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World War II in Culver Jan - Mar 1944  

Jan 5

County's Qouta Ste For 4th Bond Drive - ... has been set at $1,114.900... will not officially get started until Jan. 18... During the Third War Loan Drive which was held in September, Marshall County's quota was $1,3500.00, which was oversubscrided with a total of $1,6000,000 in bond sales...

One of a handful of "Culver reunions" overseas in the war, this from the Jan. 12, 1944 Citizen

Its's A Small World! - left to Right Ward "Bud" Listenberger... and Cecil Miller... who met recently at a port somehwiere ithe the South Pacific

Seek Workers For Kingsbury Plant - Around 400 to 500 men and women are needed at the Kingsbury Ordance plat to take care of the increased ordred casued by the impending invasion... Those who are deffered for agriculture work can not get permission to work at Kingsbury.

Jan 19

Honor Roll of Service Men Erected; Labor and Material Donated

A roll of honor listing the men and women in service has been erected on the lawn in front of the Methodist church (on N. Main Street) and without a cent of cost to community

The project was launched J. J. W. Riggens who had the material and construction of the board donated by the MArshall County Lumber Co. Jacob Pederson did the painting and lettering free of charge. LaBounty furnished th eaggel. HArry Procher cut out the stars and town employees erected the finished product last week

The Lions Club has agreed to continue the project and is having two six-foot wings built which will contain the names of the womoen in sevice, those who have died in service will be painted in gold and those not now on the main section.

After the wings have been erected it is requested that all ommission and errors be reported to James Marshall, secretary of the Lions Clulb

Photo - Frances (Taber) Geisleman

Townhsip Ouotas Set to Raise $1,114, 000 In 4th Ward Bond Drive - - .... Culver and Union Township $100,000...

Jan 26

- Increase Stamps for Meat From Farmers -

To Start Collection of Scrap Paper - In line with the government's pleas for more scrap paper the Boy Scouts and Lions club have complete plans for the collection of scrap paper each week...

Feb 2

State Passes Half Way Point In Meeting 4th War Bond Quota

"Bud" Patesel Killed in Airplane Crash IN Bristish West Africa. - Staff Sgt Edward R. Pastesel was killed in am airplane crash in Acron, Gold Coast British West Africa, Wednesday Jan. 26. ... left the United States Dec 1 1942 for combat duty in India... serving as an aerial engineer and gunner of the 10th U.S. air force in India, received the Army Air Medal...

Feb 9

Farmers Urders to Put Surplus Cash Into 4th War Loan Bonds

Launche Farm FOod Production Goals

Township Has Raised $69,000 In Bond Drive - ...county has raises $242,500 or its $600,000....

Feb 16

Gives to USO - The Union township War Appeals and CHarites has given $200 to the USO... correc tion made the next week said $2,000 was sent.

Union Township Goes ofve War Bond QUota - ...with $115,000 subscribed.. the quota was $100,000.. The county has also reached its quota of $1,114,000.00.

Col. H.W. Walmer advertised in the Citizen three months ago that he had lost his gasoline ration book, and last week received a letter from Lt. Col. Frank Huyler, an Academy grad, stating that he had seen the ad in the Citizen and had been looking all over China, where he is stationed in the war, but hasnít seen it. The Citizen can only guess that Col. Huyler was looking at a Lt. Tommy Walkerís copy of the Citizen and noticed the ad!

Feb 23

Township War Bonds Total Novy $120,047.25

Mar 1

Erard and Hartz Wounded - PFc. CLaude H. Erard... was listed as wounded in action... Alivn {Hartz} that he had been wounded in the left arm and left foot...

Mar 15

Harvey Warner Listed MIssing in Action... since Jan 3 1944. He was serving in Italy.

Mar 22

Clever Program Ushers In War Appeals Drive; Goal Ste At $10,000 - The Union Townsohip War Appeals and Charities annyal drive for one fund to handle all requests dor ontiation to worthy causes got off to an ausicious starte Thursday night when the Victory Vaudeville was staged... Plans are being made for a ROundup to be staged about April 15th as an observance of the close... It has been announced that the Victory Vaudville netted around $215.

Mar 29

Parade and Carnival to Celebrate End of War Appeals Drive... Firday, April, 14. The parade will form at the hiiigh s chool at 6:14 p.m....The carnival will get unde way immediately after the parade...

Scrap Paper Pick up - the south part of town and business section Saturday.

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