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I have been called for using the term "Culver Militay Acadmey" for histiorical significance it should remain and the terms of Culver Military Academy, Culver Educational Foundation, Culver Academies should be used as justified in the appropriate time period for them - I was told that "When it is listed as Culver Military Academy, it leaves out Culver Girls Academy and the Culver Summer Schools and Camps." which in my mind does not - as for years until the Culver Girls Academy was found the winter and summer programs all were ran under the name of "Culver Military Acadmey" which is proven in their many ads that are found in many publications over the years. "Culver Educational Foundation' if found on most all of the signs thus in reality it is the term that should be used -

Just when the term "Culver Academies" came in will have to be determined - even into the early years of the 'Culver Girls Academy" the military had not been dropped out of the name - the "Culver Educational Foundation" came into being in the late 1920's and yet "Culver Miltiary Acadmey" was use for both the winter and summer prgrams for years afterwards by their commerical ads and their catalogs. -

Even to the Facebook page reads "About Culver Military Academy" Culver Academies is a group of elite college preparatory boarding schools and summer camps in the United States Academies is composed of three entities: Culver Military Academy (CMA) for boys, Culver Girls Academy (CGA), and the Culver Summer Schools and Camps (CSSC). They are collectively known as the Culver Academies and are located in Culver Indiana

Dropping ther terms of Culver Military Academy, Culver Educational Foundation in the correct historical eras , time periods etc. is not "historically correct' to do so.

Ads for Winter & Summer Schools

Boys In Uniform  
July 1948 - Fresh Water Navy - Buick Magazine
Making Good Soldiers Out of School Boys - 1910 New York Tmes
Culver & the Academy - Culver Alumnus, 1968

Interesting Retrospect Summary of Culver Military Academy's Quarter-Century of Achievements

The Greater Culver = Jun 17 1909

Inspector's Report - August 5, 1909

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Old Farm House Tea Room - Culver Farm House - June 1994-?

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1940's calenders - A photo history of campus

1947 calenders - A photo history of campus

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Roll Call
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Culver Alumnus Fall 1968 - Culver & the Academy
    Pg. 1
    pg. 2
    pg. 3
    pg. 4
    pg. 5
    Pg. 6
      The Rev. Carl Q Baker United Methdoist Minister and Chamber of Commerce 6
      Dave, Burns, masonry foreman first employed in 1928 and Culver fire chief for 30 years Pg 1
      Charle A. 'Ace' Byrd, since 1906 "in about every capacity". Pg 2
      Charlie Diickrson, 1904-1953; Head waiter for 44 years and Alumni House stweard since 1967. pg 1
      Henry Henning, 1912-1958; Purchasing Agent. pg 2
      Everet B. Hosel, owner El Rancho Theater. Pg 5
      Cloyd 'Red' Miller, 1911-1966 Mrs. Culver's coachman, powerhouse and night watchman Pg 2
      Donald Osborn,president Culver Town Board Pg. 5
      William O. Osborn, president The State Exchange Bank Pg 4
      Mrs. Betty Pierce, proprietor Thee Sisters Restaurant pg 5
      Miss verda Romig; Commandant's secretary since 1925 Pg. 3
      Robert Rust, superintendent Culver Community School Corp pg. 5
      Tone Shaw, 1914-1950; QM Store, Post Office; Print SHop and Business Office. Pg 2
      Roy 'Sheep' Scott, 1902-1946; DIinning Hall waiter and custodial spervisor and still on duty at the Farm House. pg 1
      Howard Shock; Academy barber since 1950 pg 3
      George Simmons; Dinning Hall waiter since 1926 pg 3
      William W. Taber, W'31. owner Culver News Agency. pg. 6
      Thomas K Walker, '40, owner Jack's Taxi pg 6
      Roy Watts, 1911-1964; Dinnig Hall and Beason Hall pg 2
      Henry WIlhite; DIning Hall waiter since 1951 Pg 3

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