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Rubber & Scrape Drive World War II  

1942 - June 3 - Scrap Metal Drive

    There are a least two good reasons for seeing to it that the Marshall County Scrap Salvage campaign suceeds this month...

    Salavage chairman from each town in the country met last week in Plymouth and planned for the drive for the drive to collect scrop iron, metal, rubber and rags from each home in the countys...

    Patriotic necessity is the first reason for scrape salvage. Thirty large open-hearth steel furnaces closed down at the end of 1941 because they couln't ger scrap iron to make Steel. High grade steel... may require as much as 60 percent scrap iron mixed with iron ore...

    Neatness is another reason... Every housewife knows of things stored about the house which will never be used...

    Either bring your metal to the Pura Junk Yard or call after placing the pile in front of your home and he will call for it. In either case you will be paid the market price. Those living in Burr Pak, Hibbard and other communities should gather the metal into one place and Pura will call for it.

1942 - July 29 - Will This Strech As Fasr As Tokio?

Above is pictured the collection of scrap rubber in township by the Standard Oli Company, Herman Gardner, local agent; Hand's Service Station, and Lake Shore Garage made the collections, along with 200 pounds from the Deep Rock Station and two tons by the county highway department, headed by Mr. Duddleson. The total amount is 10 tons, and does not inculde the scrap rubber collected by other oil companies as this community's contribution to the nation-wide scrap rubber drive.

1942 - Aug. 5 - Beg Your Pardon - It was stated in last week's issue that the Deep Rock Service STation had contributed 200 pounds of scrap rubber, while the station had collected 1500 poundds, second highest in Culver.

1942 - August 19 - Drive for Scrap Metal

1942 - Aug 26 - Scrap Metal Neede to Help Win War
    The country is facing a crisis in its war production program and unless the people immediately salvage at least six million tons of scrap iron and steel, as well as great additionl quanities of other materials the nation is not going to meet its production quotas and our troops and allies are not going to get the material that they need - in time. ....

    Nothing is to big or small to be of use For instance
      1,000 burned out light bulbs will make 40 compasses

      A vacum cleaber will mlake 31,000 .30 cal. cartridges or 11 rifles

      Ten six foot electric cords will provide the cooper scrap equivalent to cooper used in 1,000 37-mm antia aircraft explosvies

      An old flatiron will make two steel helmetsor 30 hand grenades

      One tractor will make 10 37-mm tank guns.

      Five hayrakes will make one armored scout car.
    ...There are bombs in your barn, and guns in your garret. Get the scrap metal into war production today!

1942- Sep 2 - Junk Rall to Bring In Needed Metals... Saturday, September 5, has been set as Junk rall Day in this community...

1942 - Sep 30 - Township War Boards Paln for Scrap Drive

1942 - Sep 30 - Renew Pleas for All Possible Scrape Metal to Relieve Shortage... But scrap has not been c oming in fast enough in recents months... People are not being asked to donate their scrap. They will receive the regular full junk price for it. Scrap is worth $11 a on, or 55 cents per owt, when brought in to the junk dealers. Junk picked up at the farms will bring 50 cents a hundred pounds.

1942 - Oct 7 - Big Scrap Iron Drive Neefs Scales, Trucks, Men for Collection
    Men, platform scales and trucks are needed.

    But first, a fine way to help is to deliver your own scrap iron to the dealer next week, Oct. 12-17m and get the top price...

    The truck committe says eight to ten trucks are needed for every township. Each truck should, of course have a driver, a pair of platforn scales the will wigh from 500 to 1000 pounds and at least one helper....

    To volunteer notify .... Union Twp. - Township Chairman - J. D. Newman, Mrs. R. A. Osborn; Township sub-chairmen - S. W. Weaver, Howard Albert, Walter Busart, Whitney Kline, Mrs. Wallace Starr, Mrs. Raymond Lowry, Mrs. William O'Conner, Mrs. Earl Dean Overmyer.

1942 - Oct 7 - Junk Sales Proceeds To Go to U.S.O. Fund Township Quota $600 - October 12 to 17 is junk week in Union townshp ... The town lot at the corner of Washington and Plymouth Strreets has been designated as the scrap collection center... Scrap collection in town will be conducted Tuesday afternoon with Marshal McFeely in charge of trucks... Bby selling scrape metal during this special week a higher price will be obtained, so don't put off collecting your junk....

1942 - Oct 14 - Junk Collection In Township Rounded Up Total of 53,983 lbs.
    ... The community can be pround of this fine response...

    One of the features of the collection was the jon turned in by you Peter McKinner who was assighned to collection scrap metal from homes neat the Academy. Although he had only his small wagon to haul the junk in, he had a pile of over 1,300 pounds...

    The following assisted ...
      Trucks - Curtis Brothers, O E Gibbons, Culver Military Academy, Coleman Lowry, Wm. Myers, Bob Hartman, Newman Brothers, J. A. Newman and sons, Walter Busart, Russell Croy, Ed Poland, County Highway Dept. Truck, Culver town truck and Forrest Triple

      Helpers: Lawrence Hartman, Ira Ringer, Wayne Kline, Guy Davis, Roy E Overmyer, Carl Stubbs, Charles Clifton, Arthur Dillon, Lukas DUddleson, Peter McKinney, Al Thessin, Donald Mikesell, Ralph Houghton, Mont Foss, Jim Croy and Fay Neidlinger.

      Scales - Culver Miltiary Academy, Wm Myers, Bob Hartman, Newman Brothers, J. A. Newman and sons, Ed Poland, WM. Lowry, George Busart, Arthur DIllon, Ralph Hougjton Wm. O'COnner and Lester Hopple.

1942 - Oct 21 - Junk Drive Brings in Over 40 tons of Metal for Benefit of U.S.O.

Withing A few days the total amount of Culver's scrap collecion in actual weight willbe known as a Plymouth junk firm started the first of the week hauling the material away... Verl McFeely and Donald Mikesell inspect an old German cannon, one of severl donated by the Culver Military Academy... Beside this pile of junk, the township group collected more than than that pictured... It is estimated that their haul brought in over 60 tones...
1942 - Oct 28 - Culver's contribution of Scrape With WHich To Battle The Japs

1942 - Nov. 11 - Scrap Iron to Pay For Move Admission. - A scrap iron matinee will be held Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the EL Rancho Theater. The price of admission will be about 10 pounds of scrap iron. A special feature picture is being secured that the matinee will add a good zied pile of scrap iron to the town's collection of metal.

1942 - Nov. 18 - Continue Drive for Scrape Iron
    In spite of the fact that a very intensive campaign has been conducted in Marshall county to collect scrap iron, which has resulted in more than 4 millon pounds of scrap iron being colletected since Jant 1st.

    There still remains on some farms in the county such things as old wife finecing, old worn out galvanized stock tanks, automobile bodies, threshing engines, hay rakes, and many other articles to tedious to metinion...

    Briefly men will visit farm where such material is located, cut up such heavy pieces that need to be cut up, take old machines to pieces, and buy the scrap material at $8.00 per ton and make no per ton and make no charge for labor... the farmer will have an opporunity to look over the dismantled machinery and reserve any necessary parts for repairs.

    Any old rubber will also be taken in this campaign at $10.00 per ton.

    Farmer or other persons selling scrap materials thorugh this program will be given a receipt for the amount of material picked up at their farms and the payment for such material will be made by the United States Treasurer and a check will be mailed to the seller.

    The scrap material thus belongs to the Federal Government and when the campaign is completed in this county it will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder....

1942 - Nov. 25 - Junk Matinee Brings IN Over 1,500 Pounds of Scrap

Everet Hoesel, owner of the EL Rancho Theater, surveys the pile of junk that youngsters borought in to pay their armission to a recent matinee. Ten pounds of scrap metal qualifed a child the see the show "on the house", and around 1,500 pounds of scrap material was thus accumulated. Mr. Hosel turned this over to the local U.S.O. to sell and add the proceeds to its treasury. The matinee was such a success that Mr. Hoesel is planning to hold another next month

1942 - Dec - More Scrap Metal From Farms Needed.

1943 - Mar 17 Scrap Matinee - Scrap Metal was the price of admission to a matinee held Sturday morning at El Rancho theatre and Evert Hosel, Owner, was well pleased with the large amount of scrap brought in. He is donating the metal to the current drive.

1943 - Mar 17 = Need 1,000 lbs. Scrop from Every Farm - - The War Production Board has asked Indiana for a collection fo 542,tons of scrap metal during the six month's perion ending June 30; and 83,000 tonos of this amount is to come from the farms... This means that we will need an average of 1,000 pounds per farm to reach this goal...

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