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What's New

So "what's new the site?" on under the search This will give you a list of updated & new pages - it will not list new ones - by them selves - sorry...

Lots of re-orgaonization goign on.... Sorry about the Brightspeed aka Centurylink "crashed" the whole site by their the poppiing on and off the internet too the whole site down - all files read "0 KB" happened sometime rom Sept 21-29 2022 - all folders and names their but NO CONTENT

I descovered sometime around Oct 1st - when i was doing search on site on the internet and pages were coming up "NOT FOUND" - it was a fustrating and time consuming next 3-4 weeks - its all back up I THINK - but i am working or re-organizing - cleaning up (out) back up files and research files

If you wish to DONATE for the up keep of the site you can via PayPal; if allowed mark as Donation/gift. Could use all the help possible My wishes list

Data wise on the history there is always something new - its added as found. It may be only a very small tidbit here and there - such as a date, time, name or place. But every tidbit is a piece of the puzzle - the search. And it brings the information that much more to being complete.

Some have asked if I am still doing the site - the answer is YES - and probably will till the day I die - so you are stuck with me - stuck with the site etc. for awhile - the dilemma is to who to leave it to - who will continue to try to do what I am doing; I doubt if my children will be interested in it and perusing it.

You just have to dig to find the "NEW". Research is limited to what I can find through the internet, newspapers and other resources. I would love to get to the library, historical society, court house etc. but funds for such things is limited rather "NIL".

Information, corrections, pictures etc. are always welcome