Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

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African American History

A Town and its Names

Assemblies /Chataqua's

Maxinkuckee Agricultural Fair Book 1895

Aubeenaubbee Creek

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1925 City Postal Addresses & Owners, Lot #'s


Blizzard of 1978

Biographies  , cOTTAGERS

1905 Businesses

1952 Businesses, Lake Shore, Jefferson, Main, & Washington

Business People Biographies & some History of Businesses

Bliss Photo Album

Lake Shore Drive Business Section

The Bungalow District - Forest Place



Culver 100

Culver Water department

A Brief History of Culver  

McDonald's 1908 history of Culver

1914 Commerical club Paper

Culver School Community Schools

Cyclone of June 1908


Lewis Cass Dillon Property

Commercial District of downtown Culver

Downtown Culver business section

The Sensational Death of - "Jeannie" - 1885


Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee - Daniel Mc Donald

Largest Excursion - 1885


Culver - Union Township Fire Department

Harvey's Corner - Harvey Friari - musings on Culver's history & people

Forgotten Cottages or Homes of North Shore


Lake Maxinkuckee, northern Indiana: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Survey 2013-14 (PDF)


When Was your house built?

Heritage Park

East Side Historic District  

Houghton Family

Houghton Lake

Hawk Lake History Little Maxinkuckee, Lost Lake


Deportation of the Pottowattomie Indians

Removal of the Pottowatomie Indians from Northern Indiana - Daniel McDonald

Indian Villiages & Indian History, Treaties

Ice Houses Index

Incorporation Map of Marmont 1894


Downtown Culver - Kids memory

Did You Know  


Union Township Early Patents - Names of the holders & information

1931 Lake Shore Drive Fire

Early Landowners  

James F. D. Lanier

Lake Maxinkuckee Association Directories

Culver Lakefest

Lovers' Lane

Long Point Road Improved - 1931

Legends of Maxinkuckee 1889


FIght for Town Lake Accss - 1970's


Maxinkuckee Wetland


Culver Museum  

Miss Culver Pagent

Early Maps of the Area

Old Settler Gone Old Rock - Maple Tree

Half Day at Maxenkuckee. - 1890

An Hour at Lake Maxenkuckee - 1891

Description of Lake Maxinkuckee 1913-1914


Coffin - Ogle Photo Album

It was Once True In Culver

O'Keefe Gravell Pit / Busart Gravel Pit


Post Cards

Pop Factory

Novelty Post Cards

Culver Post Office:
culver Post office Index.
Culver Post Office History
WPA Mural project

Culver Citzen Profiles 1939-1940 (some supplemented)

Re-Opening of SeekPublic Right-of-Ways To Maxinkuckee - 1950


Culver Lions Club Regatta

I Remember When... by John William Houghton

Robert's Park Camp


Culver Herald Souvenir Booklet   1898


Souvenir Spoons

Roscoe Stevens Photos

Proposed Change to St. Rd. 117 - 1927

Subdivisions, Addition, Replats

Entertaining Resume of the Summer at Maxinkuckee - Daniel McDaniel - 1907

Culver - 60 Years of Age

City Will Improve Principal Streets - Widen Main & Open Ohio

Stellar Community - 2017


1894-1905 Town Board Minutes

1952 Culver T elephone Directory

One Township's Yesterday's - Corwin [Corrected, formatted for friendly reading & Genealogical Friendly!]

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18938 Tamarack Rd

Telephone History of Culver

Lake Tragedies

Town Park


Unknown Photo Album

1890 - History Union Township


Views of Culver 1977

A VISIT WITH ... Roscoe B. Stevens

Venetian Village


Maxinkuckee Water Wells

West Shore circle /Allen's First Addition / Allens Woods

The Western Saratoga - 1883

What's Wrong With Culver? - 1956

World War II

World War II Rationing

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