Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

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NOTICE been recovering from Century;ink/Brightspeed taking down the site during uploading at the ende od September 2022 0 its been a long tedious proess of getting it all back up functioning - but been working on it almost constantly since then and I have not been able to resist to add new stuff and research making it better. It is all here and more added to it PLEASE just be patient.

So "what's new the site?" on under the search This will give you a list of updated & new pages - it will not list new ones - by them selves - sorry...

Lots of re-orgaonization goign on.... Sorry about the Brightspeed aka Centurylink "crashed" the whole site by their the poppiing on and off the internet too the whole site down - all files read "0 KB" happened sometime rom Sept 21-29 2022 - all folders and names their but NO CONTENT

I descovered sometime around Oct 1st - when i was doing search on site on the internet and pages were coming up "NOT FOUND" - it was a fustrating and time consuming next 3-4 weeks - its all back up I THINK - but i am working or re-organizing - cleaning up (out) back up files and research files

If you wish to Donate for the up keep of the site you can via PayPal; if allowed mark as Donation/gift. Could use all the help possible My wishes list

Data wise on the history there is always something new - its added as found. It may be only a very small tidbit here and there - such as a date, time, name or place. But every tidbit is a piece of the puzzle - the search. And it brings the information that much more to being complete.

Some have asked if I am still doing the site - the answer is YES - and probably will till the day I die - so you are stuck with me - stuck with the site etc. for awhile - the dilemma is to who to leave it to - who will continue to try to do what I am doing; I doubt if my children will be interested in it and perusing it.

You just have to dig to find the "NEW". Research is limited to what I can find through the internet, newspapers and other resources. I would love to get to the library, historical society, court house etc. but funds for such things is limited rather "NIL".

Information, corrections, pictures etc. are always welcome