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South-west Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy District

Julia (EDwards) Work - Brightside
    Per Jeff Kenney - These photos come from the Marshall County Historical Museum's file on the Chadwick, Work, and Brightside , and depicts Earl McLaughlin, Any detail on the photo would be appreciated.

    The only connection I have found is the one definte photo of the lighthouse, another possibly being taken in Vandalia Park. and her connection to CHatherine (Burkett) Chadwick (wife of Stephen Chadwick) and Katherine "Kate" (Wolf) Edwards daughter of Gideon Wolf and who owned at leat one buisness building is Culver if ot more.

    And since "Brightsideaa" was the Julia E.Work Training School for delinquent and dependent children theur was a possiblity the some of the children of Culver and Union township were sent there - it was located l two miles north of Plymouth on Road 31 in Center township which had 270 acres where the boys are taught farming and given other manual training. and described as "The will be understood when it is known that Brightside is not an orphans' home, but a place of corretion like Plainfield or the Girls' Industrial school."

The Burkett - Wolf/Wolfe - Work- Chadwick connection is found to be:

Daniel C Burkett / Burkhardt
Susanna Mull
Henry Burkett Catharine Houts / Houtz 2
Margaret Rebecca Burkett
Gideon Wolf
Levi Burkett
Agnes Overmyer
KATHERINE “Kate” A / Catharine Wolfe
Edwin R Edwards
Brother to Julia A. / Julian Edwards Works>
Catherine Burkett
Stephen S Chadwick