Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

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Some of the items are whimsical - others I have found and have no place to attach to right now. Just facts, tidbits etc. I have came upon while Googleing"Malinckucke", "Lake Maxinkucke", "Culver" and "Marmont"

That is 1886 it was rumored that Potter Palmer owner of the Palmer Hotel in Chicago was to build a hotel on Lake Maxinkuckee - here are some new quips that was found
    1886 - Apr 6 - Potter Palmer, of of Chicago, is building a fine hotel at Lake Maxinkuckee - Fort Wayne Sentinel ; also Bristol Banner Apr. 9

    1886 - Apr 10 - Potter Palmer of Chicago is building a fine hotel at Maxenkuckee Lake this county - Bremen Enquirer

    1886 - April 11 - Potter Palmer, of Chicago, is building a fine hotel at Lake Maxinkuckee. - Critic

    1886, April 15 - There is no foundation for the statement that Potter Palmer of Chicago is to erect a total at Lake Maxinkuckee - Edinburg Daily Courier

That there is a racing horse named Maxinkuckee?
    First Race Program: 3 PP: 3 Horse Name: Maxinkuckee Comments: He's been on the rocks this year, but he's done some good dirt things in his career and comes out for a barn that's made plenty of shrewd moves so far. Odds: 8 It was found at Monmouth Park Race Track. Week of 6/5/2005-6/11/2005 Tuesday = Distance 4F Course Dirt - Maxinkuckee Time - :50.40 Notes: B

    Leisure's Memory, bay, foaled 1967 by Maxinkuckee

    Off spring of Maxinkuckee:
      Roundy's Lass's first foal, Roundy's Kid, was a brown filly by Maxinkuckee, a stallion at stud in Western Canada. Roundy's Kid became a champion 2YO in the west.

      Roundy's Lass's second foal, Flying Award, a chestnut gelding also by Maxinkuckee, was an iron horse, winning or placing in 13 stakes and racing until he was a 10YO, with over 90 starts.

      The next Maxinkuckee offspring was Timber Topper, a brown gelding who raced into his 7th year, winning or placing in 20 stakes. He earned about $90,000, a large amount for western Canada.

      Forestry, the next offspring of Roundy's Lass by Maxinkuckee, was "only" stakes placed, racing into his seventh year, also a gelding.

      There were three more Maxinkuckee foals from this mare: Diamond Hostess, a chestnut filly who would only place at two, Roundy's Ember, a bay filly who was a stakes-placed winner, and, finally, Timber Tramp, a chestnut gelding, who would only win a maiden. Roundy's Lass's producing energy had run out.

AMERICAN COOT - (FULICA AMERICANA Gmelin)... Winter occurrences of the coot outside of its normal range at this season include: .... and another remained on Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana, until it froze over January 10, 1901.

That in 1986 the DNR partially surveyed Lake Maxinkuckee and documented the traces of fifteen small to medium sized passenger boats dating to the late 19th century. - Shipwrecks in Indiana Underwater Archeology in Lake Michigan pg. 2

Another mention is - Shipwrecks in Indiana by NICOLE WILTROUT on Apr 19, 2012... Lake Maxinkuckee in Marshall County is home to approximately 15 wreck sites, mostly small- to medium-sized steam passenger boats. You can visit the lake and imagine the days when steamboats were a popular attraction in the town of Culver at Culver Park.

That there use to be a fishing store located at 1111 West Shore Dr. ? - Frank's Fish Store
Located on the shore of Lake Maxinkuckee
1111 W. Shore Dr. Culver, Indiana
(574) 842-2525

We have been located on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee since 1969.

By my records this address is a cottage/home location -

That there was a Maxinkuckee Candle and Soap Company ? This is what is found at 'Candle Gossip Community Members 'about it: (Steffy) Stephanie Stebbins - - Maxinkuckee Candle & Soap Co. - - I work full time as a Registered Dental Hygienist and have been making candles for over a year. I jumped right into candle making and began turning a profit right away. Birthday is September 16, 1968

Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana's second largest natural lake at 1,854 acres, has its best walleye fishing in June and July with an average size caught at 15.1 inches. In 1996, Maxinkuckee anglers harvested 3,198 walleye and released an additional 2,848, making the 1996 creel survey the highest ever documented at the lake. The survey also indicated that more than a third of the lake's anglers were pursuing walleye.

Maxinkuckee Lake is located at the town of Culver near State Roads 10 and 17 in Marshall County. Public access is free, but parking spaces are limited. Outboard motors are permitted. Maxinkuckee has been stocked with two-inch fingerlings (100 fish per acre) the last seven years - Lehnen's Indiana Outdoors

Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana’s second largest lake, became a resort community beginning in the 1870s and the area continues to be a summer vacation spot today. Fishermen began visiting the area in the 1860s-1870s. Groups from different cities formed “clubhouses”—groups from Plymouth, Peru and Indianapolis created these private hotels. The clubhouses gave way to small hotels, boarding houses, and private residences. The oldest houses around the lake are on the east shore, the west shore was developed after World War I and the south shore since World War II

Cello Platform Boxes: Hidden Dangers
by David Littrell, Kansas State University
(first printed in The Cello Scroll, newsletter of the Chicago Cello Society, January 1989)
........ Dr. Hanus Wihan, Professor
Maxinkuckee School of Music
Maxinkuckee Memorial Auditorium
Maxinkuckee State College
Maxinkuckee IN 00555

Maps of Lake In the Indiana State Library:
    I912.772 IMars00?L (1900?) [large map]
    Title: Lake Maxinkuckee.
    Published: [S.l. : s.n., 19--?].
    Edition: Scale [ca. 1:4,363].

    I912.772 IMars02f (2002) [small map]
    Title: Maxinkuckee Lake, Marshall County, Indiana.
    Published: Rhinelander, WI : Fishing Hot Spots, [2002?].
    Edition: Scale [ca. 1:15,000].

That there is a pedigree cat with the name Maxinkuckee in its name? - CROWN E FAIENCE MAXINKUCKEE, smallish silver tabby American short hair daughter of Ch. Crown E Fast Forward and Pr. Crown E Dasha. "Fay" has moderate head type, good green eye color and nice side proportions. Her dark silver ground color has a very black pattern

Serbian royal family... Prince Alexander II spent a summer and a winter term at Culver Military Academy in 1959 — the year of his first visit to Indianapolis. "I learned how to sail on Lake Maxinkuckee," he said.

Crown prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, now a Culver resident, is just another student to his fellow cadets at Culver Military Academy. He carries a full academic workload, plays intramural soccer, and is a photographer on the student yearbook. Like all Cadets, he is assigned periodically as a waiter in the dining hall and to clean-up detail in his dormitory. - 2 Dec. 1959 Culver Citizen

University of Kentucky - Blue Grass Writing Project - Storytelling - One I found there was - Maxinkuckee Memories I can not access but in reading the download line the name Emily Dugar comes up in the file name

Dr. Kincaid, of the Pile sanitarium, of Martinsville, has located at Maxinkuckee to open a branch of that large and well known institution. He has taken one of the Capron cottages for that purpose and when its capacity is exceeded will find accommodations for his patients at Rector's hotel. - Rochester Sentinel, Friday, July 12, 1907