Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Saloons & Taverns

Believe that some local early "Receratioanal Hall's" and Pool Halls may fit into this page.

1883 - Arp 12 - The Democrat's Maxenkukee itemizer reports... that work has commenced on the Vandalia road near Marmont; and that a petition is circulating in that vicinity praying the county commisioners not to grant license for any saloons on that side of the lake. - Argos Reflector

1883 - April 17 - An altercation occurred in the saloon of Fred Stahl, at Marmont, Marshall county, Sunday night. Stahl, was fatally stabbed, and Reed, bartender, severely cut by William Keiley, a drunken section man employed on the Vandalia railway, who was arrested and lodged in jail. - Indianapolis Journal

1903 - Andy Vorhees has bought the saloon interests of John Wolfe in Culver and will conduct the business after this himself. He will also handle oysters and runs a lunch counter - - Citizen

1906 - May 17 The Booze Question

    Culver, the little town on Lake Maxinkuckee, which recently voted sallons out of the bailiwick, will now have a "club". Yesterday at Indianapolis the Maxinkuckee Club of Culver was incorporaterd for social purposes; directors J. Hen ry Geiger, Carl Rees, Frank Bauer, all of Logansport people - Exchange.

    Wolfords former saloon at the depot has been opened as a "quart house" where under a governement license liquor and beer can be sold in quantites of not less than a quart to be drank off the premises.

102 S. Main
    18__ - 1895 - Saloon - C. C. Beaber
    1895 - 1897 Saloon - George N. Gerard

Mayers Beer Garden

Kreuzberge Saloon

Beaber Saloon - Lake Shore Dr.

Hayes Tavern (1935)

Garnand's tavern (1946-1948) 1 block south of bank Formerly Jordon's

117 S. Main
    1937 - Nov 17 - Tavern to Hawkins
    Crouch's Tavern
    Esther's Corner Tavern
    Corner Tavern - 1983 - 199?

1934 Jan 23 - 1962 - Culver City Tavern, A. B. Long Proprietor

Menser Tavern - (1931-) E. Washington St. 1 block from lake. (Old Morris House)

Taylor Tavern (1938) - Hayes Building "Opposite the Depot"

618 Lake Shore Dr.
    1936 - Lakeview Tavern - Opened 1936 by Jack Taylor
    193_-1945 - Hawkins Tavern - - Mrs. Lottie Duddleson
    1945, Mar-1954,Jan - Jordan's Tavern / Lakeview Tavern - "Deb" Jordon, prop.
    1954, Jan-1954,Dec - Lake View Tavern - Ruth and Don McCambridge
    1954, Dec-1995 - Lakeview Tavern - 'Bob' Robert E. & 'Katie' Kathyrn I (Triplet) May
    ? - 16 Dec. 1999 - Lakeview Tavern - Thomas Arnett Harry Huddle & Karen Hughes