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World War II in Culver 1942 Part 1  

Jan 7

- Ben Koontz Reported Lost in Action
    Corp Ben D. Koontz, headquarters and service squadron group, Marine Corps, has been reported last in action by the War Department...on Thursday, Jan. 1.

    ...He enlisted Dec. 3, 1939, and took his parachute training at Lakehurst, N.J.

    His twin brother, Tom, is in hedquarters company, Panama Mobile Force, Fort Clayton, Canallll Zone...

Its Col. Greiner Now - Major Edwin C. Greiner...had been promoted to rank of lieutenant colonel and places in charge of the 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Polk, La.

Robert Schweidler Safe... who is on the U. S. S> Dobbin, is safe at Pearl Harbor.

Defense Committee Appointed to Study Local Situation and Draft Program...

Jan 14

- Greenway Promoted - James Green way has been promoted to the rank of sergeant. He is stationed with the post hospital at Patterson Field, Fairfield, O.

Bryan Promoted - Sgt Kennedy Bryan, Patterson Field has been promoted to staff sergeant

Back in Army - Chester Cavender, who had been released from the army because he was a draftee over 28 years old, has been recalled and will be stationed at Fort Crockett, Texas.

Defense Volunteers To Meet Next Sunday
    A call for all male citizens who will volunteer to join the Culver Defense Corps to meet Sunday Jan. 18, at 3:00 p.m. in the Culver Library auditorium has been issied by Robert Rossow, director... Defense Chairman Olive Shilling announces the appointment of
      Deane Walker, Robert Rust
      E. W. Carter
    to the committee that will fformulate a complete war activities set-up here.

Surgical Dressing Group to Meet... The work room in the Academy gymnasium has been freshly painted and will be open for use by the group on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. from 2:00 to 5 o'clock and on one night a week, which night will be announced later... Red Cross to Enlist Volunteer Workers if FIfteen Branches
    The Marshall county Red Cross is making a county survey in connection with the War Relief Drive now in progress in which volunteer workers will be enlisted for one of the 15 branches of Red Cross War activities to be conoducted by this chapter.

    The Volunteer workers donducting the Ware relief Drive will ask each person that the contact if he will volunteer his services to the Marshall COunty Red Cross in on of the following fields of war activities:
      1 Red Cross Nursing 2 Nurses aid Corp 3 Make Surgical dressings 4 Home hygiene study group 5 Enrolling of first aid clsses 6 Sewing (in own homes) 7 Knitting (in own homes) 8 Teach first aid class 9 Teaching knitting to groups 10 First Aid Detchment group 11 Motor Corps including farm machinery operation 12 Canteen service 13 Clerical 14 Organization and Supervistion 15 Blood Donor

Jan 14

- To Install Floodlights - As a war measure the town board has decided to install floodlights on the water tower and at the pumping station. Bars have also been placed across the windows and door at t he latter place

Organization of Defense Corps Being Perfected
    Town divided into FIve areas; Occicers names and Centers Designated

    ... organization was partially completed which will in the future be designated as "The CUlver Defense Corps."

    Its duty, in genral, will be to provide for the saftey and home defense of all sections of Union township, and to guard all public utlities

    Membership is purely on a volunteer basis, and membership qualifications are that the application be a legal resident of Union twoship, and that he has passed his 18th birthday.

    Requests for membership either verbally or by phone can be made to
      Town marshall Verl McFeely, adjutnat of the CUlver defense coprs, or to Col. C. F. McKinney, executive office of the corps, Culver Military Academey

    The officers designated to date are as follows:
      Commander - Col. Robert Rossow AIde to COmmander - M. R. RObinson Executive Officer (Second In command) - Col. C. F. McKiney Adjunat - Marshal Verl McFeely Sargeant Major - John C. Kester Captain Defense Area No. 1 Harvey Gwynn. Lieutenants - Russell FIsher, Mac Fechner Captain Defense Area No. 2 Donald Mikesell. Liutenants - Walter Johnson, William R. Easterday Captain Defense Area No. 3 Major H. T. Stinchcomb. Lieutenants - Dr. R. E. Matin, E.W. Carter Captain Defense Area No. 4 Capt Hugh Harper. Lieutenants - DIck Loudon, Steffen Rector. Captain Defense Area No. 5 Capt WIlliam Gram - Liuetenants Frank Walaitis, Paul Underwood
    Commader Academy General Area - Col. A. R. Elliot. AIdes A.L. DOnnely, Glen Clark
      Captain of Defense Area "A" - Col. W. R. Kennedy. Lieutenants - COl. R> H. SHanks, Le LaBounty Captain of Defense Area "B" - Col. W. G. Johnston. Lieutenants - A. L. Donnelly, Walter ROberts Captain of Defense Area "C" - Major C. A. Whitney. Lieutenants - not yet appointed Captain of Defense Area "D" - Col. G. L.Miller. Lieutenants - Major H.A.Obenauf, Capt. J. I RIch
    Captain Mobile Defense Unit - Kemp Moore. Lieutenants Ray Mannis, Russel Olive

Practice siren announced for Jan 25 and what was to be done. The alert will be sounded on town fire alarm and Academy fire whistle of one long blast to signal the beginning and the end of the practice alert.

Red Cross Drive to Furnish Funds to Buy Material for War Use
    The Union Union Twp. Red Cross chairman of knittin, sewing and surgical dressings have still a small part of their guatas for British Relief to finish and the ask your help...

    Please give generously to the War Relief Emergency drive and help th township reach its $1,080 mark...

Auto Tax Stamps Now On Sale At P.O.
    ...Attention was called to a provision of the Revenue Acot of 1941 which imposed a "use" tax upon motor vehicles, which tax becomes effective February 1, 1942

Jan 28

Crandall Promoted - Murray B. Crandall... has been promoted to lieutenant colonel. He is stationed with the aire command at War College, Washington, D.C.

Called in Dradt - CLarence WIlliam Wennerstrom is among the nine young men from Marshall county to report for induction into the army Feb. 3. They are to fo to Indianapolis - ...

Committe on Study of Local Defense Angles
    ... Specifically this committe is charged with the tasks:
      (1) of determining the scope of local defense activities (2) of detemining the nature of local defense activities (3) of making specific recommendations as to the work of the locak defense group.

    Accodingly Chairman Oliver Schilling appointed
      Deane E Wakjerm superintendent of Marshall county of Schools Ernest Crter, presideint of the town board, and Robert Rust, publicity department at Culver Military Academy,
    as thoe board of inquiry

    After studying the local defense needs, this committee met with Mr Shilling on January 22. They wish to submit the following recommendations or resolutions
      1 Where as the scope or the limits of local defense activitied for communities such as Culver have not been clearly defined by national or state authorities, and whereas there seems to be a duplication of effort on the part of a numbe of civic organizations, we wish to recommend that the purpose of local civilian defense should be one of coordination and cooperation bewtween local civic groups. and with county, state, and national civilian authority 2 Whereas Colonel Robert Rossow as director of local physical defense has speedily perfected an organization desigined to meet the needs of our community, we urge the complete cooperation of all local citizens in supporting this protective organization. We further urfe the citizens enlist as members of defense organization and carry out theri assignments as designated by the administrative staff 3 Whereas the committee, after due study, wishes to congratulate the departments of the local town government for meeting the cotingencies brought on by the war-time emergency. It is gratifying to report that afequate protection is being given to utilities. Members of the local fire department have bee attending defense schools for some time teceining instuction for coping with this hazard 4 Whereas we velieve that one of the best ways in which Culver Citizens can contribute to national defense is by contributation, not only of their services, but of their money, we entreat the cooperation of the local community in the purchase of defense bonds and saving stamps. 5 Whereas the local chapter of the Red Cross is concerned with the national program of that organization, we wish not only to commend the local chapter in its splendid and active work thus far, but to urge local citixens to whole-heartedly enlist in the support of this program 6 Whereas the war psychosis always produces a fear on the part of citizens that they are going to be denied the bar necessities of life, there is a present natural tendency toward hoarding. This tendency does not contribute in anyway to national defense; rather it is contrary to the very principles of the national was effort. Therefor the committee wishes to discourage and at the same time urge citizens to refrain from hoarding materials 7 Whereas the gational government has restricted the use of tires and whereas this will over a period of time creat local transportation problems, and whereas Culver does not have adequate transportation facilities to other communties, we believe the Chamber of Commerce through their organization should make some study of local transportation needs and means by which this problem can be approached

The first practice alert of the Culver area Defense Corps was held, and was “generally successful.” The second practice alery will be February 1, during mid-afternoon

Enemy Nationals Must FIle for Certificate of Identification Soon
    ...The new regulations affecctin approcimately 1,100,000 oersibsm issued uner the Presidential prclamation of January 14, 1932 relating to alen enemies, require all
      German, Iralian andd Japanese
    aliens to apply to the nearest first or second class, or county seat, post office for a Certificate of Indentification. The requirement applieds to all enemy nationals 14 years of age or over who have not yet taken the oath of allegiance before a Federal judge, the final step in acquiring American Citizenship.

    The regulation provices for two separate periods...

    1 ... residing in the states of Claifornia, Oregon, Washington, Nevafa, Arizona, Montana Utah and Idaho... 2 .... residing elsewhere in continental United States... between Feb 9 and Feb 28

Joins Navy, Charges Dropped - Jerry Enbodin, one of a group of four young men involved in thefts around Lake Maxinkuckee cottages and homes, is now in the navy... but when he sighned up with the the navy the grand larceny charge against him was not pressed...

Feb. 4

Enlists in Army - Walter A. Vonnegut enlisted in the army on Jamuary 19 and has bee sent to Selfridge Field, Mich...Plat 2 Co. B Recuriting Deachment, Hanger 7...

Edgar Clifton Assigned - Pcf. Edgar L. CLifton, who recently entered the army has been assigned to Baer Field Fort Wayne, Ind.

    Pvt. Shirley Carter has been transferred from Chanute Field to Howard Field, Canal Zone. Hes brother, Ernest Carter has been transferred from Jefferson Barracks, Mo. to Chanute field.

    Thomas Lindahl has been trasnferred to Randolph Field, near Antonia, Texas. and Jack Lindahl graduated from his air-lane Mechanics course at Chanite Field, Rantoul, Illinois and been sent to Kelly Field near San Antonio...

    Paul Strang of Hollywood, who enlisted in the Army has been transferred from Wichita Falls, Texas to Charlotte, N.C.

Enter AIr corps - Paul Stanley Moran...has passsed the examination to enter the air coprs and will be sent for training near Tuskegee, Ala...

Ivan Walker Promoted - Ivan Walker has been promoted to the grade of master sergeant and expects to receive today his commission as second lieutenant, along with assignment for active duty

Gen Gignilliat Acting Defense Corps Leader
    During the absence of both Col. Rossow and Col. C. F. McKenney, General L. R. Gignilliat has accepted the request of E. W. Carter, acting defense chaimran, that he take over the commander's duty.

    Another practice alert was held Sunday afternoon and the corps responded effiently to the problems outlined by Col. Rossow...

On February 9, 1942, "War Time"—a year-round daylight saving time—began in the United States. Passed by Congress and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the year-round daylight saving time required that clocks be moved ahead one hour for the remainder of the war as a national defense measure to conserve energy.

Feb 11

Made Corporal - Eldon Curtis,... has been promoted to corporal. He is with the 313th School Squadron, Sheppard Field, Texas.

Butler A Sergeant - Harlan Butler who is stationed at Pine Camp, N.Y. has been promoterd to technical Sergeant.

Ivan Walker Assigend to Academy Staff - Lieut. Ivan Walker has received orders attaching him to the P.M.S. & T. stadd of Culver Military Academy where he has served for the past 21 years. He retired as a master sergeant, and was recalled the same day as a first lieutenant...

Firemen Eat Turkey, Plan Defense School, Hear Talk on Spirit.

Defense Hedquaters in Action - At the recent practice alert by the Ci;ver defense Corps, Cadet W. F. Mutchmann of the Academy, snapped Col. Robert Rossow, commanfer, issuing orders to his staff for practice problmes, which the corps later executed successfull. Left to right standing: Joohn Kester, serfeant major; Carer H. Schreffler, observer, Gen. L. R. Gignillat, now actin commander; and M. R> RObinson, aide.

Draft Registration to be Held Fen. 16; Excemptions Listed
    All male persons not previously registerd, who attained their twentieth birthday on or before December 31, 1941, and who nave not attained theri forty-fifth birthday on or before February 16, 1942, must register between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on February 16...

    Men between 21 and `36 years of age who registerd in 1930 and 1941 are not to register again.

    While any one who is unavoidably away from his home on Fenruary 16 may refister at the registration place most convenient of that day, all Marshall county registrants are urged to mak every effort to register with their own local boards to avoid possible confusion in the future. Any person who must register while away from his home, It is warned, should be careful to specify his home address, so that his registration card may be forwarded prompltly to his own local board, ....

    The only persons exempt from registration under the law are: ... residing in the United States. whho are not citizens of the United States, and who have not declared their intention to become citizens of the United States.

    Special registrars also will be provided to register men who cannot appear at a designated registration place because of illness or other incapacity.

    Every man subject ot registration who is an inmate of an asylum, jail, penitentiary, reformatory or similar institution on February 16 is required to register on the day he leaves the institution.

    In Union township registration will be handled by D. W. Weaver in the tustee's office in the bank building...

1942 - feb. 11 - Firemen Eat Turkey, Plan Defense School, Hear Talk on Spirit. The Culver Volunteer Fire Department staged its ' annual turkey dinner Monday night in Snyder's Cafe...

Feb 18

CMA Graduate Killed in Philippines Action - Major Dudley George Strckler... class of 1926...

192 Registered for Draft on Monday... The ages ranging from 20 to 44 inclusive and included all males who had not previously signed for possible duty with Uncle Sam... Local registration ar handled by
    D. W. Weaver Col George Miller JArvey Guynn A. R. McKesson and F. M. Annis...

A list oc contributors to the war relief drive.

Feb 25

Joins Naval Reserve - Jack O'Conner... reported for duty at New Orleans, La. Monday for aviation training in the naval reserves...

A list oc contributors to the war relief drive.

War Relief Qouta is Increased by $360 in Union Township... The National American Red Cross has raised the quota of Union township by 33 percent...the local quota of $1,080 has been raised, as set under the first call but now the township must raise $360 more to keep in step with the other townships...

Mar 4

Advanced to Corporal - Shirley L Carter, Howard Field, Canal Zone has been promoted...

A list oc contributors to the war relief drive.

Important Announcement - -The alert signal of the town fire siren and Academy whistle for the Culver Defense Corps would thereafter be sounded in two series of four blasts each...

Important Notice - There is a shortahe of rifles in the Culver Defense Corps organization. It well be greatly appriciated if all citizens having a rifle, who are not already members of the corps will loan it to the organization for the duration of the war...

War Time Service for League of Woomen Voters
    Each member of the League of WOmen Coters who is enlisted in the War Time Sevice Plan, bring at a nomoinal cost, every other week, ten broadsides to distribute. One page 1 of this issue the names of those already enlisted in this work appear.

    League of Women Voters War Service workers
      Mrs. J.H. Smith, Mrs. F.W. Bates, Mrs. Kemp Moore, Mrs. I. L. Kitts, Mrs. C.F. McKinney, Mrs. Priscilla Cowan, Mrs. J.F. Edgell, Mrs. Ernest Benson, Mrs. Robert Kernchan, Mrs. Dick Newman Mrs. W. E Leland, Mrs. C.C. Mather, Mrs. H.B. Keller, Mrs. G.L. Miller, Mrs. Mack Goode, Mrs. Alfred Hill, Mrs Hardrigg Sexton, Mrs. W> G. Johnston, Mrs. L. J. Stone, Mrs. Robert Rossow, Miss Cececlere Brown, Mrs. C. S. McMinn, Mrs. W. D. Baker, Miss Jean Knowlton, Miss Jean Garset. Miss Elizabeth Shetterly Mrs. Paul Barada

    Anyone interested in more detailed informanation can can be given in this space, each week, may ask any one of the workers for a copy of a Broadside it will be given free of charge.

    At this time Leages all over the country are studying the method by which the war can best be financed. The following material is used from information just received from the National League in Washington, D.C.

    The amount and kind of new taxes that are levied this year will depend upon what Congress is willing to do. This will depend in part upon that Congress thinks the country will accept. ANd this will depend upon the exten to wohich people understand the measures ncessary to pay for the war and to prevent the disastrous consequences of inflation....

NOTE: A "Broadside" is a sheet of paper printed on one side only, forming one large page

Mar 11

Draft Numbers to be Drwn in Washington Mar. 14 For 3rd Group
    The third national Selevtive Serive lottery will be held in Washington March 17...

    In all prbability approxmately eight or nine thousand capsules will be drawn in this first wartime lottery since 1918 and the third since enactment of the Selective Trainined and Service Act of 1940....

Lt. Walker Transferred - Lt Ivan Walker, who has been attached to the army detail at the Academy for the past 21 years whas been transferred by the War Department to the ROTC staff at Xavier College, Cincinnati, Oion

Bryan Promoted - Staff Sgt. Kennedy L. Bryan of Patterson Field, Ohio has been promoted to technical setgeant.

Mar 18

To Be inducted into Army Service -
    John Altman, ELdon Ault and Kenneht Ellinger
are amoung the young men from Marshall county who will be inducted into the serivce March 25 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis

Called for Draft - WInfield McFarland and Ford Overmyer are among the 13 young men call for induction into army serivce March 27 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis

Assign Numbers to Draft Registrants - The drawing and assingning of number to all men who registered in Marshall county in the last draft registration... This list is incomplete...

Receives Commission - William Oberlin..receives his commission as a second lieutenant. He has been ordered to be ready for assignment in the near future. The commission is the result of Bill's R.O.T.C. training at the academy.

Pledges to be Signed For Defense Bonds on Bond SUnday, April 12
    For the first time in 125 years of state history Indiana voters will go to the polls SUnday April 12, not in name public officals or to vot in a referendum, but to register their voluntary participation in the nation's drive to finance it's greatest war by sale of Defense Bonds...

    The one-day polling emphasizes voluntary participation in war-savings. It replaces the long drawn out house-to-house canvvass method used in Librety Bond drives in World War I....

    Polls places decorated by Defense savings posters and staffed by workers of both political parties will open at noon following church services. Between noon and 8 p.m. when polls will close, almost everyone in the state eill sign a pledge form indicating to what extent he is participating or will participate by investment in Defesne Bonds. The pledging will be secret, with the pledger to recieve one copy of the form and two additional copies to be placed in governmental envelopes for mailing to the INdiana Defense Savings staff in Indianapolis...

    Each registrant will be given a window sticker for display in his home to show that he is doing his share. The stickers will be obtaiinable only after the pledge for is signed and only by those who sign pledge forms...


War Relief Drive Needs More Funds... Union township is short of its quota... The quota is $1494 and the amount raised so far is $1,348.44, leaving a balance of $55.56....

Additional Numbers of Registrants...

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