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Vonnegut Family Holdings Lake Maxinkuckee  

Peeples Farm or Hollyhock

Plat maps of around Lake Maxinkuckee show the land holdings of the Vonnegut family.

This one produced by Sarah Handyside for her book "Renovating Veonnegut" shows the properties with the dates of acquistion.

1876 - G. Peoples 37A

1880 - G. Peoples 35.5A & 16.96A

1898 - G. Peeples Lake Lot, 35.5A & 16.96A , This could go over to the lake front - at this time but hard to tell

1908 - Geo. People 2 Lake Lots, 8.90A & 37.47A

These are cropped out areas of the plat maps of Vonnegut land holdings in 1908

Walter Vonnegut purchased land for and orchard as related:
    1910 March 17 - the 140 acre farm belonging to D. W. Marks, east of the lake, was sold last week to clemence Vongegut of indianapolis for $13,000

    1910 - Apr 14 - Will Start A Fruit Ranch

      Extensive Operations to be instituted onthe Marks Farm

      Walter Vonnegut of Indianapolis, who bought the Marks Farm of 140 Acres last month, will have the co-operation of the professors f Prudue Agricultural Expermint station in extensive expermints if fruit-raising. Mr. Vonnegut says: "The soil and conditions in the neigihborhood of Lake Maxinkuckee are particularly fitted for fruit growing purposes. The surface soil is loam and the subsoil is clay. The lake tends to ptevent early spring and late autumn frosts, thus giving a longer growing season for the fruit. Where intensive cultivation has been applied to fruit growing in the region the results have been extraordinarily sati dfactory."

    In May, 1910, Walter Vonnegut purchased the 160-acre Marks Farm on the east side. In cooperation with Purdue University, he announced plans to become an orchard grower. A 30 acre orchard was planted by the Vonnegut family and for a number of years produced a large crop of apples.

1919, Apr 30 - The heirs of George Peoples have sold the 35- acre farm to Mr. and Mrs. Clemens Vonnegut who have begun improving it by sinking another well, installing a water service to be operated by a hydraulic ram, repainting.

1919, May 21 - The Peeples farm which was recently purchased by Clemens Vnnegut. has been named "The Hollyhocks". The wleath of there noble floweres on the place which always attracts the attention of the passeby makes the name very appropriate one.

This cropped area of the plat of 1936 shows that it was only about 28 acres - the land purchased from George Peeples and 51 acres a part of the Jennie L. Marks farm.

The plat map of 1948 shows that Howard Oberlin had acquired the 28 acres and the Culver Military Academy had acquired the 51 acres and by 1956 the 28 acres was labled "C. H."

A 30 acre orchard was planted by the Vonnegut family and for a number of years produced a large crop of apples.

The property on the east side of the lake road ( State Road 117 or East Shore Dr.) which by the 1922 map belonged to Emma Vonnegut had the Vonnegut Orchard on it. Dr. Warren Reiss owns part of this property today and is called "Kur-Cor". The original barn was, at least, still standing on the Reiss property. The Vonnegut Orchard was partly located on the northern portion of the land today owned by Dr. Warren Reiss at 921 N. East Shore Drive. The orchard extended back as far as the east curve of today’s 18th Road (which runs East & West) and ran along the east edge of Queen Road (which runs North & South) it was also known as the “Vonnegut Road". This is a section out of the 1908 plat map that shows the Marks land.

The D. W. Marks and Jennie L. Marks property which by the 1922 plat map was in Walter Vonneguts name. The red was the George Peeple's farm "Hollyhocks" which was in Emma Vonnegut's name on the 1922 plat map. The violet line is 18th Road and the brown line is Vonnegut or Queen Road.

And an enlarged area of the "Hollyhock" farm area shows the location of the house while it was still under the ownership of George Peeples on the 1908 plat map.

Emma Vonnegut purchased the Peeples farm of 28.1A before 1922 by the plat map - her obit of 1939 states 10 years ago which would be 1929 - but is in error.

And this also shows the Vonnegut-Muellers properties with names more visible in the area during 1922 and was dub "Vonnegut Row".

This shows the location of the house of "Hollyhocks"; as well as the Walter J. Vonneguts properties which were the "Vonnegut Orchard" and also the platted lake fron which was known as "Vonnegut Row"

<>Sometime between the 1922 plat map - the road in this following area - changed dramtically - the map found proposing it was dated 6 Oct 1927 if it is read correcly in the lower right hand corner; the news articles; pertaining to. The blue is the original road of 33' wide to the west and the red to the east is the proposed change and increasing the wideth to 40'

This shows a cropped section of only the lake front cottaes and how the old road divided the properties basically in half; and a listing of the owners

A 1920's ad and also found in another newspaper Vidette-Messenger, Valparaiso, Indiana Tuesday, October 13, 1936 Page 7; of the classifieds reads:
    APPLES—Now have Grimes Golden. Delicious, Winter Banna, York, Rome, King David, Greenings and Stayman Winesap. Vonnegut Orchards, Culver , Ind. east side of Lake Maxinkuckee.

A Sept., 1920 Indianapolis Star article acclaimed 70-year old Emma Vonnegut as a “successful and versatile orchardist.”

The Vonnegut - Mueller Cottage of 1898; J. George Mueller. This cottage possible was located at 844 East Shore Dr.

1837 - 10 August - William Thompson
1876 1880 - G. Peoples
1898 - G. Peeples
1908 - Geo. People
1922 - Geo. Vonnegut
1953 - George Phillips
Sep 2005 - Don M. Nixon

762 House Of A Thousand Candles
pre 1834 - The United States of America received title to all Indian Lands from Virginia by act of the General Assembly 12/20/1783 and by deed-signed by Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and others 3/1/1784. Indiana occupied the land by treaties. Upon extinction of the treaties the land was surveyed from December 1833 to September 1834.

1837 - 10 August - William Thompson

1838 - William & Nancy Thompson HW deeded to Eleazor Thompson
1840 - 6 Apr. Eleazor Thompson to Joshua Canaday
1843 - 3 Aug. Former deed revoked & reverted to Eleazor Thompson & HW
    Eleazor and HW Mary Thompson to Huldah Canaday
    Eleazor and HW Mary Thompson to Any Canaday
1848 - 1 Feb. - Any Canada & Eli Barbard & Huldah Canaday Barnard to Samuel Jones
1855 - 13 Jun. = Samuel Jones de Rebecca Jones to David La Rue
1865 - 29 May - Heirs of David dc Frances La Rue to George Peoples [Frances La Rue married Peter Cohoe - 8 Dec. 1864]
1865 - 10 Jun - Frances Jane La Rue Cohoe dc Peter Cohoe to George Peeples
1865 - 29 May - George Peoples to Squier Owens-Administrator?????
1884 - 27 Oct. - William Now & Catherine HW to George Peoples Grantee of David La Rue
1887 - 15 Sep. - George Peoples & HW Catherine to Sarah P Von Hake and Pauline Vonnegut, wife of Franklin
1889 - 1 Oct. - Sarah P. Von Hake & Carl HH to Pauline O. Vonnegut & Franklin HH (south half of property)
1889 - 23 Dec. - George Peeples & Catherine HW to Pauline Vonnegut
1902 - 17 Dec. - (Heirs of Pauline Vonnegut deceased: HH Franklin & sons Theodore F., Felix and Arthur) Heirs of Pauline Vonnegut to May Potts

1898 - Clemens Vennegut/Vonnegut
1908 - Vansgood/Vonnegut
ot 2 1900-1927 - Bernard Vonnegut

953-61 - Elmer A. Steffen
979-82 - Mrs. Elmer A. Steffen
1983-93 - Loyal W. & Margaret Wilson
1999-2005 - Robert H. & Lucinda R. Frushour

814 - Clemens Jr. & Emma (Schnull) Vonnegut [built c 1890]
1953-61 W. Kerfoot Stewart [William Kerfoot Stewart]
1979 - Mrs. Jean Ward Woolett Property
1981-3 - Don Muehlhausen
Subdived into 2 lots
Mar. 1985 -1996, Mar. - C. Nicholas & Judith L. Renneker
1999, Dec. - Jul - 2005 Ralph C. Vonnegut, Jr.
2005 , Jul. - Ralph C. Vonnegut, Jr. - Trustee
2005 , Jul. - 2102, Mar - David Gabovitch, Personal Representative<
2012, Mar.-2013, May - Vonnegut Family Partnership LLC
2012, Apr -2013, Jun. - Construction Management & Design, Inc.
2013, Jun - Old East Shore LLC

818 - ClemensJr. & Emma (Schnull) Vonnegut [built c 1890]
1953-61 W. Kerfoot Stewart [William Kerfoot Stewart]
1979 - Mrs. Jean Ward Woolett Property
1981-3 - Don Muehlhausen
Subdived into 2 lots
Mar. 1985 -1996, Mar. - C. Nicholas & Judith L. Renneker
1985-6 - address not listed in lake directory - built 1986
1987 - Thomas (D.D.S.) and Barbara Pugh
1989-Feb. 1998 Theodore Jr. & Catherine P. Hrycak
Feb. 1998 - 2014    Catherine P. Hrycak/Trustee

1898 - no name listed
1908 - Miller
1908 - Otto Slechan/Stechan - "Indiana" Indiana Boathouse
Lot 4 - 1922 - Vonnegut & Mueller built 1907
Lot 4 - 1927 - Clemens & Geo. Vonnegut & Geo. Mueller
1953-61 - Clemons O. Mueller
1979-2012, Feb - Thomas Howard & Susie Rogers Sams

2012, Feb Susan Rogers Sams
2012, Feb-2014 Susan R. Sams & Successors

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