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World War II in Culver Jan - Mar 1945  

Jan 3

Accidental Shot Fatal to Pvt. W. G. McKinney - ... Private WIlliam Gene McKinney, age 18, died after beinf accidenally shot at Camp KacKall, North Caroline, December 31... On June 1st 1944 he was inducted into the Army ar Fort Benjamin Harrision, Indianapolis; was sent to Camp Blanding, FLa. for his basic training after which he volunteered for the Paratroop Infantry Regiment and received his training at Fort Benning, Ga...

Jan 10

Donald Menser Awarded Oak Leaf Cluster - Hq. Tenth Air Forces In Burma - Award of the Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal to T. Sgt. Donald H. Menser...a liasion-plane pilot who has chalked up 506 combat missions totaling 310 hours... has spent 13 of his 32 service months in the India-Burma theater. He also hold the DPC>

Junior Doxzen Injured in Luxemburg - Carroll Jr. had been wounded on December 17 in Luxemburg... slightly wounded and not other details given...

Haroldl Davis Lost Arm in Action at Metz - Pvt. Harold D. Davis who has been previously reported as wounded in action, has had an arm amputated between the elbow and wrist as a recult of the injury. He is now at Brigham City, Utah... He received his wounded while in action five miles from the Metz and the amputation was made at Nancy, France. He was a rifleman in the 44th Armored Infantry and was in combat for two and a half months...

Harodl Bryant Killed in Action - Pvt FIrst CLass Harold M. Bryant, age 19, had been killed in action in Belgium on December 24... inducted into service on March 8 and received his basic training at Camp Blanding, Flordia... reported to Camp Maxy, Texas. In September he was sent overseas landing in ENgland and from there was transferred to France and Belgium...

Recieves Commission - Richard Page Kellam recently was graduated from the cofficer candidate's class at the Marine Corps School Quantico, Va. and was commissiond a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps... receiving ten weeks of specialized training before being assigned to active duty

Jan 17

V-Mail Use urged by Army and Navy - The army and navy are aking all civiliams to make greater use of V-mail in writing to service men this year as a direct hel in conserving critically meeded transport space and as a mean to provid fighting men with more frequent and adter communication from home..

Jan 24

Missing in Action -
    ...Pvt. Bernard Large has been missing in action since 24, in Belgium... inducted into the arm May 5, 1943, and wnet over seas, July 7, 1944

    ...Pvt. CLavin FIsj has been missing in action since Dec 1st in Blegium. He was with the 10th Armored Infantry Battailon...

    Cpl. Ralph R. Conner... missing in action in Luxemburg since Dec 18...

WInfield McFarland Bags his First Jap - Headquarters 13th AAF, SOuth Pacific - lieutenant Winfield McFarland, of Culver, P-38 Lightining Fighter pilot with Brigadier General Earl W. Barnes... shot down his first jap plane, a medium bomer, neat Daval in the Southern Philippines...

CPl. Ernest Carter Kills 300 pound Bengal Tiger At Night in Burma

Feb 7

Sam Medbourn Wins Bronze Star Award - .With the 26th (Yanke) Infantry Division in Luxembourg - Major Samuel M.Medbourn has been awarded the bronze star for heroism in action asgainst the enemy in France. He commanded the Second Battalion of the 328th Infantry as it maneuvered into position in front of a town and prepared to attack it...

Feb 14

Paul Thomas Killed In Action on Luzon - PFC Norman Paul Thomas was killed in action in Lucon January 13.. been in servicer for two and a half years and had been over seas since September, 1943...

American cemetery In New Guinea - An idea how cemeteries in wara areas, containing the bodies of American service men and women are arranged and cared for can be obtained from the above phop by Pfc. Leo Wennerstrom... Such cemeteries will be iimproved after the war is over, but it is interesting to know that even during the stress ofwar time is taken to establish orderly cemeteries.

Feb 21

Bernard Large Writes He is German Prisoner - ...reoprted missing in action since Dec. 24 of last year..

feb 28

Local Draftee Goes A.W.O.L. From Army -... The sought-for party is "frisky", 16 month-old DOberman Pinscher who was being shipped in a crate by express for service as a dog of war...

Calvin Fisk Killed In Action In France... Pvt Calvin R FKis Jr... had been reported missing in action since Dec. 1 in Belgium... was with the 10th Armoured Infntry Battalion having been overseaas since June 1944, He entered the service in September 1943.

Mar 7

William Oberlin and James Hopple Seriously Injured In Action
    Cpl Jmes L. Hpple was seriously wounded in action in Germant Fed 15... sent to Presque Isle Hospital, Maine... was serving with General Patton's Third Army.

    Capt. WIlliam Oberlin was seriously wounded Feb 1.. A German hand grenade had exploded near Bill badly injuring his left hand and arm. He is now in hospial in England. He had been previously injured Sep 5,, in Belgium when a shell struck him in the adbomen...

War Appeals Committe Reorganization Friday

Red Cross Drive for Funds Ends March 7 - ... Union Townships.. quota $3,800...

Mar 14

Red Cross DOnaion Nor Total 1,992.60

Cpl Hopple's Rigt Leg is Amputated - ... between the ankle and knee and due to passage of blood clots to his lungs... he will be sent to the Battle Creek Michigan veterans hospital within a short time

Receives Purple Heart - Erwin A. Thessin Jr. has received the Purple Heart Award...

Mar 21

Red Cross DOnations Now Total #2550

John Richard Shilling Killed in Action, Oct 10, 1944 - ...had been reported missing... he was last seen with his platoon attacking a German-hled hill at Gesso Italy...

Mar 28

Pay ROll Plan for Buying War Bonds.

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