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World War II in Culver 1941  

Dec 10

- United States At War WIth Japan; Local Men In Attacked Areas
    War came suddenly and ruthless to the United States Sunday when the Japanese launched an attack on Hawaii and Guam...

    On Monday President Roosevelt asks Congress for a declaration of War against Japan... There was only one dissenting vote in both houses.

    This was was brought home to this community as local young men are stationed in the area that was the center of the Japanese attack on Sunday.

      LeMarr Waite is on the U.S.S. Litchfield at Pearl Harbor,

      George C. Sales is with the Marines at Pearl Harbor,

      Robert P. Schwiedler is with the U.S.S. Dobbins in that area.

      Glen Quivey is stationed at Schofield Barrack, Hawaii,

      Doran Finney is a member of the Bombardment Squardon, Hickman Field Hawaii.

      William Ingram is believed to have been on the battleship Oklahoma that is reported sunk.

      John William Bays is in Honolulu.

      It is probable that there are others from here in that vicinity whose names it was not been possible to learn.

    ...The Culver Fire Department...The fireman have been notified to be ready to send aid to Kingsbury and South Bend in case attacks are made of those important points.

    Enlists in Army Private Shirley Carter has returned to Chanute Field after spending a two week's furlough with his mother, Mrs. Loren Archer... His brother Ernest has enlisted and will be stationed at Fr. Benjamin Harrison temporarily.

    Dec 17

    George Sales Not at Pearl Harbor Bombiing. - George C. Sales, member of U. S. Marine Corps, is back in this country and was not at Pearl Harbor at time os the suprised bombing...he is now in the Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Vallejo., California, after ebing on the Pacific Ocean for eight days...

    Corporal Kennedy Bryan, Patterson Field Ohio, has been promoted to Supply Sargent

    Dec 24

    Defense Committee For Culver Announced
      Members of the local defense committed, representing the various departments of the town government, the academy, and civic organizations and enterprises have been announced by Olver C.Shilling, chairman.

      Although far away from the American battlefront, the committes, cooperating with county and state officials, is actively planning to make Culver an example of what a small community, in creating its own defense, can do to aid in the national war effort.

      Committee members include:
        Col. W. E. Gregory, superintendent of the Academy;
        Ernest W. Carter, president of the town board;
        Verl McFeely, town marshall;
        George Stabenow, water works superintendent;
        Cary CuUmmins, cheif of the fire department;
        M. R. Robinson, Amercan Legion post commabder;
        J. W. Riggens, Spanish American War veteran;
        Col. Robert Rossow, chairman of the American Legion defense committee;
        Mrs. L. R. Kellam and Deane E Walker, members of the county defense committee; and
        Robert Rust, director of the Academy news service.

      Doran Finney Killed At Hickman FIeld
        Word of the first casuality among Culver boys in the service came Tuesday when Mr. and Mrs. Carl Finney received word that their son, Patrick L. Finney, had been killed December 7, in the Japansees raid on Hickman Field, Hawaii.

        Doran, as he was better known, enlisted in August 1940 and was a member of the 26th Bombardment squadron...

      Co. Defense Council Is Formed
        Marshall county is preparing to cope with cimmunity defense problems or other situtations arising from the present war emergency, and members of the Marshall county Civilian Defenses Coucil have been appointed.

        Don Klich, county director, who was appointed recently by Gov. Schricker, has been organizing the defense council during the past two or three weeks, and has met with the group.

        The council is composed of the following, representing various organizations or groups: Representing the cities and towns:
          ... Oliver Shilling, Culver;...
        Representing the women's division, Mrs. L. R. Kellanm Culver...

        County superintendent of schools, Deane E. Walker...

        The local defense council is concerned primarily with the problems of health, recreation, nutrition, education, production, fire protection, police protection, and morale in its community.

      Rossow Heads Legion Defense Committee
        Col. Robert Rossow has been appointed chairman of the defense committee of the local post of the American legion. Other members are:
          Harry Speyer, naval aid;
          Ben Oberlin, marine aid;
          Hugh H. Harper, aviation aid; and
          A. R. McKesson, morale aid.

        The committee was formed at the request of the national Legion headquarters, which is organizing the ex-service men for defense activities.

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