconsin and her grand-daughter Mrss Nanette Mengel of California. - Culver Citizen

married 15 SEP 1903 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana William Kerfoot Stewart was born 26 Jul 1875 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. He died 02 Mar 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky, at age 83, and his Burial: 03/05/1959 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 6 Marker: N Lot: 4 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana son of Charles Gray McLean Stewart & Martha Norman Mooklar. He was educated at Bachelor of Arts - Yale University in Jun 1899 in New Haven, Ct. He owned W. K. Stewart Co. Inc. Book Store., Between 1917-1959, Louisville, Kentucky.

The Origins and History of the Bobbs-Merrill Company by Jack O'Bar
    The Bobbs-Merrill Company divested itself of the bookstore in 1909 with the sale of that portion of the business to William Kerfoot Stewart, a Bobbs-Merrill sales manager. Stewart's family had earlier connections with the Indianapolis firm. His grandfather, William Stewart, had been a cofounder of Stewart, Bowen, and Company. The same firm later became Bowen, Stewart and Company, ne of the organizations which merged to produce Bowen-Merrill. The younger Stewart also acquired the old Robert Clarke Company of Cincinnati, one of the largest book and stationery firms in that part of the country.

    Over the years the bookstore, renamed the W.K. Stewart Company, continued a close relationship with Bobbs-Merrill. The store remained in the building at 911 West Washington Street where the publishing business was conducted. A year after the sale of the bookstore, the building passed into the hands of a new owner who required the space for another use. It was necessary for Bobbs-Merrill to move

They have one child:
    +17 - Susan Kerfoot Stewart born on 4 Nov 1905 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana She married Joseph T. Mengel .

6 - ANTON Scituate Vonnegut born 18 DEC 1881 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died 4 MAY 1964 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 05/07/1964 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 22 Lot: 53 m. 1 MAY 1912 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Ina Louise Holleweg born 23 MAY 1886 Indiana died 4 Jul 1966 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 07/07/1966 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 22 Lot: 53 daughter of Louis Hollweg and Louise Koehrmann

Their three children are:
    18 - Louise Antoinette Vonnegut was born 6 Sep 1913 in Indianapolis, Marion , Indiana and died ABT 14 AUG 1943 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, She married Henry Jameson Peirce 10 JUN 1939 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. He was born 19 FEB 1911, and died 30 JAN 1993 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana son of James Donald Peirce & Eunice Jameson Peirce

    +19 -Richard Clemens Vonnegut, Sr Feb. 20, 1913 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana Death: Aug. 20, 2008 Indiana

    20 - Antonette Vonnegut b. 1916 Burial: 08/28/1919 Section: 22 Lot: 53

7 - WALTER Vonnegut born 17 FEB 1884 in Indianapolis, Marion , Indiana died 23 Dec 1940 - Union twp., Marshall county, Indiana Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana Plot: section 6 lot 4

married 27 Aug 1909 Rye, Rockingham, New Hampshire Margaret (Marjorie) R. [Stella Marjorie] Potts BIRTH 23 Mar 1888 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana DEATH 25 Oct 1936 Manhattan, New York, BURIAL Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana PLOT Sec: 39, Lot: 579 daughter of Alfred F. and May (Barnaby) Potts. married 2nd' 2 Feb 1926 - Manhattan New York Donald Robert Perry "Don" Marquis Birth 29 July 1878 in Walnut, Illinois Death 29 Dec 1937 in Forest Hills, Long Island New York son of Dr. James Stewart Marquis & Virginia F. Whitmore

Walter Vonnegut and Marjorie Potts Vonnegut, were professional actors.

    Elizabeth May Vonnegut BIRTH 25 DEC 1910 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, DEATH 21 SEP 1911 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, Burial Sep 23, 1911 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, stone reads "Betty" May death certificate has "Elizabeth" written above Betty which is scratched out.

    +21 - Irma Ruth Vonnegut was born 28 SEP 1912 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married Daniel Lynn Carroll Jr.

    +21a Walter Alfred Vonnegut born Dec. 5, 1922 Jefferson, Kentucky married Helen Ruth McFarland

He married 2nd Jan 8, 1928 Greenwich, Conneticut Rosalie M Mathieue Birth 26 Jan 1896 Brooklyn New, New York daughter of Augustus Mathieu and Anna M Maubach
    Walter Vonnegut Marries In Greenewich, Connecticut
      The many friends of Walter Vnnegut well known summer resident of the East Side will be interested to learn of his marriage on January 8, to Miss Rosalie Mathieu of Brooklyn, N.Y. The ceremony was preformed at Greenewich, Conn They gave their occupations as actor and actress. - Citizen Feb 29, 1928

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 Name: Rosalie Mathieu Vonnegut [Rosalie Mathieu Mathieu]
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Birth Date: 26 Jan 1896
    Birth Place: Brooklyn New, New York
    Father: Augustus Mathieu
    Mother: Anna M Maubach
    SSN: 317223727
    Signature on SSN Card: Rosalie Mathieu Vonnegut
    Relationship of Signature: Signature name differs from NH’s name.
    Notes: Mar 1943: Name listed as ROSALIE MATHIEU VONNEGUT

8 KURT Vonnegut b. 24 NOV 1884 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died 1 OCT 1956 in Nashville, Brown, Indiana from lung cancer without treatment Burial: 10/03/1956 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 6 Lot: 4

He was an American architect and architectural lecturer active in early- to mid-twentieth-century Indianapolis, Indiana.

He attended the American College in Strasbourg for three years from around 1902 and earned a Bachelor of Science in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1908. Afterward, he continued his studies in Berlin, traveling “with his widowed mother and his sister, Irma” returning in 1910 to join “his father's surviving partner, Arthur Bohn.

Vonnegut joined as a partner in Vonnegut & Bohn, and while there “he joined the University Club and taught lettering at the Herron Art Institute from 1912-1913 and architectural history from 1913 to 1915, and headed the Art Association of Indianapolis’ Art School Committee from 1915-1927. He designed the original logo for the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

he firm did little during the Great Depression and at some point the firm was renamed Vonnegut, Bohn & Mueller Architects with the addition of another partner. In 1946, Kurt Vonnegut Sr. was the sole partner and merged with the firms Pierre & Wright (of Indianapolis, Indiana) and Miller & Yeager (of Terre Haute, Indiana) to form Vonnegut, Wright & Yeager, which was located at 1126 Hume Mansur Building, Indianapolis, and 402 Opera House Building, Terre Haute

A member of the American Institute of Architects.

He designed several churches, banks, and became the inhouse architect for Indiana Bell and Hooks Drug stores (prior to World War II), practicing extensively in the Art Deco style

Other architectual works attributed to him are: The first building of All Souls Unitarian Church, 1453 N. Alabama Street, Indianapolis, Indiana , Anderson Bank Building in Anderson, Indiana, Indiana Bell Telephone Building in Indianapolis, Indiana, and The Schultz Department Store (1913), 216 N. Fourth Street, Lafayette, Indiana, now called the Schultz Walgamuth Building

married NOV 22, 1913 Indianapolis, Marion, In. (73/587) Edith Sophia Lieber 26 AUG 1888 in Indianapolis, Marion,Indiana d. May 14, 1944 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 05/16/1944 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 6 Lot: 4 the daughter of millionaire Indianapolis brewer Albert Lieber and Alice Barus. The wedding was one of the costliest in Indianapolis and was on the eve of Prohibition.
    Ediths father, Albert, owner of a giant brewery who reveled in his reputation as one of the richest men in the city, threw a gargantuan reception at the Claypool Hotel at the northwest corner of Washington and Illinois streets, reputed to be the finest hotel in the Midwest. There were six hundred guests, and those not chauffeured in automobiles arrived in horse-drawn carriages with jingling brass harnessesan entire generation of rich Edwardians, silk-hatted or covered demurely by parasols, many of whom had been raised in Indianapoliss mansions on Meridian Street.1 Albert Lieber knew what his guests expected and he did not disappoint. There was a sixty-foot bar, choice meats, champagne, and dancing to an orchestra in the ballroom lasting until six in the morning. - And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life by Charles J. Shields

Through Edith’s father, a trust fund from Lieber’s grandfather Peter Lieber, a later inheritance from Vonnegut’s mother, and Kurt’s architectural practice, the family was upper-middle class, although during the Great Depression their brewery went bankrupt and Vonnegut & Bohn produced next to nothing. Around this time (c. 1929), Kurt Vonnegut Sr. designed and built a large brick residence for his family located at 4401 N. Illinois Street in Indianapolis. The home was heavily mortgaged and eventually sold during the Depression. A smaller house was designed and built in the suburban development of Williams Creek, Indiana in 1941. Its basement featured a small shop with a kiln for ceramics

In 1941, Kurt and Edith traveled to Paris for three weeks for around $2,000 before returning broke. After Edith’s death, Kurt remained somewhat isolated, eventually moving to a small cottage near Nashville, Indiana. Kurt was a lifetime smoker, suffered from emphysema

Passport photograph of Kurt Sr., Bernard, Alice and Edith.

They have three children:
    +22 - Bernard Vonnegut b. August 29, 1914 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died April 25, 1997 Albany, Albany, New York married Lois Bowler

    +23 - Alice Vonnegut b. 1917 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana married James Carmalt Adams

    +24 - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. b. Nov. 11, 1922 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana m. 1 September 1945 Jane Marie Cox 1979; m. 2nd Jill Krementz

9 - IRMA Vonnegut born 29 JUN 1890 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 5 NOV 1984 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, burial: NOV 8,1985 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana, Plot: Sec: 6, Lot: 4

She married bef 22 Dec 1922 - Jul 1924 - Hamburg, Germany "Kurt" Robert Adolph Kurt Lindener abt 1890 Hamburg, Germany , a merchant & who owned plantations in Honduras and son of Arthur Lindener of Klein Flottbeck B/Hamburg on Dec 13, 1922 His residence was stated Germany & Puerto Barrios, Guatemala This couple had various passenger list enteries among which were:
New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: Irma Lindener
Arrival Date: 23 Dec 1922
Birth Date: abt 1890
Birth Location: USA; IN
Birth Location Other: indianapolis
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Ethnicity/ Nationality: German
Port of Departure: Bremen
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: George Washington

Kurt is found in the passenger list with her.

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: Irma V Lindener
Arrival Date: 31 Aug 1946
Birth Date: abt 1890
Age: 56
Gender: Female
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Marine Perch
Destination: 5033 N. Pennsylvania St Indianapolis
Border Crossings: From Mexico to U.S., 1895-1964
Name: Kurt Lindener
Arrival Date: 29 Apr 1936
Port of Arrival: Brownsville, Texas, United States
Airline: Pan American World Airways
Age: 45
Birth Date: abt 1891
Birth Location: Hamburg
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: German
Record has photo?: No
Record Type: Manifest

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: Robert Adolph Kurt Lindener
Arrival Date: 9 Feb 1933
Birth Date: abt 1890
Birth Location: Germany
Birth Location Other: Hamburg
Age: 42 Years 6 Months
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: German
Port of Departure: Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Platano
Occupation: Coffee merchant
Residence: Hamburg more infromation on pg.2 Nieschlag & Co. 79 Wall Street New York, NY wife Irma Lindsener Wolffsonsweg, 14, Hamburg Germany

They had:
    +24a Arthur E. Lindener born on August 11, 1923 in Hamburg, Stadt Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

11 - THEODORE Franklin Vonnegut born 21 JUN 1880 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died BET 25 DEC 1943 AND 18 OCT 1944 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 10/21/1944 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 51

married 11 NOV 1904 in Gibson County, Indiana Lucy Lewis born 11 NOV 1881 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died 6 AUG 1979 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida Burial: 08/09/1979 Section: 2 Lot: 51 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

they had one child
    25 - Pauline Vonnegut born 21 Mar 1912 died. Dec. 24, 2002 Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida. Burial: 09/02/2003 Section: 2 Lot: 51 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana; m. between 1940- Feb, 14, 1947 [-?-] Eck
      ECK, Paulline VONNEGUT, 90, of St. Petersburg, died Tuesday (Dec. 24, 2002) at Grace Healthcare of St. Petersburg.

      She came here in 1952 from her native Indianapolis.

      She was a 1933 graduate of Wheaton College and earned a master's degree from the University of Indiana. She retired after 30 years as a professor of zoology and biology at St. Petersburg Junior College. She also worked for the Foreign Service in Chile and received a Kappa Kappa Gamma foreign study fellowship at the University of Chile. She was president of the Business and Professional Women, South Pinellas Retired Educators, the Alpha Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, the Wesleyan Service Guild at Christ United Methodist Church and the National Retired Teachers Association division of the AARP.

      She was named St. Petersburg Panhellenic's Woman of the Year in 1989.

      She served on the board of directors of the St. Petersburg Audubon Society for 20 years and held leadership positions in the Floridaand National Audubon Societies. She was a member of the National Society of Magna Charta Dames, the Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants, the Society of Indiana Pioneers and the Indiana Academy of Science.

      Survivors include four cousins, Jennifer S. Christ, St. Petersburg, Richard Vonnegut and Walter Vonnegut, Indianapolis, and Kurt Vonnegut, New York.

      Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes & Cremation Tribute Center-Ninth Street Chapel, St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg Times (FL), Date: December 31, 2002, Page: 5; 6B

13 - Arthur Vonnegut b. Jun 13, 1883 Marion county Indiana [Bk. H-1 pg. 237] died 13 JUN 1965 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Burial: 06/16/1965 Section: 14 Lot: 10 married OCT 12, 1909 Marion co., In. 54/386 Lillian Maus Fauvre born 19 Jul 1883 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana died 11 DEC 1932 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Burial: 04/13/1933 Section: 14 Lot: 10 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d/o Frank Maus & Lillian (Scholl) Fauvre

they have two children:
    +25a Franklin Fauvre Vonnegut born 30 Jul 1911 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana married Margaret K. [-?-]

    +25b Virginia Vonnegut born 1 JUN 1913 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana married Ptolemy Durant Summey, Jr

15 - Ralph Clemens Vonnegut born 20 DEC 1896 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died 12 NOV 1985 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 11/15/1985 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 36 Lot: 163

married 22 APR 1922 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Eleanor Josephine Goodall born 31 JAN 1899 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA, and died 8 APR 1979 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 04/11/1979 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 36 Lot: 163 daughter of Walter Jerome Goodall and Lulu M. Osterman

Their Children:
    +26 - Ralph Clemens Vonnegut, Jr. b. July 23, 1929 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d. Oct. 22, 2000 his former wife, Natalia Beck

    +27 - Walter G. Vonnegut, Indianapolis m. PHYLLIS MAISH

16 - Carl Richard "Vonne" Vonnegut born May 3, 1902 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 26 OCT 1938 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 10/29/1938 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 51

m. 5 FEB 1927 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana MARJORIE N. LEWIS born FEB 1902 in Woodruff Place, Marion County, Indiana died aet 97 died 10 Jul 1999 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana Burial: 07/13/1999 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Section: 2 Lot: 51 d/o Frank W. Lewis and Emma May Salter.
She received her basic education at Tudor Hall School for girls and advanced education at LaSalle Junior College

After her marriage she became the mistress of a fine home in an area known as Golden Hill. Widowed, with two young children and a difficult financial situation, she found it necessary to give up her home in Golden Hill and to work at a variety of jobs.

    The Columbia, pg8, Feb 1927

    The ceremony which united in marriage Miss Marjorie Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Lewis, and Carl Richard Vonnegut, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Vonnegut at Christ Episcopal Church was beautiful in its simplicity. The Rev. Floyd VanKeuren, rector of the church, read the service.

    The bridal colors of green and white were carried our in the church decorations, the lighted candles entwined with greenery marked every third pew down the center aisle and filled the wall candelabras.

    A program of bridal airs was played by Cheston L. Heath, organist of Christ Church, while the guests were being seated by the ushers, John Alexander of Wisconsin, Charles Hardesty of Chicago, Schuyler Cole, Frank Lewis, Robert Stafford and John Brenneke.

    The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Sabra Lewis, as maid of honor; Mrs. Shuyler Cols, matron of honor, and Mrs. Oscar H. Pantzer, another sister of the bride, Mrs. Morris Floyd and Miss Edith Watson, as a bridesmaid. The attendants were gowned in chiffon in shaded of blue, and each carried an arm bouquet of roses. Donald McArthur, of Chicago, was best man.

    The bride, who entered with her father, was lovely in a gown of heavy with silk moire fashioned with a long waist, slightly bloused over a tight three-tiered girdle edged with pearls and crystals and fastened with a pearl and crystal ornament in the front. The neckline was cut in a U in the back and deep V in the fron and was also outlined with pearls and crystals. This skirt was short and cut in circular style with an uneven hemline. A long white satin train edged with bands of chiffon hung from her shoulders and her tulle veil was arranged in a close-fitting cap style with clusters of orange blossoms at either side. She carried a shower arm bouquet of Bride roses and lillies of the valley. A reception at the home of the bride's parents followed the ceremony. The house was decorated with palms, ferns, adn baskets of cut flowers and the bridal table held a tiered wedding cake on a plateau or sweet peas and smilax

    Mr. and Mrs. Vonnegut left immediately for a wedding trip and will be at home after March 1 at the Queen Ann apartments. Mrs. Vonnegut's traveling costume was a tailored suit with hat, shoes and gloves in shades of tan and brown.

    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis entertained the bridal party with a lovely dinner at the Columbia Club. The table, which was lighted with tall pink candles, had a lovely center plateau and two smaller palteaus of vari-colored sweet peas. Coverts were laid for twenty guests.

    MARJORIE LEWIS VONNEGUT, 97, Indianapolis, died June 25.

    She had been a saleswoman for Arlene's Exclusive Ladieswear. Previously, she owned Marjorie Vonnegut Inc., a gift shop. She was a member of the Indianapolis Junior League and Christamore Aid Society. She also was a member of Woodstock Club, which her father, the late Frank W. Lewis, founded.

    Memorial contributions may be made to Hooverwood nursing home or Trinity Episcopal Church.

    Services: 11 a.m. July 13 in Flanner & Buchanan Broad Ripple Mortuary, with calling from 5 to 8 p.m. July 12. Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery.

    She was the widow of Carl R. Vonnegut.

    Survivors: children George L., Nancy L. Vonnegut five grandchildren four great-grandchildren.

    Indianapolis Star, The (IN), Date: July 10, 1999, Page: B04

Their children:
    +28 - George Lewis Vonnegut born 30 APR 1929 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana he married Jean Ann Bates

    29 - Nancy Lewis Vonnegut Birth 13 Jun 1932 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, Death Oct 19 2010 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA m. 17 Oct 1953 Marion county Indiana John Joseph Noonan Birth Jul 22 1927 in Culpeper, Culpeper, Virginia Death 19 Jul 2006 in Jerseyville, Jersey, Illinois son of Leo James Noonan & Elise C MaCoy. They had 2 children.

17 - Susan Kerfoot Stewart born on 4 Nov 1905 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 30 OCT 2004 Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina

She married Joseph Torbitt Mengel 5 JAN 1929 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. He was born 13 Mar 1896 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky died 3 Apr 1996 - Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina son of Clarence Rudolph Mengel & Mary B Castleman

Their children:
    +29a Joseph Torbitt Mengel Jr. born 29 Jul 1931 Tennessee

    29b Nanette Vonnegut Mengel Birth 8 Jul 1933 Knoxville Knox county Tennessee Death 9 Dec 1996 in Chapel Hill , Orange, North Carolina; never married

Generation Four

19 - Richard Clemens Vonnegut, Sr. born on February 20th 1913 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana died on 20 Aug 2008. burial
Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis Marion County Indiana
    Richard Clemens Vonnegut, Sr. 95, died on 20 Aug 2008.

    A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, he was born on February 20th 1913 to Anton Scituate and Ina Hollweg Vonnegut.
    Richard Clemens Vonnegut, Sr. 95 12, died on 20 Aug 2008.

    A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, he was born on February 20th 1913 to Anton Scituate and Ina Hollweg Vonnegut.

    He graduated from Park School, from Cornell University, and served with the Coast Guard during WWII.

    He worked through many levels of the Vonnegut Hardware Company, retiring as Secretary-Treasurer. Further, he was a former board member of the Grinding and Polishing Machinery Corporation.

    His interests included golf, genealogy, traveling, Deutche Geshichte, and local history. He was a member of the Athenaeum Foundation, Cornell Alumni, Dramatic Club, English Speaking Union, German Heritage Society, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis Museum of Art, National Railroad Historical Society, Park-Tudor Alumni, the Retirees of Vonnegut Hardware, and the University Club.

    He was a 47 year member of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis during which he achieved a perfect attendance record for 30 ½ years.

    In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by two sisters, Louise and Antonette; son, Martin Hollweg; and daughter-in-law, Dianne From.

    He is survived by Barbara, his wife of sixty years; son; Richard Jr., and daughter, Ann Louise (Chris vonFrieling).

He married circa 1948 Barbara Martin.
Their children:
    i Martin Hollweg Vonnegut was born 10 MAR 1949 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA, and died 2 FEB 1981 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana burial: 02/05/1981 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 22 Lot: 53

    ii Richard Clemens Vonnegut Jr. He married 1998 Dianne Lynn From, daughter of Wallace From and Carolyn Rawlings. She was born 2 4 MAR 1954 in Angola, Indiana, USA, and died 2 SEP 2005 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 09/09/2005 Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Section: 22 Lot: 53
      Richard Vonnegut Jr., 58, vice chairman of the Hoosier Rails to Trails Council

      Dianne Lynn From Vonnegut 51, of Indianapolis, died Friday, September 2, 2005, at the Indiana University Medical Center.

      She was the beloved wife of Richard C. Vonnegut, Jr. of Indianapolis.

      Mrs. Vonnegut was a 23-years employee of Methodist Hospital/Clarian Health, supervising cafeteria operations, managing catering and having served as payroll records clerk. She was a well-known in central Indiana for her volunteer work promoting recreational trails. Dianne was office manager for the Hoosier Rails to Trails Council, and grantwriter/bookkeeper for the Indiana Trials Fund. Mrs. Vonnegut served as Board Secretary for the B & O Trail Association and was registrar for the 2003 Midwest Trails Conference and other statewide recreational trails events. At Methodist Hospital, she was an emergency room volunteer in the 1980's and was a member of the Methodist Bowling Team. While residing in Indianapolis, she was also employed by Catherine's Dress Shop. Dianne was an Indianapolis resident since 1982.

      In 1998, she was married to Mr. Vonnegut. Mrs. Vonnegut was born in Angola, Indiana on March 24, 1954.

      She was raised near Orland, Indiana, attending Brighton Elementary School and graduating from Lakeland High School in 1972. She was a Cum Laude graduate of the respected Northwood Institute at the Historic West Baden Springs Hotel, earning an Associate's Degree in restaurant management in 1974. During high school and college, she worked for Host International at their Indiana Toll Road restaurant facilities and then managed Toll Road restaurants after graduation for the Gladieux Co. from 1974-1976. From 1976-1982, she managed restaurants in Angola, Indiana and Brazil, Indiana for the L&K Corp. Mrs. Vonnegut was an active member of Fleming Garden Christian Church; a past member of the Indianapolis Jaycees; and a life member of the Orland American Legion Auxiliary, Post 423. She enjoyed travel, organizing professional and volunteer projects, gardening in general, and growing of pink roses in partic ular, bowling, reading romance novels and playing euchre and other card games. She was admired by her friends and associates for her vibrance, energy and commitment to the community.

      She is also survived by her parents, Wallace and Carolyn From, Orland; brothers, Rodney (Wanda) of Orland and Duane (Louise), Bryants Store, Kentucky; and aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

      Services entrusted to Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Center - Speedway.

    iii Ann Louis Vonnegut married Chris vonFrieling

21 - Irma Ruth Vonnegut was born 28 SEP 1912 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 6 JUN 1981 in LaJolla, San Diego, California Burial: Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery San Diego San Diego County California

She married 31 Aug 1935 - San Diego, California Daniel Lynn Carroll Jr. He was born 5 MAR 1910 in Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota and died 26 Jul 1981 in LaJolla, San Diego, California burial 31 Jul 1981 Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery San Diego, California son of Daniel Lynn Carroll, Sr. and Pearl Tuttle. Capt US Navy World War II & Korea

They had 2 children:
    Daniel L. Carroll b. California

21a Walter Alfred "Colonel" Vonnegut born Dec. 5, 1922 Jefferson, Kentucky died Jan. 9, 2013 Anacortes, Washington Burial: Grand View Cemetery Anacortes Skagit County Washington

Walter Vonnegut, like many young men of his day, was eager to enlist after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941."I wanted to be a fighter pilot," he said, but was not accepted. He enlisted as a buck private in the Army Air Corps, then reapplied to be a pilot, but again with no luck. "They said if I went to basic I'd get myself killed or get others killed," he said."I was reclassified for navigation." And so he flew as a navigator in B-17s for the Eighth Air Force out of England, part of the 381st Heavy Bombardment Group

Early one day as they flew over Holland after a bombing run in Germany's Ruher Valley, the plane came under heavy attack.Vonnegut remembered it moment by moment.

"There were anti-aircraft puffs and the plane was jumping with concussion," he said with the timing of a born storyteller."The pilot lost a couple of engines and decided we needed to bail out."The pilot's signal to abandon the plane was called the "bailout bell," Vonnegut said."It was loud, scary, brassy - the end of the world, I thought."

Though the crew had not parachuted in their training, they tumbled from the plane now to save their lives."There wasn't much to it, really, you just get out the best you can and count to five before pulling the rip chord," Vonnegut said. He said he counted far past five, but still opened his chute too soon, around 10,000 feet.

Vonnegut spoke of floating to the ground that day in the fall of 1943 almost as if it were a separate story by itself - time out of mind, blessedly above terrestrial concerns."I do remember thinking vividly ‘but the question is, is my memory accurate?' in my mind's eye I could see what was beneath me, and off in the distance on my right there was a great expanse of farmland, and train tracks and a train choo-chooing along and the smoke coming out of the stacks.

"I remember thinking it looked like New Jersey," he deadpanned."Really, I can't say why, but it did.It reminded me of a drive I once took through New Jersey. It was peaceful , and there was no war down there, just a lovely scene of the countryside."

A German prisoner Vonnegut landed in a plowed field, mindful of instructions to go limp as he hit the ground to avoid breaking bones. He s towed his chute and equipment and hid in bushes as he heard voices approach "several people walked nearby with a dog.The dog found me, yapping in my face," he said.

He said a young man dressed in a black turtleneck sweater and wooden shoes spoke to him in English, offering assistance."I climbed out, but I hadn't moved more than 10 feet when we both spied a German sergeant coming out of the woods with a pistol in his hand, and he pointed it at me." Vonnegut said the young Dutchman whispered, "Can't help you anymore," and backed away.The German troops marched him off toward a rustic, two-story hotel in the woods that served as their headquarters."There was no question but that they had me," Vonnegut said."There was no way I could get away - if I did they would have shot me dead."

He was interrogated in a verbally rough manner at first, Vonnegut said, but in time the German officer read his dog tags and learned he was an officer, too: "The minute he saw that he immediately lightened up.I was a fellow officer."

Vonnegut told of other interrogations, of fabricating experiences to them to obscure what he knew and of full timately being sent to a camp called Stalag Luft 1, near the Baltic Sea. He spent a year and a half there.He said it was rough at times, but that he was fairly and humanely treated by the Germans."I've emphasized to people that it wasn't a bad experience."

The advancing Russian army liberated his camp, he said, on May 1, 1945.

After his degree at the U.C., Vonnegut said he and Helen visited friends on Guemes Island, and fell in love with the area.They moved to Guemes, where they lived for 15 years.

Vonnegut started teaching, and in 1949 took the job as the sole teacher at the one-room Guemes School, where he taught students in grades one through four."Frankly, I was a little bored a lot of the time with grades one, two and three," he said. Eventually, he taught in Anacortes proper, at the middle and, finally, high school levels.In the late 1960s Vonnegut earned a master's degree in drama from the University of Washington.

The group that would become Anacortes Community Theatre, Vonnegut said, started with a suggestion that got written up by Wallie Funk, in his column in the Anacortes American in 1963.The group attained official nonprofit status the next year.

Another untimely death in Vonnegut's life was that of his first wife, Helen, who was killed in her car on the way to a local nursery in March of 1994." She was going there and she never came back," Vonnegut said.

Vonnegut began to pull out of his grieving about six months later when he met Jean De Zan, a widow since 1988, who invited him to a church group gathering.The two became friends quickly and easily, and his family approved of the match.The two married in less than a year.

    Walter A. Vonnegut (Colonel), 90, long-time resident of Anacortes, passed away peacefully at his home, on January 9, 2013, surrounded by family. He is remembered as a husband, father, actor, director, carpenter, master craftsman, and book lover who instilled a lifelong love of reading in his children.

    Those who have known him for many years call him Colonel, a childhood nickname. He was born in Kentucky, spent his childhood in New York City and Hollywood. His teen years were spent in Indianapolis, during which time he and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (cousin and author) were great pals.

    He wed Helen McFarland in 1943, and was married 50 years until her untimely death in March of 1994.

    During World War II he served as a navigator on a B-17. In November 1943 he had to bail out of the stricken aircraft over enemy held territory. He was a prisoner of war in Germany until May, 1945.

    After the war he, with his wife Helen and son Kit, moved from Indianapolis to Guemes Island, living for a time in a log house he built, and later in a newer home he also built, on a bluff overlooking the water. During the early years on Guemes there was no electricity or telephone service, and he, with others, was instrumental in bringing electricity to the island. During this period, his son Ken was born. He taught at the Guemes Island one-room schoolhouse, instructing grades one through three. He then transferred to Anacortes where he taught math at Central Junior High, and later English and Drama at Anacortes High School. He retired in 1978. He served as Director of Head Start for two years. He earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of Chicago, and a Masters Degree in Drama from the University of Washington.

    In 1962 the family moved from Guemes Island to Anacortes, where he has resided ever since.

    Walter has spent a lifetime in the theatre. His parents, Walter Vonnegut and Marjorie * Vonnegut, were professional actors. Walter lived with his mother in New York City, and both appeared in productions there, including the original Broadway production of Ah Wilderness. He was eleven years old at the time. While a prisoner during World War II he was involved in many of the theatrical presentations in the prison camp. In 1964 he was one of the founding members of the Anacortes Community Theatre, and is fondly remembered as an active participant in many shows over a more than 40-year span as director, actor, set builder and board member.

    He was a builder, a master carpenter who is responsible for many projects and home improvements in his own homes, as well as many in the homes of his sons, friends and in the Anacortes United Methodist Church.

    He was predeceased by his first wife, Helen M. Vonnegut, and his sister Ruth Carroll, of San Diego.

    He is survived by his wife Jean, whom he married in 1995, and his two sons, Kit Vonnegut (Beth) of Lynden, and Ken Vonnegut (Kari) of Bow, grandsons Bruce Vanderpool and Sean Vonnegut, both of Seattle, Danny Donnelly (Mount Vernon), and Eirik Donnelly (Los Angeles), and son-and-daughter-in-law Larry and Alba Stevens, of Anacortes.

    In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Anacortes Community Theatre in his name or to Hospice of the Northwest.

    A memorial service will be held at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at the Anacortes United Methodist Church, 2201 H Avenue, Anacortes, WA. A private family graveside service will be held at Grand View Cemetery in Anacortes.

    Arrangements are in the care of Evans Funeral Chapel and Crematory, Inc., Anacortes, WA and the San Juan Islands.

married 14 Aug 1943 Lauderdale, Tennessee Helen Ruth McFarland born a9 Dec 1922 died 11 Mar 1994


    i Kit Vonnegut born Guemes Island married Beth [-?-]

    ii Ken Vonnegut m. Kari [-?-]

married 2nd 1995 Jean De Zan

22 - Bernard Vonnegut Jr. August 29, 1914 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana died April 25, 1997 died of cancer on April 25, 1997, at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany, Albany, New York

He attended Park School (Indianapolis, Indiana) and earned a B.S. in chemistry (1936) and Ph.D. in physical chemistry (1939) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1945, Vonnegut went to work at the General Electric Research Laboratory in Schenectady, New York. It was there, on November 14, 1946, that he discovered that silver iodide could be used as a nucleating agent to seed clouds. Seeding clouds involves inserting large quantities of a nucleating agent into clouds to facilitate the formation of ice crystals. The intent of this process is to cause the clouds to produce rain or snow. Rain and snow-making companies still use silver iodide as a nucleating agent in seeding clouds.

Vonnegut left General Electric in 1952 and went to work at Arthur D. Little, Inc. In 1967, Vonnegut became a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University at Albany, The State University of New York. He was named a professor emeritus upon his retirement in 1985.

Vonnegut accumulated 28 patents during his career.

He was a cinematographer, known for The Tornado: Approaching the Unapproachable (1972)

He was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in 1997 for his paper "Chicken Plucking as Measure of Tornado Wind Speed."

Bernard Vonnegut, 82, Physicist Who Coaxed Rain From the Sky
Published: April 27, 1997
New York Times
    Bernard Vonnegut,Bernard Vonnegut, a physicist and one of two researchers who first figured out how to wring more raindrops from cloud cover for the croplands below, died on Friday at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany. He was 82 and lived in Albany.

    The cause was cancer, said his brother, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the novelist.

    Dr. Vonnegut was a distinguished professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences at the State University of New York at Albany. Although he formally retired in 1985, he continued to work in his office at the university until earlier this year.

    His expertise in meteorological phenomena ran the gamut from lighting bolts to tornadoes to updrafts and downdrafts in thunderstorms. He developed and explored theories about the role electrical charges play in the formation of precipitation as well as in tornadoes

    Dr. Vonnegut was working at the General Electric Research Laboratory in Schenectady when the technique of cloud seeding took flight in the 1940's. A colleague, Vincent J. Schaefer, discovered that a tiny grain of dry ice produced many millions of ice crystals when dropped into a cloud of water droplets below the freezing point.

    Dr. Vonnegut soon established that silver iodide got better results in nucleating clouds than did dry ice. Since then, no other nucleating process has been found that would rival theirs for making rain efficiently.

    Commercial rainmakers use the method today to control drought in parts of the western United States, Australia and elsewhere.

    But weather modification can also bring litigation. Rainmaking companies, meteorologists say, must move cautiously for fear of lawsuits from people downwind, whose rain is being ambushed, or from others complaining of flood conditions.

    Dr. Vonnegut earlier teamed up with Dr. Schaefer and Irving Langmuir, the G.E. Nobelist, in a project for the Army Signal Corps, attempting to turn fog and clouds into rain and clearing overcast skies.

    He was born in Indianapolis, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1936, and received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry there three years later. He worked for industrial laboratories and at M.I.T. before joining the G.E. labs in 1945.

    In addition to his brother, Dr. Vonnegut is survived by five sons, Peter, of Albany, Scott, of Bennington, Vt., Terrence and Kurt, both of Albany, and Alex, of Cohoes, N.Y.; and five grandchildren. His wife, Lois Bowler Vonnegut, died in 1972.

married Lois Bowler she died in 1972

Their children:
    30 - Peter Vonnegut born 7 Jul 1945 in Elizabethtown, Essex, New York and died 16 DEC 2003 in East Greenbush, Rensselaer, New York; married [-?-] Minatoya. 2 children
    31 - Scott Vonnegut of South Hero, VT,
    32 - Terry Vonnegut of Albany,
    33 - Kurt Vonnegut of Schuylerville, NY
    34 - Alex Vonnegut of Cohoes

23 - Alice André Vonnegut was born 18 Nov 1917 in Indianapolis, Marion , Indiana, and died Death: 17 Sep 1958 Long Branch, Monmouth, New Jersey She was buried 26 SEP 1958 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Sec 66 Lot 453.

She was tall and beautiful, and had a great sense of humor. She died of cancer two days after her husband was killed in a train wreck

She married James Carmalt Adams 4 JAN 1943 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. He was Birth ABT 1913 Death 15 SEP 1958 in Bayonne, Hudson, New Jersey He was buried 26 SEP 1958 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana Sec 66 Lot 453. son of Carmalt Willis Adams and Louise O. Ostheimer

Their children:
    35 - James Adams-Vonnegut (adopted by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)

    36 - Steven Adams-Vonnegut (adopted by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)

    37 - Kurt Adams-Vonnegut (adopted by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)

    38 - Peter Adams-Nice as infant went Birmingham, Alabama to live with a first cousin of his father's

24 - Kurt Vonnegut Jr. b. Nov. 11, 1922 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d. April 11, 2007 New York City, Manhatten Island, New York

m. 1 September 1945 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Jane Marie Cox div. 1979 b. Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana d. 1986 probably Barstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, 1979

children 1st marriage:
    39 - Mark Vonnegut m. [-?-] O'Shea; 2md [-?-] Sibert; wrote a memoir (The Eden Express) about having mental issues.
      He is an American pediatrician and memoirist. He described himself in the preface to his 1975 book as "a hippie, son of a counterculture hero, BA in religion, (with a) genetic disposition to schizophrenia."

      He graduated from Swarthmore College He briefly worked at Duthie Books and was also briefly chief of a 20-man detachment of special state police that provided the security for Boston State Hospital. During the Vietnam War, he filed an application with the draft board to be considered a conscientious objector, which was denied. After taking the psychological examination, he was given a psychiatric 4F classification and avoided conscription into the U.S. military

      During his undergraduate years, he set out to become a Unitarian minister. He eventually abandoned that goal.

      He is the author of The Eden Express (1975), which describes his trip to British Columbia to set up a commune with his friends and his personal experiences with schizophrenia, which at that time he attributed to stress, diet and in part, drug use. The book is widely cited as useful for those c oping with schizophrenia.

      During this period, he lived mainly at the commune at Powell Lake, located 18 kilometers by boat from the nearest road or electricity. On February 14, 1971, he was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and committed to Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver. Standard psychotherapy did not help him, and most of his doctors said his case was hopeless.

      Vonnegut first attributed his recovery to orthomolecular megavitamin therapy and then wrote The Eden Express. Vonnegut does not presently attribute his recovery to vitamins. He subsequently studied medicine at Harvard Medical School and later came to the conclusion that he actually had bipolar disorder. He is currently a pediatrician in Quincy, Massachusetts.

      Vonnegut published his second book, Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So, in 2010. Like The Eden Express, it is autobiographical.

    40 - Edith "Edie" Vonnegut b. Schnectady, New York m. 14 December 1971 Geraldo Rivera (television personality ), divorced - 1975 he was previously married before and several times afterwards Geraldo Rivera was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York as Gerald Michael Riviera. He is an actor, known for Geraldo at Large (2003), The O'Reilly Factor (1996) and Grumpier Old Men (1995). they had no children; 2nd [-?-] Squibb
      Her education includes The Boston Museum School of Fine Arts , The University of Iowa; and The New York School of Visual Arts. An American painter. Her work — most of which juxtaposes heavenly beings and mundane activities — has been showcased at galleries across the United States, and is featured in the book Domestic Goddesses, along with her humorous commentary.

    41 - Nanette "Nanny" Vonnegut m [-?-] Prior
      She has done three documentaries on her father: Kurt Vonnegut: American Made, God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut (or the Friends of Kilgore Trout) and A Man Without a Country (Documentary)

m. 2nd 24 Nov. 1979 Jill Krementz She grew up in Morristown, New Jersey, and moved to New York City in her late teens.

Working as a photo reporter, she built a life on it. In the 1960s she worked as a photographer for the New York Herald-Tribune. With her color shot of the "March on the Pentagon" she made the cover photo in the The New York Times magazine. She spent a year taking photographs in Vietnam during the Vi*etnam War.

She later specialized in the photographing of writers. A major profile of her - written by Dorothy Gelatt - was published in the Spring 1975 issue of 35mm Photography (Ziff-Davis Publishing Company). According to the article, Krementz decided in 1970 to "...fill the author picture vacuum...". Working only with the aid of a secretary she built and ran a large library of photographs of authors. Most of her photographs at that time were made in black and white and she is described as working with a minimum of photographic equipment (two 35mm camera bodies and three lenses) and having her prints made by Erika Leone at the Meridian photographic laboratory. At the time the article was written, "...the Krementz stock list of authors totalled roughly 542...".

Her photographs were shown at the Nikon House gallery in New York the mid-1970s, and in 1980 her book The Writer's Image (David R. Godine, Boston) was published. The book contained solely black-and-white photographs, with a preface written by Kurt Vonnegut, and an introduction by Trudy Butner Krisher.

She is the widow of author Kurt Vonnegut and has one daughter, Lily. In 2004, a major exhibition of her work was held at the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, Connecticut. Writers Unbound featured warm, intimate portraits of authors in their homes and at their desks.

child 2nd marriage:
    42 - Lilly Vonnegut d. infant

24a Arthur E. Lindener born on August 11, 1923 in Hamburg, Stadt Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany died August 15, 2009 Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana.
    Arthur E. Lindener, 86, Indianpolis passed away peacefully in his home with his wife, Anna, and family at his side on August 15, 2009.

    He was born on August 11, 1923 in Hamburg, Germany, the only child of Kurt and Irma (Vonnegut) Lindener.

    He married Anna Pangburn on September 29, 1983 and she survives. Other survivors include his children: Margo Lindener (Nick) Mattison, and Peter Lindener; his step-children, Dana (Phil) Moore, Dale (Ann) Overdorf, and Debra (Tim) Moss; his grandchildren, Laura and Daniel Mattison; his step-grandchildren, Joshua Moore and Matthew (Joni) Moore, Christina (Byan) Fisher, Elisabeth Moore, Miranda Sydney, Alexander and Cassie Overdorf, Abigail and Andrew Moss; his step-great-grandchildren, Ella Haisley-Moore and Kiaya Moore; and a cousin Lisa Warnecke of Sylt, Germany.

    Upon graduating from Oberlin College with a Physics degree in 1951 he went to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Montreal, designing and planning radio and television stations all across Canada.

    After retiring from the CBC in 1982 he moved to Indianapolis to care for his mother.

    His grandfather was the noted Indianapolis architect Bernard Vonnegut and he was also a descendant of the early Indianapolis merchant Henry Schnull.

    He will be interred at Crown Hill Cemetery. the memorial will be private.

    In lieu to flowers, donations may be made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research (Attn: Tribute Gifts, Church St. Station, NY, NY 10008-0780) or Seasons Hospice ( 8350 S. Emerson Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46237).

married 1st: [-?-] and they had:
    Margo Lindener married Nick Mattison

    Peter Lindener

married 2nd Anna Pangburn on September 29, 1983

25a Franklin Fauvre Vonnegut born 30 Jul 1911 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana 12 Jun 1995 - Riverside California burial 14 Aug 1995 National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific (Punchbowl) Honolulu County Hawaii

Col US Air Force Entered service in 10 Oct 1946 and served World War II, Korea and Vietnam

He married Margaret Stewart Kangeter 15 MAY 1944 in Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, daughter of John Henry Kangeter, Jr. and Isabel O'Neil. She was born 27 OCT 1918 in Virginia, and died 9 OCT 1992 in San Marcos, San Diego County, California. burial 26 Oct 1992 National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific (Punchbowl) Honolulu County Hawaii daughter of [-?-] Kangeter and [-?-] O'Neil

    i John Kangeter Vonnegut Birth 1/16/1947 Death 1/10/2013 in Glenview, Cook, Illinois burial National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific (Punchbowl) Honolulu County Hawaii; Capt. U.S. Army Vietnam; married [-?-] Chambers

    ii Thomas Arthur Vonnegut Birth 22 Mar 1954 Massachusetts Death 8 Jul 1982 in Corpus Christi, Kleberg, Texas; Burial 14 Jul 1982 National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific (Punchbowl) Honolulu County Hawaii married Leslie J Hill; Lt. US Navy

    iii Mary Elisabeth Vonnegut Birth: Jun. 25, 1959 Belleville St. Clair County Illinois Death: Jun. 8, 2014 Pearland Brazoria County Texas burial National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific (Punchbowl) Honolulu County Hawaii married June 15, 1986 in Albany, Linn Oregon Charles Hainline
      she graduated from Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii and the University of Oregon in Eugene. They traveled as Charlie's US Air Force career dictated, living in Oklahoma, South Korea, Louisiana, Florida and New Mexico.

25b Virginia Vonnegut born 1 JUN 1913 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana and died 7 MAR 1982 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida She married aft 1932 Ptolemy Durant Summey, Jr. son of Ptolemy Durant Summey , Sr. and Addie Orrender. He was born 15 AUG 1914 in Dallas, Gaston, North Carolina and died 7 MAR 1997 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
    Durant Summey III Birth: Gaston, North Carolina

26 - Ralph C. Vonnegut, Jr. b. July 23, 1929 d. Oct. 22, 2000 Burial: 12/21/2001 Section: 36 Lot: 163

He married Natalia/Tanya Vonnegut Beck, 77, Reverend Canon at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Tayna went on to become reverend (Staff Priest) at Christ Church Cathedral on Monument Circle, where she rubbed elbows with the city’s elite. When she’s not at the pulpit today, she’s cons ulting at Harvard Medical School’s program for spirituality and healing.
    43 - Robert Vonnegut m. Beth [-?-] , Islamorada, Fla.

    44 - Daniel Vonnegut m. Heather [-?-] , Brooklyn, N.Y.

    45 - Eleanor "Nonie" Vonnegut m. husband David S. Gabovitch, Indianapolis one of the boys Eli
      Ezra Vonnegut-Gabovitch
      Levi Vonnegut-Gabovitch Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis
      Sarah Vonnegut-Gabovitch
      Zach Vonnegut-Gabovitch

    46 - Kristin Vonnegut m. Tom Huffman, Avon, Minn.

27 - Walter Goodall Vonnegut, Indianapolis born October 2, 1925, died July 10, 2014, at Marquette.
    Walter Goodall Vonnegut 88, passed away July 10, 2014, at Marquette. He was a life-long resident of Indianapolis. He was born October 2, 1925, to Ralph Clemens and Eleanor Goodall Vonnegut. He attended IPS #66, Park School, Elgin Academy and graduated from Shortridge High School (Class of 1944). He attended Indiana University and Butler University where he met his wife of 50 years, Phyllis J. Maish of Frankfort, IN.

    Walter was a 25-year employee of Vonnegut Hardware Company and continued on as a hardware sales rep for an additional 45 years. His customers became friends over the years as he faithfully served them all over the State of Indiana. He regretted it greatly when he was forced to retire in his 80's.

    He was a lifetime member of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church where he served as deacon, elder, coach in the youth recreation program, soup kitchen server, and tutor/mentor in the after school program. He was a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Woodstock Club, Players Club of Indianapolis, Contemporary Club, The Ovid Butler Society, Day Sailor Association and Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver. His love for sailing began at Lake Maxinkuckee where he summered all of his life. He sailed all five Great Lakes with his sailing buddies over a period of 25 years.

    Walter loved being with old friends and meeting new friends during the 16 months he lived at Marquette Manor. He looked forward to his weekly breakfasts, lunches, Bible study and outings with his many friends. He enjoyed attending Butler Men's basketball games, the symphony, the Red Barn Theater and participating in the lives of his treasured grandchildren. He will especially be remembered for chauffeuring friends around town until his daughters took away his keys. But most of all he will be remembered for the many greeting cards he sent over the years!

    He was pre-deceased by his parents, wife, and his younger brother, Ralph Clemens Vonnegut, Jr. He is survived by three daughters Betsy Brubeck (Bill) of Newburgh, IN, Mary Sue McDonald (Glenn) of Zionsville, IN and Ginny Hahn (Greg) of Carmel, IN. He will be missed by his ten grandchildren Matt (Kari) Brubeck, Chris Brubeck, Jonathan Brubeck, Mark (Jennifer) McDonald, Katy Parker (John), Jeff McDonald (Christina), Tyler McDonald, Max Hahn, Elly Hahn and Kate Hahn as well as great grandsons Nico and Marco McDonald. He is also survived by nephews Bob and Dan Vonnegut and nieces Nonie Vonnegut-Gabovitch and Kristin Vonnegut.

    Family and friends will gather on Tuesday July 15th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Leppert Mortuary, Nora Chapel (740 East 86th Street, Indianapolis), with a Celebration of Life Service at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church (418 East 34th Street, Indianapolis) on Wednesday July 16th at 11:00 a.m. The family invites you to join them in the church parlor following the service for food and fellowship.

    You are invited to visit http:/ where you may share a personal memory of Walter, sign the guest book or arrange for a memorial gift to Tabernacle Presbyterian Church or Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council, P.O. Box 187, Culver, IN 46511. --- Published in the The Indianapolis Star on July 13, 2014

A former stock boy at Vonnegut Hardware on Broad Ripple Avenue (where Ossip resides today), Walter still organizes a monthly lunch with former employees at the Athenaeum in—where else? — the Vonnegut Room.

m. PHYLLIS MAISH born 7 MAY 1926 in Frankfort, Clinton, Indiana d. Jan. 4, 1999 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Burial: 01/14/1999 Section: 36 Lot: 163 daughter of Homer C. Maish and Irene D. [-?-]

    PHYLLIS MAISH VONNEGUT, 72, Indianapolis, died Jan. 4. She was a homemaker.

    She was a deacon and 50-year member of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, president of the Review Club and vice president of the Indiana Daffodil Society. She was past president of the American Daffodil Society, the Blue Flower Garden Club and the Indiana Stamp Club. Mrs. Vonnegut was past treasurer of the Indianapolis Junior League and past board member of the Society of Indiana Pioneers.

    She was a graduate of Butler University and a 50-year member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.

    Memorial contributions may be made to a favorite charity. Services: 11 a.m. Jan. 8 in Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. Calling: 4 to 8 p.m. Jan. 7 in Leppert & Hensley Mortuary. Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery. Survivors: husband Walter G. Vonnegut daughters Mary Sue V. McDonald, Elizabeth V. Brubeck, Virginia V. Hahn 10 grandchildren. - - Indianapolis Star, The (IN), Date: January 6, 1999, Page: B07

Their children:
    47 - Mary Sue Vonnegut m. Glenn McDonald
      Mark McDonald married Jennifer [-?-]
      Katy McDOnald m. John Parker
      Jeff McDonald married Christina [-?-]
      Tyler McDonald,

    48 - Elizabeth (Betsy) Vonnegut m. Bill Brubeck
      Matt Brubeck married Cari [-?-]
      Chris Brubeck
      Jonathan Brubeck

    49 - Virginia (Ginny) Vonnegut m. Greg Hahn
      Max Hahn
      Elly Hahn

28 - George Lewis Vonnegut born 30 APR 1929 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana and died 14 MAY 2004 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. Burial: 05/18/2004 Section: 3 Lot: 93; he married Jean Ann Bates Birth: Dec. 19, 1929 Indianapolis Marion County Indiana, USA Death: Jul. 21, 2009 daughter of Howard Haywood Bates and Miriam Weir Bates.
    George L. Vonnegut Was born on April 30, 1929 and died May 14, 2004 at the age of 75.

    George was the beloved husband of Jean Ann and father to Kitty and Marjorie.

    He was an avid fisherman, a talented metallurgical engineer and a devoted community volunteer. A life long resident of Indianapolis, his professional career spanned 43 years in the Materials Engineering disciplines of Allison Div., GMC (now known as Allison-Rolls Royce).

    For more than half of his career, he was responsible for the planning, organization, coordination and supervision of the Allison experimental foundry. During his career with Allison, he was sole author of 2 patents (assigned to General Motors) related to superalloy components for gas turbine engines. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Purdue University in 1951. He has been a long time member of the John Purdue Club. He was also a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. In recent years, following retirement from Allison, he served almost full time as a volunteer interpreter/docent for the Indianapolis Children's Museum and Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement. His diverse volunteer activities included presidencies of the Indianapolis Civic Theater, the Nora Community Council and the Players Club.

    George was a Veteran of the Korean Conflict and retired as a Lt. Colonel in the Army reserve. He was also a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

    George is survived by his wife, Jean Ann (Bates) Vonnegut; daughters, Catherine "Kitty" Vonnegut and Marjorie (Vonnegut) Batic; grandchildren, Karen Elizabeth "Carrie" Batic, Erin Michelle Batic, Evan Andrew Winiger and Scott George Batic. Memorial contributions may be made to Saint Vincent's Hospice, Indianapolis Children's Museum, Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement, the Indianapolis Civic Theater or donor's favorite charity.

    Funeral services entrusted to Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Center - Broad Ripple.

    Indianapolis Star 26 Jul 2009
    Vonnegut, Jean A.

    Jean Ann Bates Vonnegut, age 79, was born December 19, 1929 and died July 21, 2009. Jean Ann was the eldest daughter of Howard Haywood Bates and Miriam Weir Bates.

    A life-long resident of Indianapolis, she graduated from Shortridge High School and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Butler University. She was a member of Delta Delta Delta (Tridelta) Sorority and the women she met there have been life-long friends.

    She was married to her high school sweetheart, George Lewis Vonnegut, for 52 years until his death in 2004. Both shared a love of theater and held leading roles in high school and community theater productions. She was an active member with the Indianapolis Civic Theatre and The Players Club. Additionally, she was a devoted volunteer in multiple organizations for many years.

    Jean Ann is survived by daughters, Catherine "Kitty" Jean Vonnegut and Marjorie Bates (Vonnegut) Batic; grandchildren, Karen Elizabeth "Carrie" Batic, Erin Michelle Batic, Evan Andrew Winiger and Scott George Batic; sister, Patricia Hoffmann and her family.

    Memorial contributions may be made to the Indianapolis Civic Theater, the Butler Chapter of Tridelta Sorority, the Marquette Manor Protestant Chapel or donor's favorite charity. Family and friends may call at Flanner and Buchanan Funeral Center - Broad Ripple from 3 to 7 PM Wednesday, June 29. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 AM Thursday, June 30, also at Flanner and Buchanan. Internment: Crown Hill Cemetery.

Their children:
    i Catherine "Kitty" Vonnegut

    ii Marjorie Vonnegut married [-?-] Batic
      Karen Elizabeth "Carrie" Batic
      Erin Michelle Batic
      Scott George Batic.

29a Joseph Torbitt Mengel Jr. born 29 Jul 1931 Tennessee died 23 Jul 2011
    The News & Observer on July 30, 2011
    Joseph Torbitt Mengel, Jr. Eden Prairie, MN Joseph Torbitt Mengel, Jr. of died of maladies common to old age on Saturday, July...

    Their Children:
      Maria Mengel

      Melessia Mengel
    married 2nd abt 1995 Minnesota Mary Elizabeth (Hutchins) Piercey born 6 Sep 1923 Died: 8 Dec 2006

Information that can't connect:

Vonnegut burial at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Indiana - this I cannot fully connect to the above - some above is a good guess and infomration that is collected thus far.
    CARRIE L. VONNEGUTT Burial: 02/24/1895 Section: 2 Lot: 52
    ALBERTA PAULINE VONNEGUT Burial: 06/02/1893 Section: 2 Lot: 52
    INFANT VONNEGUT Burial: 03/29/1887 Section: 2 Lot: 52
    Mrs. Vonnegut burial 05/08/1890 Section: 2 Lot: 52
    BETTY MAY VONNEGUT Burial: 09/23/1911 Section: 6 Lot: 4
    ELIZABETH COOPER VONNEGUT Burial: 05/21/1987 Section: 29 Lot: 6

Indianapolis City Directory, 1889. Indianapolis, IN: R.L. Polk and Co., 1889 & 1890

Name: Henry Vonnegut
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Occupation: plumber
Year: 1889
Location 2: b 268 S Penn

Name: Margaret Vonnegut (widow Henry)
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889
Location 2: 279 N Liberty

H. C. Chandler & Co.'s Business Directory For Indiana 1868
Merchant Tailors.
Mueller F C, 94 e Washington
Mueller Charles G, 25 s Delaware


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