Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Howard Luke Werner  

We are going to introduce to you a gentleman by the name of H. L. Werner, age 48, who I think everyone in the community knows. He has a jewelry store here that he has operated for nineteen years. Watch repairing is his long suite. If they can be repaired he sure can do it as he has had years of experience. Mr. Werner was watch maker for J. W. Pipes Jewelry co., at Morgantown, W. Virginia, for three years. That was his first job after graduating from Bowman's Tech. School in Lancaster, Pann., in 1908. Stop and think - in jewelry store business here for nineteen years - if anyone know the business I am sure that he does. He still makes a study of the business so that he is able to do everything in a modern way .

Mr. Warner {Werner] was married in 1906 and has a family that everyone would be proud of Mr. and Mrs. Werner are the proud mother and father of two sets of twins and one single. We want to tell you a little more about his family. Mary, age 21, one of the twins, works at the Academy in the quartermaster's office. Martha, age, 21, another on of the twins, works as secretary to W. O. Osborn in the State Exchange Bank here. Now I am going to tell you about the other set other set of twins. Ruth, age 19, is in nurses training at St. Luke hospital at Chicago. Robert H. also work is in Chicago. John, the youngest child, is at home and is in the first year of high school. He is a real radio fan. When he hasn't any studying to be done you will find him at his radio.

Mr. Werner is a lover of good books and makes quite a study of astronomy and is well versed on the subject. If you doubt it just drop in and have a chat with him.

The family as a whole is always interested in boosting the community, ready at any time to do anything that will make this a better place in which to live. Every one in this community should help a business of this kind prosper, for the family spends a lot of money here. You will get real workmanship and products at a very low price, but Mr. Werner does not sacrifice quality for price as he carries nothing but a high class line of jewelry and Conklins pens and pencils. Give him a trail and you will never trade any place else

H. L. Werner was snapped by the staff photographer as he was repairing a watch in his jewelry store above Mitchell & Stabenow's store. H came quite a distance to settle in Culver. He was born in Prestion [Preston] county, West Virginia, and spent his boyhood on a farm. After teaching school for three years Mr. Werner decided to train himself still more for that profession and came to Tri-State college at Angola, Ind. There he met the present Mrs. Werner and they decided to get married rather than wait for him to complete the normal school course. Mr. Werner then entered Polk's Conservatory of Piano Tuning at Valparaiso and upon graduation practiced the trade at Fort Wayne and Montgomery, Ala. Then her decided to become a watchmaker and entered Bowman's Technical School at Lancaster, Pa. He followed that trade in Baltimore, Md. and Morgantown, W. Va. before buying Sutherlin Jewelry store here, which was in 1911. He has the unusual distinction of being the father of two sets of twins. Mr. Werner is considered one of the best read business men in town.

Sutherlin Jewelry store store and residence was located at 202 S. Main

The home is no longer there. It was replaced by a concrete block building which became a dry cleaning establishment operated by my future brother-in-law, Charles Ricciardi. Both my father and mother are buried in the cemetery in Culver, Indiana.

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